Chapter 1 ~Just a normal day~

"Why! Why can't I have a pet?" Naruko asked in a high voice to the landlady.

*sight* "I've told you before; there are people living here who is allergic to fur" she said in a mild voice.

"I know, but I'll keep him inside and I can take him in the back so there won't be any fur in the hallway" she stood there complaining again at the landlady.

"I know your love for animals Naruko, I love animals too, but this is a place where you can't have them. If you really want a pet you can get a goldfish. On the other hand you can move to a place where they allow pets" the landlady said not trying to raise her voice.

"I can't afford another place to live they are so expensive, and you know that… I can keep him secret for the other who lives here" she was desperate she didn't want him to live in that cave the rest of his life.

"If that were to happen then I'll have no choice, but to toss you out" her voice was now stricter, but Naruko knew she only did it for the other people who lived there and obeying the rule she made several years ago.

"But…" she tried to protest, but she already knew she had lost. She smiled a half hearted smile to the landlord before she went silent out of Konoha.

'Well I have tried for the I-don't-know-how-many-times' she thought for herself while she walked to the waterfall. There was a cold breeze in the air and her long blond hair was lifted and flew with the wind. Her blue eyes looked around just to check if anyone were around to see her go behind the waterfall. She went in and called "Teme are you here?" A gigantic black wolf came from the shadows with blood red eyes, not liking the pet name he was given already eleven years ago. Naruko is eighteen years old now, but still behaving really childish sometimes and other times really adult. She had become smarter over the years and she easily forgot things. But never ever could she forget the day she met the big wolf, it was the 2nd saddest day of her life and the happiest day of her life.

Naruko hung around the neck of the wolf planting her face in his fur and you could see the overgrown tail wag slightly from side to side. She had adored him since the day they met. She loved the smell of his fur, the careless, lazy attitude, protective and easily annoyed personality. It was just the perfect for her stupid ass brain, jolly, naïve and not to forget reckless attitude.
Naruko sighted as she let go of the wolf's neck to talk to him;

"I asked the landlord again today if I could have a pet, but… You know how she is, never goes back on her word" Naruko smiled a sad smile while she avoided meeting the red eyes that now slowly turning black. His head closed to Naruko who was looking in the ground. He first poked her shoulder with his nose before giving her a lick on the cheek. Naruko smiled at him and have him a kiss on the nose. "You are the best thing that has happened to me" she said to him meeting his onyx eyes. She then smiled a big grin and the wolf got uncomfortable.

"How about I put you in a kennel? I'll come pick you up every day or you can stay at Kiba's" She said in a provoking voice "his family has many dogs and I think you'd like some company other than mine".

"Grrrr" the big wolf now had red eyes glaring at her. His head lowered and his front legs laying on the ground and him ready to jump on his pray.

"Okay, okay, okay, I was just kidd-" she couldn't continue because the wolf jumped on her and she saw his mouth as he was about to eat her face, but he only got her to the ground careful not to hurt her much.He glared at her with red eyes telling her 'no way I'm gonna live with anyone else than you if I'm gonna live somewhere else than here'. Naruko still didn't know why, but for some reason her wolf tended to send her his thoughts like messages to her mind. How it was possible, she had no clue. However, she didn't mind…

"Yeah yeah fine, it's been a while since you last contacted my brain" she said now almost laughing at the reaction the wolf had of that little tease.

'…' he only gave her a glare and went off her.

Naruko got to up from the ground brushing off the dust on her on orange and black clothing. She then went to hug the wolf who was lying on the floor and afterwards she sat down with him, just enjoying the silent.

Naruko tilted her head to the side to get the wolf's attention. The wolf turned his head slowly and stroked his head against Naruko's cheek. Naruko's hand caught the back of the wolf's ears and petted him roughly yet gentle.

As she petted him she said: "Do you remember the day I first met you?"

He licked her neck as a yes.

"If I hadn't met you I'm not sure if I'd even managed to live this long"

'You would have done it great even without me' his mind was almost in heaven as Naruko still petted him and his tail wagged silently.

"Hehe, thanks for the flattering, but no I don't think so, at least I wouldn't be a ninja" she hugged the wolf 'my chakra control sucked' she thought to herself.

Just as he could read her mind he said 'That may be true since you sucked at chakra control'

Naruko was about to pull his ear since she didn't like the insult, but she stopped as he continued.

'You had too much chakra stored inside you and because of that you had a hard time being able to control it, but now you still got a heck lot of chakra… But now you can control it' he snuggled his head on her shoulder and neck.

"Yeah, thanks to you that is" Naruko grew sleepy as she sat there so she ended up curled up in his fur, it was so warm. She could have been living with him as her bed the rest of her life. Soon after, she fell asleep. The big wolf then put his tail over her as a blanket.

That night Naruko dreamt about the day she met her wolf.


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