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~Chapter Two: The Sky, The Smile, and The Stew~

The Gate Keeper looked at the sky, remembering his past. The stupid things he did, the helpful things he did, and his name… Edward Hohenheim Elric.

"Keeper." said Roy.

Ed looked at Roy. He was sitting against a tree, and Roy was looking down, eye to eye. "What do you need?"

"Dinner is ready, Al made stew." Roy replied.

A small twinkle appeared in Ed's eyes. "Stew?"

"Yeah, stew," Roy smirked noticing the small happiness in Ed's golden eyes. "Lets go before the others eat it all up."

When they arrived Roy tapped on Al's shoulder and pointed somewhere signaling to leave.

Al stood up. "I'll be back!"

"What do you need Führer?" Al said.

Recently Roy Mustang became the new Führer, and Ed became Lieutenant General, only 2 positions away from Roy, and upgraded 5 ranks.

"Ed… I noticed when I said the word Stew in the sentence while telling him it was time for dinner, he had a quick moment of happiness in his eyes." Roy replied.

Al slightly smiled. "That's brother alright. His favorite food is stew."

Roy smiled also. "Hm.. That shortie better not to long returning back to his old loud personality."

Al snickered. "Knowing you you'll torture him back to it."

Roy faked a frown. "How cruel of you!"

They 2 walked back it.

"Had fun making out?" Ed said.

Roy, Al, and the other people in the room was shocked.

"M-m-m-m-making out?" Al yelled in confusion.

Roy smirked. "You jealous?"

Ed kept eating, Hughes paused his cooing of his child, Riza aimed her hand to her gun, Fuery looked sick imagining the scene, Jean was laughing with Winry, and Breda, Falmen fainted, Izumi smirked, and lastly Sheska banged her head on a book.

"No, but just in case, you look like a person who would have sex with anyone." Ed replied in monotone.

Roy twitched his eye. "What? Was I correct?" Ed added.

"Oh, god!" Jean laughed. "He totally pwned you!"

"Shut up Jean!" Roy yelled back.

"OH? Should I?" Jean laughed back.

"GET YOUR A*S OVER HERE!" Roy ran after Jean as he ran around the room.

"…" Ed was silent. 'When will I be like them….'