The song ended and every band member had their jaws on the floor, except for Finn. Don't get him wrong her voice was amazing, he just didn't want Rachel to know how fascinated he was by her range. If they didn't have this weird neighbor rivalry going on he probably would have shown more enthusiasm, but he had to keep his ground.

"So?", Rachel raised an eyebrow, no one had spoken in several minutes and they were kind of making her uncomfortable with their stares. She looked at Finn for an answer.

"Look, we're desperate, you're in", Finn shrugged.

Jeremy quickly looked over to Finn with a shocked expression, "Dude, really? She's in because she's awesome, welcome to the band Rachel!", he walked over to her and shook her hand.

Rachel smiled and shook his hand back, "Thank you Jeremy, at least someone appreciates my talent", she shot a glare at Finn. She knew he was just trying to act cool by downplaying her voice. It now just registered to her how much time she now had to spend with Finn Hudson, her annoying as hell neighbor. It wasn't her dream, but she needed to get out there regardless of the singing gig. She smoothed out her skirt and smiled kindly as the band continued to congratulate her and give her information on their next gig coming up next week.

"…so, Finn can teach you the songs today and then this weekend we'll have like a rehearsal", Jacob was going over the plan, Rachel was only half paying attention as she watched Finn walk over to the drum set and started playing. She had never actually seen him play, only heard him annoyingly at 3 in the morning. She smiled as he really got into it, something about him getting really into the music was a huge turn on and before she could think any more about it her phone started to buzz, jolting her out of the trance.

I need to see you – B

She sighed as she read the text message, Brody, her ex-boyfriend, had sent her. They had not contacted each other since the break up and the fact that he was messaging her months later made her suspicious. She was just getting over how awful his betrayal emotionally wrecked her, and now he was asking to see her. She really needed Santana or Kurt to help her decide what to do, but since they were not nearby she had to deal with this alone.

Come by my apartment at 8? – R

Finn walked over as the band started to head upstairs to leave, he could tell something was bothering her. He didn't know her very well, but by the way she was biting her lip and staring intently at her phone, he knew something was up.

"Texting your boyfriend?", he said as he walked up to her, to wake her from the trance she seemed to be in.

Rachel was startled when she heard his voice so near and she looked up at him, "It's none of your business okay? Let's just go…", she noticed everyone had left and she started to walk upstairs. She continued to check her phone as they both got into a cab to their apartment complex. She heard the ding of her cell phone and checked it quickly.

I'll bring dinner – B

She didn't know how to feel about this, she needed to call Santana as soon as she got back to her place. She knew Santana was not going to be pleased that she invited her ex-boyfriend over, but at least she'd be able to tell her what to do when he comes over.

Finn sat there quietly, glancing over at Rachel every now and then as she was vigorously texting and watching her phone intently. He wondered if Rachel really did have a boyfriend and that's who she was talking to. Not that he would care, but…well, maybe he did. A little.

Once they got back to their apartment complex and towards their separate homes, Finn turned to Rachel who had not spoken the whole ride there. "Hey, thanks for saving our asses and joining the band, looks like I owe you one", he laughed a little shyly.

Rachel looked up at him, "Great, you can start owing me by not playing any instrument at night and stop giving me that douche-y smirk all the time", she rolled her eyes and walked into her apartment.

"Wow, rude. Ya know, I was trying to be nice but now I'm gonna play extra loud tonight!", he said loudly as she walked into her apartment and he walked into his.

Rachel quickly called Santana as she walked into her kitchen to grab a snack, she finally answered after two rings.

"What's up, Berry?", Santana answered.

"Brody texted me and said he wanted to see me", she bit her lip, just quickly getting to the main reason she called her.

"And you told his ass to fuck off, right?", Santana waited for a response.

"Um actually I invited him over…for dinner", she closed her eyes, waiting for Santana to start screaming at her.

"Rachel Berry? What the fuck! We've had this conversation a million times! Brody fucking lied to you and was screwing other girls for money! You're just going to let that dirty ass gigolo back into your apartment?!", Santana was getting heated and Rachel could definitely tell.

"Look, maybe he wants to apologize and tell me he turned his life around! I'm not looking to get back together with him", she shrugged and took a bite of an apple she had pulled from her fridge.

Santana sighed on the other end, "You know I hate this, but you're just going to have to make this mistake so tomorrow you can call me and say I was right and you know how much I love hearing that."

"It's going to be fine, I'm not going to let him drag me back in", she shook her head, "But I'll call you if I need you tonight okay?"

Santana groaned, "Fine, but I swear to god if you have sex with him, I will change all your special skills on your resume to odd fetishes and fucking weird shit and send it to every casting director in New York City."

"I'm not going to sleep with him! I promise!", she sighed, "I'll talk to you later, I should probably get ready, I'll keep you posted San." She hung up and continued to eat her apple as she nervously wondered how the night was going to go.

Rachel heard a knock on the door at 7 o'clock sharp and opened the door to see Brody smiling with flowers and a container of food in his hand.

"Hey Rach", Brody said warmly, walking over to put the food on the counter and handing her the flowers.

"Oh Brody, they're beautiful", she took them from him and smelled them, she walked over to the cabinet and found a vase for them. "It's nice to see you, how have you been?"

"Oh, you know, here and there, I've been working at a dance studio not far from here", he smiled. "Your last words to me before we broke up really stuck with me, you inspired me to change." He took her hand softly and Rachel looked up at him.

Rachel hated how easily Brody could smooth talk her. He knew all the right gestures and words to suck her back in. She knew she promised Santana she wouldn't fall for it, but it felt really good to see he was turning his life around. Rachel moved her hand from his and walked over to pour them two glasses of wine.

"That's great Brody, I'm really proud of you", she nodded and smiled, handing him his glass of white wine.

It wasn't long before they were sitting on Rachel's couch eating sushi and laughing like old times. She wasn't sure if it was the wine, but she was definitely feeling happy that she had decided to invite him over.

Meanwhile, Finn was writing a new song for the band. He knew Rachel's style of music was a little different from theirs, so he figured he would take a shot at writing a song that fit Rachel's voice. He was in a little bit of a rut when he all of a sudden got a spark of inspiration, finishing off the first verse in only a few minutes. He was feeling proud and thought Rachel would really love it. He grabbed the sheet of paper he was writing on and walked out of his apartment. He went over to her door and before he could knock her heard Rachel giggling and a man's voice. His excitement over sharing the part of the song he wrote for her disappeared. He realized he did care if Rachel was seeing someone.