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ugly heart
a waterloo road fanfiction

I stood outside school, twenty-minutes early, sucking on my cigarette. Blowing the smoke out slowly, I seated myself on the steps outside and stared at the gravel whilst thinking about home. Home, oh how I hated it.

I'd moved to Scotland to carry on my education at Waterloo Road. It did seem a ridiculous idea at first but it grew on me, moving away. Ronan didn't think so I left him in Rochdale with Samuel our son and Kimberly and I moved here.

However, Ronan couldn't cope on his own, moved back in with me and now we have the perfect family unit. Only it isn't perfect because Kimberly's jealous, all Samuel does is cry and Ronan and I no longer talk unless it's to scream at each other and throw a few plates in each others direction.

I stubbed out the cigarette on the steps and flicked the cigarette butt away. I twisted the ring that was hanging on a chain around my neck, the ring Dave had given me before Kimberly was born. Although it had been years, his death was still there, still raw.

"Morning Poppy."

I looked up from staring at the floor and spotted Mr Byrne walk towards me, "Morning Sir."

"Eager to start as usual?"

"You know me Sir." I smiled and he walked into the school. I'd only been there a week and already it felt like I'd been there forever. Of course, the move had been plaqued with difficulties. Denzil died not long after Sam, his sister and my best friend died and Tariq was paralysed.

I took my cigarettes out of my bag and was about to put one in my mouth and lit it when I heard Mrs Diamond's voice; "Poppy, not on school property."

I made eye contact with her, flashed her an innocent smile and put my cigarettes back in my handbag, "Are you the reason we're finding cigarette butts on school grounds?"

"Me?" I put my hand on my chest and smiled; "No Miss, not me. Sorry Miss, it won't happen again."

"It best not do." She smiled softly and I laughed. Sian wasn't all bad, she was quite funny when she wanted to be but very strict. If you didn't do your coursework, you'd bloody well know about it.

I waited until she was out of sight, took my cigarettes out and lit one up. I'd smoked half when I noticed that there were loads of people turning up now and I stubbed it out, put it in my cigarette packet and pushed them further into my handbag.

I took a bottle of perfume out of my handbag, sprayed myself and popped a chewing gum in my mouth. All fresh. I saw Josh walking up and I ran towards him and hugged him tightly whilst shouting; "Joshua!"

"Nice to see you too Poppy." He said as I let him breath, "Why are you so happy? Finally sorted things with Ronan?"

As Josh was the only one still at Waterloo Road and one of my best friend, I confide in him a lot. He knew all about mine and Ronan's problems and how I felt about Samuel and Kimberly.

I scoffed, "Sorted it out? I wish, look." I pointed to my forehead where you could see a slight bruise, "He threw a plate at me this morning, right in front of Kimberly."

"What did you do to him first?"

I looked at him, pure innocence on my face; "Nothing." Seeing Josh's face, I sighed; "Alright I kicked him in the balls."

"You and him, you need to sort it out. Think about Kimberly and Samuel, do they really need their parents knocking ten bells out of each other? Either work it out or leave. It's really not that difficult Poppy."

"Have you ever thought about starting a career as an advice guru? No, perhaps you should." I answered and stormed into the school. As much as I knew he was right, I didn't want to hear it. I knew Ronan and I were going to split up, I knew it and I couldn't help but blame myself because I was the one stupid enough to get pregnant with Samuel.

I sat in my form room, minding my own business when my mobile phone rang. Knowing the policy on mobile phones, I took it out of my pocket and looked at the number. It was Ronan so I disconnected the call. I was about to put it in my handbag when I saw Ms Mulgrew.

"Phone please Poppy."

I put it in my handbag, "I'm allowed to keep in on Miss. In case anything happens to my children."

"Yeah she's allowed to keep it on because she's a skank." I heard Rhiannon say and her friends laughed. Ms Mulgrew didn't say anything but it really didn't surprise me, she hadn't like me since day one really. No idea why, maybe it was because I was outspoken.

As for Rhiannon, I hated her but I'd grown up. I told myself that this year was going to be different. No more violence or attitude problems, just me trying to get my A-Levels and better my life for my children.

Only we'll see how far we actually get with that promise shall we?

Rhiannon and her little blonde friend sat behind me. All through registration, she kept kicking my chair, poking me in the back, throwing things and pulling my hair. I did well, I didn't retaliate. If I did, I'd only fuel her vendetta against me.

Maybe she thought I was harmless, some little slag who wouldn't hit her back. She definitely didn't know me at all because I was always one for violence. I was just trying not to this year because I needed these A-levels more then anything.

Feeling her pull my hair again, I sighed. Maybe I'd have to break my dry spell to teach her a thing or two about respect.

I turned around; "Do you mind pulling my hair?"

"No I like it actually." She went to pull my hair again and I grabbed her arm, "Touch me again and I will break your neck. Don't think I'm joking because I'm not."

She shook her arm free from my grasp and for the last five minutes of registration, I was left alone in peace. As the bell rang for the beginning of first lesson, I stood up only to be knocked flying. My fall was broken by the table and I turned around.

I saw the smirk on her face and I saw red, "You fat bitch!" I screamed as I grabbed her hair and held her head against the table, "You fat fucking bitch!"

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