Prologue – You need to leave

Two figures stood in a darkened area in the nether, next to a strange portal; the inside of the portal was a blue and green swirl, while the outside was made of the strange material called Nether Ice. The two people were conversing, white eyes glowing.

*"But father, I can't go, I need to help!" A girl, the age of 12 argued, short black hair flapping.

"No Spirit, you cannot go and that's final!" Her father, Herobrine told her sternly.

"B-bu-u..." Spiritbrine began, but Herobrine cut her off.

"No. You have to leave Minecraftia, go to the outside world, find someone to take care of you. You know the war is upon us."

"And whose fault was that?" Spiritbrine raised and eyebrow.

"Yours." Herobrine told her pointedly.

Spiritbrine rolled her eyes as her father continued, "You can come back when I tell you. If you can find a computer with Minecraft installed, use the seed 'World of Brine' on single player to talk with me-"

"Wait – you can do that!?" Spiritbrine asked, eyes wide.

"Yes, anyway, all you need to do is the same as we do now, talk telepathically, the words will come up in chat, so make sure you aren't watched."

Spiritbrine nodded and headed towards the portal, "Wait, how do I communicate? I can't talk, I can't write, all I can do

is talk telepathically."

"Find a way," Herobrine told her, he reached inside his pocked and pulled out a letter

and handed it to his daughter, "Speaking of writing, give this two whoever you find to look after you."

"OK, I shall see you soon father," Spiritbrine was now standing on the edge of the portal.

As Spiritbrine leapt through, Herobrine called, "Don't draw too much attention to yourself!"

Herobrine did not know, what amount of trouble Spiritbrine would be getting herself into.

*Every one speaks telepathically in the nether.

A.N. Hey guys, this fanfiction is what happened to Spiritbrine when she had to go away because of the war of Minecraftia (it was all her fault). This probably doesn't make sence to anyone because I haven't even written the Spiritbrine fanfiction. It will be called Craft of a Myth.