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Hannon le, Mellon-nin.

Chapter 26 – I will always love you Nana.

"Run Legolas! Don't stop!" The young Prince of Mirkwood's mother, Estelwen, shouted as she ran away, her hand within his, from the black filthy creatures running towards them.

Legolas was running as fast as he could, trying to keep up with his mother. He was only six in mortal years and was trying his best to keep up. The young Prince could not remember how long he and his mother had been running for but it felt like hours. The Prince looked back and his tiny deep blue eyes widened as he saw the great army of Orcs behind them.

The Orcs were yelling at each, throwing commands in the black speech of Mordor; The very speech that was like death to all immortal beings. How mortals could stand such vile language was beyond them.

Estelwen also looked back and her eyes also widened. She feared for her young child. The lost Star who had been tormented by the dark Lord for so many years in which she could do nothing to help but to offer little comfort. The Queen of Mirkwood, once Greenwood the Great, then faced her path and picked up her pace while tightening the hold round her sweet son's hand. "Thranduil, please! If you can hear me, please help us!" The Queen thought. Her bond was strong with her husband and they both shared a mental link, like that of Elladan and Elrohir.

"Nana! They are getting closer!" Legolas shouted. His breathing became heavier as he was slowly running out of strength to continue.

"Just keep running, Greenleaf. Don't stop!" Estelwen couldn't look back at her son for she feared that if she did, she would trip on some dead root or rock that blocked her path. She did not want to be at the hands of Orcs especially ones that were in such huge numbers.

She gasped when she suddenly felt a burning pain in her left shoulder. The Queen stumbled and heard her child shout "Naneth!" before she fell towards the ground.

Legolas watched in horror as he saw the black arrow pierce his mother's shoulder. He knelt down beside her, watching as she tried to pull herself of the ground but only to succeeded in rolling onto her side to face her worried son.

Estelwen found that the adrenalin she had been running on had died and completely left her as soon as she hit the soft earth beneath her. All strength had faded and her muscles had become heavy. Her throat was dry from all the cold air that she continued to breathe in and the arrow which was still imbedded in her shoulder burned.

"Nana! The monsters are coming!" The Prince shook her lightly as he pleaded "Please Nana! You must get up!"

"'Las…" The Queen slowly swallowed the lump in her throat "…'Las, I need you to leave Naneth." The Queen shut her eyes in pain. She had had many arrow wounds before but none had hurt this badly. "Poison." Estelwen thought as she felt a tear slowly slide down the side of her face. She knew that the poison was quickly spreading through her veins and that she would die within the next hour. She cursed which made the Prince's tears fall faster.

"Nana…I can't leave you." The Prince sniffed and felt many tears slide down his face as he grab one of his mother's hand and brought it to his chest.

"'Las… You must." The Queen drew a quick breath. Estelwen turned her head and saw that the Orcs were only a few metres away. "You must run 'Las!"

"I am not leaving you!"

"Ai! Stubborn Elfling!" She thought as she smiled sadly. Legolas was an exact replica of Thranduil, all except the deep sea blue eyes he had inherited from her. More tears ran down her pale face as she thought about her husband. She would never get to say her final farewells. "Legolas…" She finally said after a tense silence between son and mother.

Legolas gasped. He had never been called by his full name before. His Naneth and Ada never called him that. He watched as his Nana motioned him to come closer and he did.

Estelwen smiled, a small trickle of blood began to fall from her once pinkie lips. "…Tell your Ada, that no matter what happens, I will always love him."

Still crying, Legolas nodded sadly. He was startled when he felt his mother's hand apon his cheek.

"Remember 'Las, that you should always know that I love you and no matter what happens…Be strong…I want you to be strong…I need you to be strong." Estelwen coughed as she attempted to smile again. More blood escaped her lips. "Now, run. Run to your Ada and don't look back." She said calmly.

Legolas slowly wiped the tears away from his eyes and cheeks and gave his mother one last kiss on her forehead before whispering "No matter what…I will always love you Nana. You are my light, my heart and my soul. You shall never disappear from my thoughts. Ever." Legolas then stood proudly as watched his mother cry even more, her eyes still closed.

"Good." Her voice was just above a whisper. "I am glad I will always be with you, Ion-nin." *My son* She then began to open her tired eyes to look at her son once more. What she saw struck fear into her heart.

"Legolas!" She shouted.

Legolas jumped and turned around.

"Hey there, little Elf." The black 'monster' that haunted Legolas' dreams since he was three in mortal years, tilted its head to the side and smiled, showing the nasty rotting yellow teeth inside it's foul mouth. The Orcs piercing gaze struck fear into both royal hearts.

They were surrounded.

The Lady Galadriel dabbed the young Prince of Mirkwood's forehead as it glistened with sweat. It had been three days since the incident with Sauron and Legolas had been plagued with terrible nightmares that would leave him yelling for his Naneth, who was now resting from that brutal attack 2,000 years ago. She was resting within the great halls of Mandos.

The Lady then rinsed the cloth and dipped it in the cold water before laying it on Legolas forehead. She muttered a pray in hope that his dreams will become peaceful once again. She turned her head towards the door as she heard two identical voices behind it. She sighed "You can come in, Tinith pens"

The door unlocked and both twins wore similar expressions. Elladan was the first to step into the room and closely behind him was Elrohir. Elladan went to sit on the other side of the bed, where Legolas still flinched as the bad dreams still haunted him while Elrohir pulled a chair next to his Grandmother.

"Is he going to be alright?" Elladan spoke quietly, trying not to wake the sleeping Prince.

"He is fine." Galadriel answered "You both have seen this many times, have you not?"

Both twins didn't answer for their Grandmother already knew the answer. After a few minutes of silence, Elrohir said "When will he wake? It has been three days and those left of the Fellowship will want to leave soon."

Galadriel turned her fair face to Elrohir "He has lost a lot of blood, which is why he does not wake. Legolas' nightmares plague him and he is afraid to wake up for he knows that it was real." The Lady of Light sighed again "The Prince only wants someone to tell him 'It was all a dream' but he knows that it isn't."

Both twins nodded as they understood their Grandmothers explanation. They kept remembering the times when the Prince had stayed in their Ada's realm to heal after being held prisoner for 557 years in Dol Guldur.

They both remembered the first time they saw the Prince.

His face was pale, a long scar ran down from his right ear to his chin, bruises still covered the white skin and from what they saw, his breathing pained him. The Elven glow no longer seemed to be surrounding the Elfling and his once golden locks were now dull and colourless.

"Ada?" Elladan had whispered to father.

"Na, Ion-nin?" *Yes, My son?* Elrond had answered as he smiled at the Mirkwood guard and King as they dismounted their steeds.

"Mankoi dîles ro…" *Why does he…* Elladan started

"…En hidt?" *…Look hurt?* Elrohir finished his brother's sentence.

"The Prince had spent 557 years in darkness and was hurt by nasty monsters." The Lord of Imladris slowly shut his eyes and smiled sadly as his best friend walked towards him, the Prince clutching onto his tunic. It was clear that in Legolas' eyes there was fear. He knew his Ada was going to leave him and with a bunch of strangers.

"Elrond." Thranduil bowed and Elrond returned the gesture. The Lord looked deeply into the Kings eyes and frowned. They were filled with so much grief and he was surprised that the famous King hadn't yet sailed. He then turned his eyes towards Legolas who's eyes were locked on the ground.

"Laegolas, sina et Elrond, Hîr en' of Imladris." *Greenleaf, this is Elrond, Lord of Rivendel.* Thranduil spoke as he faced his son and pointed to the Lord. Legolas did not raise his eyes for they seemed to be glued onto the floor. The only gesture the Lord saw was a simply nod. Thranduil smiled sadly "Ro ere' pedis Edhellen." *He only speaks Elvish.*

"Suilaid, Cunn Laegolas." *Greetings, Prince Greenleaf.* Elrond bowed and then slowly gestured for his two sons to step forward. "Sina et Elladan and Elrohir." *This is Elladan and Elrohir.*

Both twins bowed and still Legolas showed no signs of greetings only the simple nod of the head. Elladan looked at his brother and Elrohir frowned but they both brought their hands to their chests and made a circular motion while saying "Mae govannen, Laegolas." *Well met, Greenleaf*

Galadriel laid a gentle hand on the youngest twins shoulder "Do not let the past worry you. Legolas will fight this and will find the strength to overcome Sauron's power."

Elladan looked up towards his grandmother and smiled.

Elrohir smiled also and leaned his head on Galadriel's shoulder then silently he asked "Where is Grandfather?"

Galadriel stroked the raven-hair from Elrohir's face and placed it behind his delicate pointy ear "Your grandfather is resting. He has worn himself out by not taking his breaks. He seemed to have 'forgotten'" The Lady giggled.

"That sounds like grandfather." Elladan giggled, trying his best not to wake the Prince.

A tiny whimper echoed the room and the three Elves faced the Prince. They hated seeing him like this. Everyone did. They all had so much respect for the Prince, not because he was of royal blood or because he was a Star but because he had survived in Dol Guldur, he had never once heard the calling of the sea and he has never said he wanted to die after all the suffering he has been through. He had a hidden strength that no-one knew about…

…Not even Thranduil.

Arwen and Aragorn walked silently together as they approach Boromir who had made no conversation with any member of the Fellowship for three days.

"Take some rest." Arwen spoke which startled the Gondorian. "I know you worry about Legolas but do not fear. These borders are well protected." She smiled as Boromir turned to face her.

The Man watched as his future King stood and looked out at the beautiful forest while Arwen sat on a small rock, facing him. Boromir's eyes rested on the soft earth beneath him "I will find no rest here." He was mentally shock to hear how his voice sounded so weak.

Arwen frowned and studied the Gondorian's face. Something troubled the man deeply. She looked towards her love and saw he wore a similar expression as her own.

"I heard her voice inside my head." The Man started. "She spoke words to me that I cannot seem to remove from my mind."

Aragorn turned to face Arwen. He raised his eye brows to know if she had any idea of what her Grandmother might have said to him. Arwen just shrugged her shoulders. The ranger turned back to the Gondorian and asked "What did she speak of?"

"She spoke of my father and the fall of Gondor." Boromir raised his head and looked at his future King.

"There is still hope left." Arwen said which made Boromir face her.

The Man furrowed his brow and sighed deeply "But I cannot see it. It is long since we had any hope."

Aragorn walked to the man and sat down beside him. He placed a gently hand on the stewards shoulder but said nothing. The ranger knew that Boromir needed to let out what he was thinking.

"My father is a noble man but his rule is failing…" The man suddenly stopped as he started to stutter his words "…And…And our…" Boromir swallowed "…And our people lose hope."

"Boromir." Arwen whispered sadly. She could see the fear in the man's eyes. He had given up hope long ago and it was weighing heavily apon his heart. The dark whispers in his head didn't help at all.

"My father looks to me to make things right, he does not pay any attention to my brother." The man looked down at his feet once more.

"You have a brother?" Aragorn asked. He had never heard about the steward of Gondor having two sons.

"Yes. His name is Faramir. He is part of the rangers that protect the great lands of Ithilien." Boromir explained.

"There has been no talk about the steward, your father, ever having second son." Arwen softly spoke. She saw the anger that suddenly sprung in the Man's eyes and quickly stood up, turning towards the trees in the distance and mentally shook. "No Man should possess such anger." She thought.

Estel furrowed his brow in confusion. The sudden movement his love had made frightened him. He had never seen her look so… afraid before. He tightened his hold on the Gondorian's shoulder.

"That is because my brother is the silent type and my father did not like having a son that was interested in studying maps, lost texts and languages." Boromir spat. He took no notice of Arwen's quick standing. "My brother is an excellent Captain and has tried his best to protect the capital of Gondor, Osgiliath and its people. My father does not see this. He thinks of him as pathetic, a Man that cannot do anything but stay inside the woods hunting those creatures with stealth. 'Where is the glory in that?!' My father had yelled. 'You are not some immortal creature! You need to protect your people!'" Boromir clenched his knuckles until they were white.

He slowly eased his fast breathing and unclenched his hands. It felt good to let out his problems. "My brother and I would see the glory of Gondor restored."

Aragorn looked down towards the ground, removing his hand from the Man's shoulder and thought "Please don't ask me."

But Boromir did ask him. "Have you ever seen it, Aragorn? The white tower of Ecthelion. Glimmering like a spike of pearl and silver." The Gondorian looked out at the landscape as he imagined the tower. He didn't notice Aragorn slowly raising his head and doing the same. "Its banners caught high in the morning breeze."

Arwen looked towards his love and the steward's son. She smiled as she saw Estel imagining the great tower, the city that was calling him home.

"Have you ever been called home…" The Man then turned towards Strider "…By the clear ringing of silver trumpets?"

Aragorn faced the Gondorian and said softly "I have seen the White city…long ago."

A smile slowly crept on Boromir's face "One day, our paths will lead us there…" He then placed a hand on Aragorn's shoulder "…And then the tower guard shall take up the call: "The Lords of Gondor have returned.""

Aragorn gave a half smile. Boromir had no idea that Aragorn did not want to be King and that made him sad. The Man was putting so much weight on his shoulders already.

Arwen saw her beloveds worry and quickly said "Well, now that you have spoken about what had been troubling you, Boromir, do you feel better?"

Boromir didn't answer for some time but he then faced her and sighed "I do feel much better my Lady. Thank you."

"That is quite alright, My Lord." Arwen bowed softly and once she straightened out of her bow, she looked towards the sky and saw the suns ray slowly fall behind the great Mallorn trees. "Come." She spoke "You must be tired. We shall walk back and hopefully all get some rest."

Aragorn stood first and took Arwen hand within his. Boromir stood and smiled at the loving couple. All three walked back to the clearing where the Hobbits and Gimli were. They laughed as they saw the Hobbits dancing and Gimli playing a beat on a hollow tree stump while sitting on top of it.

"Small things please small minds." Aragorn thought.

Frodo was awaking by a scream.

The Ring-bearer jumped and moaned as he fell from the root he had been sleeping on. He gently rubbed his head and mumbled but jumped again as he heard the same scream. The little Halfling stood up and saw that the other members had been woken as well. He gasped when he saw about twenty Lothlórien guards stood with them. "What happened?" He asked as he quickly ran towards Strider.

"We must leave and now." Aragorn said as he kissed Arwen gently on the cheek and made his way up towards the stairs where Legolas had been taken four days ago.

The Hobbit wondered why they had not been told about the Prince's condition since that day. "Sam?" Frodo turned to his most trusted friend and gardener.

"We are sorry for not waking you any sooner, Mister Frodo but Mister Haldir says that Orcs have entered the woods and that they are coming for the Ring." Sam explained.

Frodo's eyes grew wide and turned away from Sam and ran back to where he had been sleeping. He quickly got changed and saw that his bag had already been packed. He chuckled as he thought of his beloved friend and ran back to the group. He thanked Sam and quickly turned his eyes towards the stairs as he saw Aragorn holding Legolas by the arm, hand around the Prince's waist; both making their way down the stairs slowly but as quickly as possible.

As soon as the Man and Elf were at the bottom they began to follow the Lothlórien Elves towards a small harbour where three small boats were filled with spare arrows, packs of food and healing herbs.

Their stay in Lothlórien was now over.

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