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Summary : Rose is a blind girl by birth, she was never in love or got together with a guy. What happened when she went to visit her cousin and best friend Sydney was her meeting with the womanizer of Sydney's friend Adrian Ivashkov. Spending the summer in Rose's father's beach house made a lot of events and some drama as Dimitri Belikov, Rose's best guy friend, came to spend sometimes with her there before he got married to some girl.What's going to happen to them as they discover things they never knew were exist.

Can You Be My Eyes ?!

Prologue :

I left the building with a big sigh. Finally I was done and my vacation started. I was so excited about this vacation. I needed it.

I noticed a guy running and slammed to a girl. She fell. "Ouch."

"You foolish. Can't you see me running or you're too lazy to move out of the way?!" He shouted at her collecting his papers.

She smiled. "Well, it's the first one."

"What?!" Apparently he didn't notice what she was talking about.

"You asked if I didn't move 'cause I didn't see you or 'cause I'm too lazy. I told you I chose the first one. I can't see, you on the other hand has two eyes but you don't use them at all."

Then she was feeling for her cane that fell from her when the guy hit her. I walked to them and took the cane. She looked at my direction like she could see me, deep brown eyes, eyes I never saw such a pair like those. "Here." I said and put the folded cane in her hand.

"Thank you." She said and turned to the guy who was still staring at her. "Can you stop staring?! You know I'm blind not a freak. There are plenty of me in this world."

She laughed and walked away while feeling out the wall of the building. "Hey can I help you?!"

"I don't know can you?!" She said with a smile. I never saw such a smile.

"I can take you to wherever you want to go." I told her.

She turned to me. "I don't want to trouble you but thanks. I can find my way."

"I don't have anything to do. For real."

She just shook her head and kept feeling out to the next building. She smiled when she find the door. "See, now you can go without being guilty about the blind girl who was lost." She walked in the building leaving me shocked.


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