XoverMasta: Hello people of fanfiction, it is I, XoverMasta coming from you live from your laptop… or some kind of mobile device!

Today we have a spectacular show featuring—

Jason: Me of course!

XoverMasta: Umm… Who the heck are you?

Unknown Person: Ja—

Naruto: I'm here! And who the hell are you!

Unknown Person: Oh hi, I'm Ja—

Naruto: I don't care who you are GET OUT! *kicks unknown person out the door* Man I knew I should've forced you to make No Longer Watching your main story.

XoverMasta: Yeah, but if I did you wouldn't be able to kiss Artemis—

Naruto: I KISS ARTEMIS! Ohmygods! *snaps fingers* Make up! I need my make up!

XoverMasta: You kiss her later you numbskull.

Naruto: Oh… Never mind guys.

XoverMasta: You although do get a better outfit.

Naruto: *eyes widen* SERIOSULY! Awesome do I now get a wicked sword or giant hammer or—

XoverMasta: I said outfit not weapon… and what the heck you already have a bow, a gauntlet/shield, and also a scythe! What else do you want!?

Naruto: Artemis!

XoverMasta: ... Anything else?

Naruto: NO!

XoverMasta: *Sigh* Fine—but later! You're lucky your relationship with her is about to bloom!


XoverMasta: Yep! Who's da MASTA!?

Naruto: Me… Fine, Fine… you.

XoverMasta: Thank you… Now Unknown Person outside if you please.

Unknown Person: My name is gods damn Ja—

XoverMasta: Never mind you're taking too long, Naruto if you will.

Naruto: With pleasure! XoverMasta doesn't own Naruto or Percy Jackson… if she did I wouldn't be wearing the jumpsuit.


Sliding along a trunk of a tree, a figure lay low against the bark. With skilled, and calloused fingers he pulled an arrow from his quiver, taking aim at an unsuspecting deer whom was trotting thirty feet in front of him.

The dark figure took a deep breath as he drew back the arrow, but before he could release a young fawn looking no older than two weeks hobbled next to the deer halting his action.

He watched as the mother nuzzled her baby, a longing almost immediately entered his heart; the arrow trembled for a second.

The hunter bit his lip, his aim continuing to falter.

The fawn continued to wobble, his mother steadying him with her nose...

Then with a sigh Naruto relaxed his arms, putting his arrow back to its proper place.

He would go without meat again tonight.

Jumping down from his place in the tree, Naruto landed softly, his sandals making no noise in the snow; but even so the deer seemed to finally sense him, as it turned her head to look at him. They shared a small glance, and Naruto could've sworn the doe nodded before leaping away, her baby following suit.

Thank you.

"Hm." The blonde smiled, running a hand through his recently cut hair. "Interesting… Very interesting…"

Over the past year Uzumaki Naruto had grown considerably reaching 5'9 at only 15 years old. About a month ago he had decided to go for the clean cut look—abandoning his messy tresses Naruto gelled his unruly hair into a fohawk. His lean frame only got bulkier after his constant physical training. He needed to be in top shape to wield both a bow, guantlet, and a now 6 foot scythe.

Just like him Messenger's Crescent was weirdly growing, but thanks to the extra length Naruto now had extra couple of feet if a fight ever came into close combat.

Naruto's body wasn't the only thing that changed, the blonde had also gotten himself new clothes to replace his very much, destroyed ones.

After his camouflage cloak, and vest were burned to a crisp by a certain not twin brothers prank, the blonde had been forced to abandon his clothes for something more practical.

Now he wore a long orange jacket with black outlining, the number '9' was blazed proudly on his right sleeve. Underneath the coat he had on a black button up shirt, in which he left the top five buttons loose. He wore khaki pants as bottoms, and high black shinobi sandals with little wings on them—a gift from his father. On his right ring figure an odd blackish-orange ring gleamed, his family crest incrusted on the middle of the metal band... a gift from Tyson...

At that thought Naruto let out a sigh, and winced slightly.

Once again he hadn't kept in touch, or seen his friends for the past year. It hurt him greatly, but he really hoped to not get any of them involved in his search. It honestly pained him to lie to them, but either Percy or Thalia was going to experience hell on their sixteenth birthday, and he didn't think he needed to add on their already ever growing stress.

Naruto let out a dry chuckle.

When Thalia was stressed she tended to shock people…

The blonde stiffened turning his head to the source of the noise, just in time to see an owl launching itself at a snake… weirdly enough.

It was way too cold for reptiles.

Upon grabbing the snake the bird let out a pained screech when the snake retaliated, fiercely biting the nocturnal bird. Naruto watched in fascinated horror, as the snake brought the owl down.

That wasn't natural.

His cerulean eyes opened in horror.

Oh my Gods.

Quickly pumping chakra into his feet Naruto launched himself through the forest, his coat ruffling, revealing hidden pockets all around the inside.

Cursing loudly the blonde jumped onto a tree branch, cracking it in the process of pushing off it, gaining the necessary momentum to blast through the forest.

Kurama I need your chakra!

DONE! the fox boomed, and immediatly Naruto felt the familiar power coursing through him.

He passed forty trees till he had to jump again.

Let us hope you're not too late.

I know!

Unknown tears leaked out of the blondes eyes.

Gods damn it, Annabeth.

Naruto's eyes flashed crimson.

You better still be alive.


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