Summary: What If Legolas, Gimli, Boromir and Gandalf were with Aragorn at Bree to meet up with the hobbits? New adventures await the Fellowship.

Extended Summary: The stars of the Valor are said to be the most blessed creatures on Arda but they are also cursed. If one star dies, they all die. Will sacrifices be made to save Arda from her destruction?

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Hannon le, Mellon nin

Chapter 1 - Into the wild

"Excuse me?" Frodo asked

A man; big built, old and hairy, appered over the counter with a mug in his hand.

"Good evening, little masters. What can I do for you?"

Pippin frowned not liking the tone of Butterburs voice and nudged Merry, whispering as quietly as he could.

"I don't like him, He's very intimadating"

"I know Pip... but don't worry, as soon as we find out where Gandalf is, we can go"

"Oi! Both of you, shut up, Mister Frodo is talking"

Sam wasn't happy. He hated that Butterbur was intimadating just as much as Pippin did.

They all turned there attention back to Frodo and Butterbur.

"If your seeking accomodation, we got some cozy 'Hobbit-sized' rooms avaliable. All proud to cater to the little Folk, Mister...?"


Merry and Pippin looked at eachother. Sam stepped towards frodo and whispered

"What are doing? Why aren't you telling him you actual name?"

Frodo turned and looked back at Sam. He could tell that he wasn't too impressed and niether were Pippin and Merry. Frodo turned and started to walk towards them.

"I cannot tell him my real name. There could be a spy amongst us and I do not wish to see the end of middle-earth so soon. We have only just started this adventure. We do this for Gandalf"

He turned back around to ol' Butterbur who was had his head tilted and a look of confusion on his face.

"I'm sorry about that" Frodo said.

"Well that's alright Mister...Underhill."

"We are friends of Gandalf the Grey. Can you tell him that we've arrived."

Butterbur once again tilted his head "Gandalf?"


"Ohhh, yes...I remember. Elderly chap. Big grey beard, pointy hat."

A smile crept upon Frodos face. The other hobbits smiled aswell.

"Not seen him for 6 months" Butterbur answered shaking his head. The smile from the Hobbits' faces' disappeard instantly

"although there was creepy old man, just like Gandalf, who came in with 4 other men."

Before turning around and walking back to his friends he gave his thanks to Butterbur.

"What do we do now? Shall we go and ask what room this 'Creepy old man' is in?" Sam asked.

"No. I do not think it is a good idea. We wait for Gandalf." Frodo replied. As much as he wanted to go and see if the 'old man' was infact Gandalf, he couldn't help but feel like he was being watched. Like someone was waiting for him to walk into thier trap.


That's all that hit his ears.

Frodo was nervouse. He couldn't believe that Gandalf hadn't come. "He promised" Frodo thought "He promised me. Why isn't he hear?" Just as Frodo saw Pippin get up and walk towards the bar, he turned towards sam and asked where Pippin was going. Sam just sat there sipping his Ale. "I don't think he heard me. I'll try again and see if that..." but just then Sam looked at Frodo with a look of Distgust.

"That fellow's done nothing but stare at you since we arrived."

Frodo slowly looked towards the man. He tryed to make out his features but because of the lighting where the man was sat, he only saw the man wearing a hood and he was smoking. Just as he was examining the man, another tall, cloaked figure walked towards the corner and bent down to tell him something. Frodo could tell that this figure was another man because of how brawd he looked even with the deep green cloak on although he could of mistaken him for a women because of his thin waist. "A friend? A companion?"

The tall figure bent down and wispered into the mans ear.

"Is that him? Is that Frodo?"

"Yes, that's him."

The tall figure started to figit "I do not like this."

"Why? what's wrong?" desperation was in his voice.

"Something approaches from afar. It is getting closer. We cannot stay here." The tall figure then turned and looked at Frodo.

Frodo watched as the tall, cloaked figure approach the man, only to whisper something in his ear. How he had wished that he could be blessed with the hearing of the elves. The tall figure turn his head towards Frodo.

Frodos eyes grew wide as he saw the faintest strand of gold come out of the figures hood. All of a sudden the figure smiled and put a finger on his lips, as if he was telling him to be quiet. The tall figure placed his hand on the other mysteriouse mans shoulder and walked towards the stairs. Frodo was shocked. "Am I supposed to follow him?" Frodo got up but then suddenly Butterbur walked into him.

"You should watch were your going, Mister Underhill. Don't want you being taken away now, would we." A playful smile crept across his face. He was joking but Frodo, on the other hand, thought he was telling the truth.

"What do you mean?" Frodos eyes widend. Then he turned his head slightly towards the man, that was now alone again, sitting in the corner.

"It looks like you already know what I mean" Butterburs said as he raised an eyebrow at Frodo.

Frodo wanted to know more about this mysteriouse hooded man and his companion so he turned his head back to butterbur and asked politely "Who is he? And who was that other man that travels with him?"

"He's one of them Rangers. They're dangerous folk, wondering the wilds"

Frodo looked back towards the man. He was more nervous than he was before. He noticed that Butterburs voice was slow. Getting deeper and quieter the more he talked

"What his right name is, I've never heard. But round here he's known as Strider." There was a pause.

Frodo looked back at Butterbur and asked "and his companions?"

"I'm afraid I know nothing about his other companions, Mister Underhill. They're always wearing those damned hoods. All I can guess is that they are also rangers." Butterbur sighed and started walking away.

"We need to go." Frodo stood up and turned around and started to pace walk to the door. He wanted to leave. He couldn't wait any longer for Gandalf. He knew it was a mistake leaving the Shire. He wanted to go home.

"What do you mean we need to go? I thought we were waiting for Gandalf?" Sam got up as well and started running after Frodo. Merry also followed after them. Then he remembered. Pippin!

"We have to get Pippin!" Merry and Sam turned back around leaving Frodo by the door and ran towards Pippin, trying to avoid the drunken men walking past, making their path even more difficult. "Pippin! We have to go" Sam shouted trying to get his attention. "Why are we going? We've just arrived." Pippin was confused. Merry grabbed Pippin by his elbow and pulled him from his seat and dragged him over to Frodo.

As Frodo watch as his cousins and gardener walked towards him, he turned his attention to where Strider was sitting. He wasn't there. "Where is..." Frodo was pulled back from his thoughts only to hear Sam yelling his name. Frodo turned his head back to look at Sam but his line of vision was blocked. Someone was standing in front of him!

He looked up to see who ever it was blocking his path, He couldn't believe what he was saw. Strider!

Frodo took a step back only to trip over a leg of a table and fall onto the floor with a thud. Everyone turned around to see what the noise was. They all saw 'Underhill' lying on the floor but then a gold; shiny ring flung into the air and caught the attention of many men. Only to fall back down and slip onto Frodos finger.

Many men gasped at what the saw. Frodo vanished.

Frodo saw nothing. Pure darkness. He tried calling out but he found no sound coming from his lips. Suddenly he started to see a red light. Frodo narrowed his eyes trying to figure out what this mysterious light was until it grew. It was in shape of an eye, red, hot flames surrounding it. All of a sudden he could hear a menacing voice in his head.

"The stars are veiled..." It was moving, slowly, towards Frodo.

"...A sleepless Malice..." He tried to scream but he still couldn't find the sound.

"There is no life…In the void."

Frodo stumbled. The once so dazzling, Sapphire blue eyes were darkened by fear. He was afraid. He wanted to get away. He needed to get away.


Frodo brought his hand up and reached for the ring on his finger. He was panicking. He had never felt so scared before in his life!


Frodo then pulled the ring off his finger. He gave a large gasp and looked around. He tried looking for Sam, Merry and Pippin but he couldn't see them. Until he saw the same tall, thin figure drag his two cousins up the stairs and a new short and stumpy figure dragging Sam. Frodo was just about to get up and run to his cousins and gardener when suddenly he was grabbed by his shoulder and shoved rooughly against a hard, wooden wall.

"You draw far too much attention to yourself, 'Mr. Underhill'." The voice was deep. He instantly recognized the figure as Strider. Strider then took a hold of Frodo's shoulder and shoved him forwards and up the stairs.

He then opened a large wooden door and Frodo was thrown inside and landed by the fire place.

Frodo quickly got up and looked around only to find Sam, Merry and Pippin knelt on the floor, gagged and their hands tied behind their backs. He looked up and saw the two figures that dragged them up the stairs standing behind them, one with a foot on Merry's back, the other with an axe in his hand. Frodo then turned his attention to another figure sitting in the corner shaking his head. He watched as his cousins looked up towards their captives, fear was painted across their faces.

He turned his attention back to Strider "What do you want?"

Strider turned around and shut the door. "A little more caution from you. That is no trinket you carry."

"I carry nothing" He hesitated. He remembered what Gandalf told him. He cannot let the ring fall into the wrong hands especially in the hands of rangers.

The figure in the corner of the large room got up and said "Indeed" then licking his index finger and thumb; he extinguished the light from the candles. He moved towards Strider and stood next him.

Strider then turned back around and replied "I can avoid being seen if I wish… But to disappear entirely…" He then lifted his hand up towards his hood and took it off. "That is a rare gift."

Frodo could finally see Strider face. He had Dark brown hair, almost black as the night. Silver eyes, that looked like diamonds and was a very handsome man.

"Who are you?" Frodo asked. He then looked to the figure standing beside Strider, with a hand apon his shoulder.

"Come now, I am getting tired of this game…" He then took off his hood as well and Frodo could see auburn hair that reached down towards his shoulders in the same style as striders and he was also handsome. "…Can't you see he is frightened? My name is Boromir, son of Denathor, steward of Gondor."

A loud grunt was heard from the short, stumpy figure behind Pippin. "You always have to ruin our fun. But you are right, we are getting a little out of control." He also took his hood of an Introduced himself. "I am Gimli, son of Gloin. Yes, I am a Dwarf." Frodo could not believe his eyes! A dwarf! He heard Bilbo telling him about his adventures and how he traveled with them. He never thought he would be able to meet one especially one with so much hair on his face.

The only figure left was still standing behind Merry with a smile still plastered on his face. All of the sudden a soft, calm voice came from the figure. "Are you frightened?"

Frodo bit his lip and replied "Yes."

Strider interrupted. "Not nearly frightened enough. We know wants hunts you."

All of a sudden a loud bang came from outside the room and the door flew open. Another tall, dark figure –Who was slightly hunched over- step into the room. "Aragorn, son of Arthorn, do you think this funny?! I specifically told you not to frighten the Hobbits and what do you do?! You have Legolas and Gimli, gag and bind their hands!" The voice was old. Very angry.

"Legolas?" Frodos eyes wondered to the figure that still hadn't pulled his hood back. "Well at least I know his name." He was being very secretive. In fact they all were. By now he had started to get a headache.

"Thank you Boromir for finally stopping this childish game."The voice said and then something clicked in Frodo's mind…He began to recognize the voice. "Now Legolas, untie them!" Legolas reached for his dagger and cut the Hobbits bonds. As soon as they were cut, the Hobbits got up as quickly as possible, removed they gags and ran to Frodos side. Each Hobbit looked at the figure still standing by the door. The figure then moved into the room and light of the fire place brought out his features.


They all ran up to the grey wizard and hugged him. The wizard laughed merrily, he was pleased to see his little friends again. "It has been so long since we have last seen you Mister Gandalf" Sam said as he hugged the grey wizard.

Gandalf then smiled and looked at the blonde Hobbit. "Now that we are all here, I think it's time to go" The Hobbits noticed the tiniest bit of urgency in the old man's voice. They slowly pulled themselves off Gandalf.

"Go where?" Pippin asked

"To a safer place"

"Why? We're perfectly safe here"

"We are not unfortunately."


"If you ask that question one more to Peregrine Took, I shall knock your head against this wall, do I make myself clear?"

Pippin dropped his gaze from Gandalf's. "Yes."

As they were all getting ready to leave, Legolas, who was still hooded, walked up to Aragorn and said "We need to leave now. They are getting closer."

"Who are getting closer?" Pippin interrupted. Both of them looked down towards the little Hobbit. Aragorn smiled, trying not to worry the Hobbit "It's nothing. Come, I think you should head on over to Gimli and Boromir for they have something for you and your friends." As he started to walk Pippin to the man of Gondor and the Dwarf, but Legolas grabbed the dark haired man's forearm

"Aragorn, if we continue to stay here, I am afraid…"

Just as Legolas was just about to finish, he suddenly went limp. Aragorn's quick reflexes caught his friend and gently lowered him to the ground. Aragorn called for Gandalf, and he rushed over. When the Hobbits turned to see what was going on, they also went and joined them along with Boromir and Gimli.

"Legolas, mellon-nin?" *My freind* Legolas didn't reply. Aragon was getting worried. His friend had his eyes closed. This was dangerous for his race. The man then grabbed his friend's hood and pulled it off his head. The Hobbits gasped. They all stared at the golden locks flowing from his head. They were also amazed at a small pointed tip at the top of his ears.

"He's an elf!" Sam was shocked, for he had never seen an elf before. He probably knew that Pippin, Merry and Frodo had never seen one before as well.

As the Hobbits were still shocked over their new discovery, Aragorn was trying his best to too wake his friend from his slumber. Nothing. "Mellon-nin. Wake up, Hennad!" *Please*

Legolas still did not wake.

He lay completely still almost as if he was dead. He was deathly pale. Gandalf was the first to notice the tiny beads of sweat trickling down the elf's forehead. "Aragorn…" He went inside his cloak and pulled out a strip of cloth. He then dabbed the Elf's forehead with it.

After he wiped the sweat away he placed his hand on the elf's forehead but quickly redrew it.

"He has a fever and its rising. Aragorn, we have to move him quickly! They are closer than I originally thought." The old man got up, ran towards the door and disappeared. The Hobbits could hear his footsteps as he descended down the wooden staircase.

Gimli and Boromir grabbed their weapons that were lying on a bed. Boromir gabbed four bundles that were wrapped up in cloth. "Follow us little ones. We must go. When we reach our destination maybe I will give you these presents." Boromir flashed a smile at the Hobbits and they nodded. They slowly followed the man and dwarf out the room except for Frodo.

"Frodo, what are you doing?" Merry asked as he looked towards Frodo still standing.

"I will catch up with you in a bit" he turned around and smiled at his cousin. Merry shrugged and turned away and ran to Pippin as they too, descended down the wooden staircase like Gandalf had done earlier.

Aragorn slid his arms under the elf's limp body and stood up. He was startled to see Frodo stood in the middle of the room. "You should have left by now. It is dangerous Fro..."

"Is he going to be alright?" Frodo interrupted him.

He signed "Yes, he will be fine. This stubborn elf just needs to sleep for a while. He hasn't slept in four days! Even elves need to sleep sometimes." He lied. He knew what was wrong with Legolas, he just needed to be patent and let Gandalf choose the right time to tell. "Come Frodo. We must go."

"Strider, wait!" Frodo called the dark haired man as he stepped lightly down the stairs.

"What is it Frodo?" He asked. He wasn't paying attention to the drunken men and sober one's as they stared at the blonde elf. The both of them came to the door, opened it and started walking down the wet street.

"Where are you all taking us? My friends and I?"

"-Into the wild"

And both Hobbit and man -carrying the elf- walked silently away from the Prancing pony and into the forest which surrounded the town of Bree. As they got further into the forest, all that they could hear from the little town were screams. Not of men. Not of Women. Not of children. But something evil.

All this time spent in vain,

Wasted years

Wasted gain,

All is lost

Hope remains

And this war's not over.

-Shattered, Trading Yesterday

Dawn was slowly approaching. The sun rays were weaving between the tree's trunks. The last bit of rain stopped merely 3 hours ago, the leaves on the trees still had little tiny droplets on them and the forest floor was still damp.

The nine that had set off from Bree 6 hours ago, found an area in the woods surrounded by trees which made it the perfect place to set up camp.

Seven of the nine were still sleeping but the other two were busy. Sam and Aragorn were preparing breakfast. While Aragorn was hunting, looking for dear or rabbit, Sam was pulling out pots and pans form his traveling bag, ready to put on the fire which Gandalf had made when he first arrived at the location.

15 minutes had passed and the water slowly began to show signs of boiling. Aragorn came through the clearing with a successful hunt, for he had five rabbits flung over his shoulder. He gently walked over to Sam and sat down on a nearby rock. He started to skin the rabbits for Sam to make a stew.

Sam went into his bag and pulled out a medium sized pan and placed it over the fire. He also pulled out 28 strips of bacon and 31 sausages which were in a large brown box.

"Hungry, Mater Sam? " Aragorn chuckled while passing the first rabbit to him.

"We Hobbits get very hungry indeed, sir. Please, just call me Sam." Sam turned and smiled at Strider and then took the first rabbit which he thanked him for.

"There are still many things I need to learn about you Periannath. You can call me Aragorn, or Strider, if you like." Returning the smile.

"Periannath?" Sam blinked while tilting his head in confusion. Aragorn was about to answer his question when another voice interrupted him.

"Periannath means Hobbits in Sindarin." They both turned to the voice and saw Gandalf sitting up and pulling out his pipe. "Or was it Quenya? Those elves and their difficult language."

"It is only difficult to you, Gandalf, because you growing too old my friend." Aragorn winked at the grey pilgrim as he passed Sam the second and third rabbit.

Sam placed the bacon and sausages into the pan and watched them sizzle. Then about a minute later, he turned them over.

The smell reached Merry's and Pippins nose and both awoke instantly knocking Frodo as the ran to grab a plate. They both sat down beside the fire, staring at the precious meat sizzling away in the pan. Gimli awoke next and sat on the other side of Pippin. He also had a plate and sat watching the meat, licking his lips. Boromir woke five minutes after Gimli but unlike the others, he didn't grab a plate. He went and sat next to Aragorn and helped him Skin the last two rabbits. Legolas however was still asleep.

Sam handed out the sausages and bacon to those gathered around. Merry, Gimli and Pippin greedily ate their breakfast. Boromir and Gandalf ate theirs calmly laughing at the animals before them. Sam took his share of food and stuffed his sausage into his mouth. He turned to offer Aragorn some but he shook his head and went over to his pack and pulled out a little small bag. He came back and used one of Sam's spare pots and poured some water into it. He waited for it to boil and sat back down on the rock, rummaging through the small bag.

"What's in that Strider?" Sam asked with a mouthful of food.

"Healing herbs. They're for the Elf when he wakes up." Aragorn smiled when he saw him choking on his food. Boromir, who was sat next to him, gently patted his back. Sam nodded his thanks.

Frodo stood up, brushing off the leaves that drifted on him last night. He smiled as he saw everyone, well some of them, eating for their meals around the fire. He then noticed one was missing. He turned to his head to his right and saw the Blonde elf still unmoving on the ground. "Aragorn? When will he wake up?" he asked.

"That I do not know Frodo." He said sadly as he dropped the healing herbs into the pot and mixed it gently. "Two nights ago the same things happened and he didn't wake up until we arrived in Bree. Which was an hour before you Hobbits came." His gently took the pot of the fire and poured it into a cup.

"You said that he fell asleep because he was tired. But I think that was a lie. There is something else, you're not telling us."

Aragorn was speechless. "A very wise Hobbit indeed" He thought. Aragorn was just about to answer when a new voice answered for him.

"Estel always lies Frodo. Ever since he was a child." The voice giggled.

Frodo and the others turned and saw Legolas attempting to sit up. Strider grabbed the cup with the herbs in and jogged over to the blonde elf. He helped him sit up by leaning him against a tree behind him. "Drink this, mellon-nin."

"This isn't the disgusting herb tea you always give me is it?" He answered with a weak smile. Aragorn smiled back and placed the cups to the elf's lips and Legolas swallowed.

The blonde elf gagged at the taste of the liquid. "Taste like orc blood!" He quickly placed a hand other his mouth trying to hold back the bile that rose in his throat. He had no choice. He had to swallow that too. "Even orc blood taste better than this!" his mind shouted.

Gandalf strolled over and placed a hand Legolas' shoulder "Ce mae?" *Are you well?*

"Meam, Hannon le" *I am well, Thank you.*

"It is glad to see you awake, Master Elf" Gimli said with a mouthful of food. Legolas weakly smiled back but said nothing.

"Are you quite finished over there?" Gandalf asked. "I would like to leave as soon as possible."

"Why are we going?" Pippin said.

Gandalf rolled his eyes. "Here come the questions" He thought. The grey pilgrim decided to get straight to the point "We are going to Rivendell, Peregrin Took. To the house of Elrond. Now come along. Don't want you being left behind, do we?" He finished with a smile.

"Did you hear that, Mister Frodo?" Sam exclaimed. "We're going to see the Elves!"

"Finally moving" Frodo thought.

He looked at those around him. Gandalf, Merry and Pippin were up front. Himself, Gimli, Boromir and Sam were in the middle and Aragorn and Legolas brought up the rear. Legolas had one arm around Aragorn's shoulder while the other hung limply at his side. Aragorn had his left arm around the Blondes waist and the other holding onto the arm on his shoulder.

Frodo turned around and walk towards the man and elf. "Ahhh Frodo, come and help me with Legolas." Aragorn said. "Just grab his left arm and put it over your shoulder." Frodo did as he was told and heard the Elf's heavy breathing.

"Urm Aragorn? I was wondering if you could tell me what those things were back in Bree. Y'know, those black riders?" Strider stopped walking and both, Legolas and himself, looked at Frodo. The blonde elf turned his head to the man and nodded and the dark-haired man returned it and nodded back.

"Well, where do I start?" He questioned.

"You could start with 'They were once men'." Legolas lifted his head but then it rolled back down. His grip on Aragorn's shoulder lessened and slowly started to slide off.

Aragorn grabbed the blondes arm and kept a tight grip. He looked at Frodo and saw looking worriedly at Legolas. "He is fine Frodo. Every time someone mentions the nine riders or the dark lord, his energy gets absorbed." Frodo looked at Aragorn, confusion written all over it. Aragorn saw this and smiled "When the time comes you will understand."

"Great kings of men" He started.

"Pardon?" Frodo questioned.

"You wished to know about the nine, yes?" Aragorn smile widen.

"Oh, urm, yes, sorry! Please continue."

"Aragorn!" Aragorn and Frodo looked up at the voice and saw Gimli waving his axe in the air. "Start from the beginning! The other Hobbits got confused." Gimli turned back around. "Don't forget to speak up as well!" The dwarf shouted.

Boromir rolled his eyes. "Dwarfs and their big mouths and small ears."

He took a deep breath and started his tale again.

"They were once men,

Great kings of men,

Then Sauron the deceiver gave to them nine rings of power. Blinded by their greed they took them without question. One by one falling into darkness. Now they are slaves to his will.

They are the Nazgûl. Black speech for Ringwraith. They go by other names: Black Riders, Dark Riders, the Nine Riders, or simply the Nine. Neither living nor dead.

At all times…They feel the presence of the ring…Drawn by the power of the one."

Frodo listened in horror to the tale.

"They will never stop hunting you."

About 2 hours into their journey, Frodo, Sam, Pippin and Merry, who were at the back of the group, stopped and started to dig through their packs and bags.

Boromir saw this and turned around "Gentlemen, we do not stop till nightfall."

"What about Breakfast?" Pippin asked.

"You've already had it."

"We've had one, yes. What about second breakfast?" he smiled a cheeky grin.

Boromir walked off, catching up with Aragorn, Gimli, Gandalf and Legolas.

Merry turned his head slightly "Don't think he knows about second breakfast, Pip." Merry took his hand out of his pack and started to walk away.

Pippin gasped and followed after his cousin. "What about Elevenses? Luncheon? Afternoon tea? Dinner? Supper? He knows about them? Doesn't he?"

"I wouldn't count on it." He gave a smile at his cousin. Pippin lowered his head towards the ground. He couldn't believe it.

All of a sudden an apple was launched into the air and Merry caught it. Pippin saw this and looked at the apple, then Merry, then the apple again, then back to Merry. His cousins smiled widened at patted Pippin on the back, then walked away.

As Pippin watched as Merry walked away and apple bounced of his head which startled him. He looked towards the sky and heard Merry shout "Pippin!"

Behind them Sam and Frodo laughed at their friend and put the packs back unto their backs and followed after the group.

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