Artemis sat in the kitchen of Oliver's apartment, listening to Roy and Dinah and Oliver yell at each other in the living room. She should be in there with them. She was just as much a part of this as they were. But they'd kicked her out, told her that she had no say. And that really just wasn't fair.

"Oliver, you can't tell me what to do anymore! You're not my guardian, not my mentor, and certainly not my father!" There was Roy, king of the screaming match.

"Roy, she's a minor, for God's sake! This is highly inappropriate!" And Dinah, the mom she didn't need. She had a perfectly fine one waiting for her at her apartment in Gotham, thank you very much.

"You two are practically brother and sister, Roy! When are you ever going to start thinking with your brain, rather than your penis?" Then Oliver, who always said stupid things when he was angry.

"Yes, you were my guardian for a time, Oliver, as well as my mentor. And yes, you're Artemis' mentor now. But she has a family, and is not – nor will ever be – your daughter. There's nothing wrong with her and I being together." Now Roy had ice in his voice, a sure sign that he was furious.

And for some reason, Roy's rage was what made her snap. She bolted up from the table and stormed into the living room. The three adults looked at her, mouths open, all about to tell her to go back to the living room, but she cut them off.

"I deserve a say in this. No if's, and's, or but's. This is my life, and I am allowed to make my own choices. I love Roy, and we deserve a chance to be together. Do. I. Make. Myself. Clear?"

"Artemis, you don't understand…"

"I think I understand perfectly. You're not ready to admit that either of us is old enough to make our own choices, Oliver. You can't stand that we didn't ask your opinion, or your permission, or your advice. You've been a great mentor to me, and you've changed my life in so many ways, so thank you for that. But for once, even if it's just this once, trust us."


"No, Dinah, I think she's right. They're not kids. Roy is a legal adult, and Artemis acts like more of an adult than I do, even though she's only 16. They've done so much at such a young age. I think they're prepared to start thinking on their own."

Artemis felt a sudden rush of affection for her mentor, and acted upon it by giving him a huge hug. "Thank you for understanding. Thank you for caring. Thank you for being a better father than Lawrence ever was," Artemis whispered.

"You're welcome, Artemis. I love you, too," Oliver whispered back, returning the hug. Then they released each other, and she stepped away.

"Well, enough of this emotional shit. Roy and I are going to go finish up patrol, okay?" Artemis was already heading toward the window, grabbing her bow off the couch with one hand and snagging Roy's hand with the other. She jumped out onto the fire escape, and Roy was close behind. As they leapt onto the roof, they could hear Oliver yelling behind them.

"Just because I'm okay with your relationship, that does not mean that you two can sleep together!"

Roy smirked at his girlfriend before leaning his head over the rooftop. Oliver was looking skywards, and Roy couldn't help it. "No promises, old man." Then he pulled himself back up, where Artemis proceeded to smack him upside the head. They went off into the night to catch some bad guys, Roy's laughter the only sound either of them made.