Conflicting Interests

By: Tracy Cook

Disclaimer: I do not own anything; these characters belong to the creators of Glee and One Tree Hill.

Pairing: Quinn/Rachel (Glee) and Brooke/Haley (One Tree Hill)

Rating: M

Chapter 1


Rachel Berry had spent most of the week before the singing competition researching Tree Hill, North Carolina. She had never heard of the town before and she wanted to make the best out of the trip. Most of the other students in the Glee Club were planning on attending parties, finding clubs, drinking, and seeing pointless sights, but she wanted to make it worth her time. This trip had the potential to further improve her remarkable resume as well as open her mind to the world, which would of course give her more life-experience and allow her to perform better on Broadway.

For Rachel Berry this trip was business.

She would arrive at the hotel that they would be staying at, and she would immediately practice her solo, before resting her vocal cords for eight hours. Saturday, she planned to travel around the town and speak with some of the most influential people in the music industry, to promote herself, of course. Then, she was going to take in a few educational sights and visit the two museums that the small town had to offer, before heading back to the hotel and forcing everyone to get in one more practice before the competition.

Rachel glanced down at her notebook and smiled at the plan that she had set out. She had made a list in chronological order of everything that she had planned for the weekend. The most important points were bulleted with small gold star stickers that she always brought along with her.

This was going to be a wonderful opportunity for her.

At least she had thought that it was going to be a wonderful opportunity for her. As they arrived in Tree Hill she quickly started to realize that the other students in the club were not planning on taking this trip as seriously as she was. They never did, and it frustrated her to no end.

"Dude, look!" Finn said, pointing out the window of the bus at the large sign in front of Tree Hill High School. Rachel cast her eyes to the sign and her stomach flipped, she already knew what Finn and her other friends were going to want to do tonight. "There's a basketball game tonight, we should go and check out the school and stuff."

"Yeah, I wonder how many hot chicks they've got here." Puck added with a smirk.

When Finn agreed with him, flashing that trademark half-smile at his best friend, Rachel nudged him in the side and shot him a disapproving glare. She hated that her boyfriend treated the things that she loved with little care.

"Finn, whilst I understand that we are going somewhere new and that is exciting, I believe that I speak for all of us when I say that it would be better to stay in tonight in order to practice and get plenty of rest before the competition tomorrow." She said with a bright smile that spread from one ear to the other.

All of the other students on the bus disagreed, and they did not disagree politely. They instead shot insults her way, nicknames that she had thought they had gotten over by now, and a few of them even threw their drinks at her.

Her smile fell and turned into a frustrated frown, as she wiped some of the coffee out of her hair and held her chin up high as if it did not faze her. That was the best way to deal with bullying, pretend that it did not affect you. Pretend that you were better than them, which she was.

"Come on man-hands can't you just shut up and have some fun for once!" Santana said.

"I beg your pardon, I do have fun. I happen to enjoy singing as well as winning quite a bit and I thought that perhaps—"

"—Oh come on babe, what's the big deal. The competition isn't 'til tomorrow anyway, so we can like practice tomorrow before it."

"I planned to practice both tonight as well as tomorrow before the competition, Finn." She insisted, feeling all of their eyes on her. Some were amused, most were angry, and then a few of them did not care one way or the other. They would have fun tonight with or without Rachel Berry. In fact, they would probably have more fun without her.

"I know, but I mean we're gonna be graduating soon, and this could be really fun. I mean it's always good to meet new people to help with like acting, right?" He asked, obviously trying to find a way to make her compromise her values. It worked. Rachel knew that studying human behavior was extremely important when it came to acting, and perhaps it would help. Not to mention, they were about to graduate, and the last time that she had let loose was that party at her house.

"Alright, let's have some fun tonight." She agreed begrudgingly. "Although, I still strongly believe that my option for the evening would be equally fun."

The bus of kids all cheered as they stood up and started excitedly toward the front doors of the bus. Screaming, talking, laughing, and singing, but Rachel was unable to relax without adding in an adamant tone of voice. "But, we will have to practice extra-long tomorrow in order to make up for the time that we lost."

"Whatevs" Santana said with a roll of her eyes as she wrapped her arm around Brittany's waist and led her out of the bus.

Rachel's eyes landed on the last individual to exit the bus aside from Finn and herself, and her breath caught in her throat. She could not explain it and she certainly could not begin to comprehend it, but almost every time that she saw her, she took her breath away. Literally. Her heart started to race and her eyes ran over that perfect face. Quinn truly was the most beautiful woman that she had ever had the pleasure of meeting.

She offered the blonde a soft smile and received one in return, which caused her body to tingle and her smile to spread further across her face. It was insane to think that they had hated each other at one point. They were not best friends now, but things had definitely changed between them.


"I still can't believe that you are now a big-shot basketball player." Haley said with a smile as she bumped into her best friend's side and looked up at him. She had been teasing him ever since he had gotten accepted onto the team. Honestly, there was a part of her that was worried about what would happen to their friendship now that he was becoming popular. He had Brooke Davis and Peyton Sawyer, two of the most beautiful cheerleaders at the school fighting over him, and he was making all new friends. She could not compete with his friends, and she was terrified of losing him.

Lucas wrapped an arm around Haley's shoulders and smiled down at her, his squinty blue eyes connecting with large brown. "I'd hardly call me a big-shot basketball player, Hales. It's only my first game, besides I am still the same old Lucas from the rivercourt. Playing at the high school isn't going to change me."

"It better not." Haley stated pointedly as she poked him in the chest and smiled brightly as he pushed her hat down over her eyes. She complained and pushed him away from her, fixing her hat and laughing.

"It won't. I'll see you out there." Lucas said before starting in the direction of the locker room.

"Okay, make lots of touchdowns!" Haley shouted out encouragingly.

"This isn't football, Hales."

"Oh, whatever, you know what I mean." She said with a wave of her hand as she started down the sidewalk toward the front doors of the gym. Heading inside and making her way across the court toward the bleachers in order to find a seat so that she could watch the game. Even if she was worried about losing Lucas as a friend, she wanted to support him in his dreams.

Haley instantly noticed a group of teenagers that she did not recognize, sitting in the stands. They were all very distinctive individuals and she knew that she would know who they were if they were from Tree Hill. There was a young woman who was writing in what looked like a schedule planner, she had a pen with a gold star on top of it. She was wearing a headband, an argyle sweater, a skirt, knee-high socks, and some dress-shoes. Haley could tell that she did not fit in with the others in the group. She related to that. She herself did not fit in with most groups of people, she was a nerd, and often the popular kids and her best friend would make fun of the ponchos and hats that she would wear.

The young girl was holding hands with a tall man with squinty eyes and dark hair; he had an athletic build and a half-smile. He appeared to be a jock. She assumed that he was the reason that the other girl was at the game. She did not look like she would attend a basketball game otherwise.

Along with him was a young man with a Mohawk and beautiful hazel eyes, a blonde boy with shaggy hair and large lips that she found oddly adorable. Then there was a gorgeous young blonde woman who had stunning hazel eyes, pale skin, and high cheekbones. She was wearing a cute little white sundress and she had her short hair curled.

Then there were two women sitting beside her, a Latina and a blonde, they were rather close for friends and the thought of them being more than that caused a blush to cover Haley's cheeks.

Finally, at the end of the row there was a group of four teenagers that had separated themselves from the rest. There were two young women, and two young men. One of the men was dressed similarly to the first girl that she had noticed, and the other man was dressed in rather stylish and flamboyant clothing and he was resting his head on the other man's shoulder. Again she felt herself blush at the sight. It was not that she had a problem with people dating the same sex; it was more so that she did not come across it often in Tree Hill.

Making her way toward the group she took a seat beside them, flashing them a soft smile and a wave before focusing on the game that was about to start.

The cheerleaders were the first people out on the court, Brooke and Peyton of course in the front of the pack. Surprisingly, Haley found herself watching the group of cheerleaders with interest instead of disgust, particularly one of them.

Brooke Davis.

She had heard a lot about the cheer captain around the school. Most of which was not admirable. People had told her that she had slept with most of the men in the school, that she cheated on her homework, and that she did not care about anyone but herself, her best friend, her boys, and her money. Haley had never been interested in getting to know her, but mostly because she knew that she had no chance. Brooke Davis didn't even know her name.

Most of the things that the tutor heard around the school about the beautiful brunette were deplorable, but even she could not deny the attraction. Brooke was perfect. Haley allowed her brown eyes to look over the cheerleader and she blushed softly at her thoughts.

She noticed that perfect pale skin, those stunning hazel eyes, those dimples that caved in when Brooke smiled, the way that her toned body looked in her cheer leading outfit, the way that her muscles tensed in her legs as she jumped into the air.

Suddenly, Haley felt eyes on her and she looked up to see that Brooke had noticed her staring. The cheerleader was wearing a devious smirk on her lips as she winked in her direction and did a little twirl to show off her body. A blush rose along Haley's cheeks and down over her neck causing her body to heat up as she glanced away from those teasing eyes, forcing the feelings away. She did not understand why she had been staring in the first place. She had never been attracted to a woman before.

'I am not attracted to her… I was just admiring her… She is beautiful; I wish that I was that beautiful…'


"Hmm… that's interesting." Brooke stated under her breath with a raise of an eyebrow and a smirk. She could have sworn that she had just caught Haley checking her out while she was doing the cheer to introduce the team. Peyton turned to look at her best friend as they made their way toward the sidelines in order to allow for the game to begin.

"What's interesting?"

"I'm pretty sure that I just caught tutor-girl checking me out…"

"We're cheerleaders Brooke, are you sure she wasn't just lookin' at you?"

Brooke thought it over momentarily before glancing in the direction of the young woman who was sitting in the stands. She had been checked out by numerous guys in her lifetime and she was fairly certain that she knew the signs. The other girl had been staring at her legs and her eyes had grown dark and glazed over in lust.

"I'm pretty sure that I know the signs of someone checking me out, P. Sawyer, and she was definitely checking me out. But, why would she be? I mean I was almost positive that she had a thing for Lucas."

"Well, maybe you were wrong?" Peyton asked with slight spite. She had a crush on Lucas and she could not believe that her best friend was so oblivious to her feelings. Brooke had proceeded to flirt with Lucas and attempt to get closer to him on multiple occasions, and now she was telling her that she thought that Haley had a crush on him too.

"I am never wrong."


"I want you all to know that I am strongly against this course of action. We have a competition tomorrow and the last thing that will aid us in our victory will be alcohol the night prior. We should be practicing."

"Don't you ever get tired of talking and knowing that no one is listening to you?" Santana asked in an annoyed tone of voice as she followed the rest of the teenagers into the mansion.

After the game, Finn and Puck had gone up to one of the basketball players to congratulate him on how well he played. Of course, they had used all different sorts of words that she did not understand, not being a fan of the sport, but somehow the flattery had gotten them invited to the young man's house for an after party.

His name was Nathan Scott, and he apparently had a good amount of money. His house was lovely.

Rachel looked up at her boyfriend with worried brown eyes that were practically begging him to help convince the others to go back to the hotel and practice. Tomorrow was important to her. She needed to win this competition to add it to her resume; it would help her get into NYADA, her dream school. So far, she had done little to help with her success in the future on this trip.

"Come on babe, we don't gotta drink or nothing, we can just go in there and have some fun." The way that he said this made it almost impossible for Rachel to disagree.

"Alright, but I will not be staying too late. I plan to practice tonight before getting in a healthy eight hours of sleep, with or without the rest of you."

"Okay, cool." He dismissed her words and started up the stairs into the house.

Rachel started toward the stairs after her boyfriend, upset with how he was treating her. She always felt like he did not respect her. Honestly, she wondered at times if she truly loved the young man or if she only loved the idea of him. The idea of someone being attracted to her and able to stand her strong personality, the idea of someone loving her.

Suddenly, she felt a presence behind her and a beautiful scent surrounded her. She turned and noticed that it was Quinn who was walking beside her. This surprised her.

Years prior she would have never guessed that she and Quinn Fabray would be as close as they were. They were by no means best friends, but they were developing a strange sort of relationship. In many ways Rachel felt closer to the blonde than she did with anyone else she had ever met, including her boyfriend.

"I apologize Quinn, you startled me, I did not know you were so close to me."

She laughed softly under her breath. "It is quite alright." She spoke slowly, her voice as beautiful as ever.

"You know, Rachel. Finn is an idiot." The words caused the diva's brown eyes to widen and her defensive side to start to show through. She felt like she was always defending her love for Finn to everyone, but especially Quinn. Perhaps she was just defending it to herself.

"Quinn, I have already informed you that I love—"

"—I am aware." She interrupted, cutting her off before she went off on a tangent about how in love with Finn Hudson she was; the thought caused her stomach to flip and the urge to vomit to arise. She hated that Rachel was dating Finn, but more importantly, she hated that Finn was dating Rachel. He did not deserve someone as amazing as her. He did not even understand what he had. He took Rachel for granted.

"I just meant that he does not understand how important tomorrow is to you, but also I think that you should consider having some fun tonight. It is after all going to be our last trip together. It will be good to remember it fondly." Quinn said with a soft smile. The words sunk in and Rachel flashed her a smile in response to them.

"Perhaps you are correct."

"Perhaps." Quinn muttered teasingly. "I hope that I will see you inside." With that she started to walk away, turning to catch brown eyes with hazel over her shoulder. "You deserve better than him."


Authors Note:

This will have both Baley romance- Brooke Davis/Haley James –One Tree Hill, Romance (one of my favorite pairings), as well as Faberry romance. I hope that you all enjoy this fanfic! Please do tell me what y'all think, if you want to see more or not. :) Would mean the world to me.

Thank you all for reading!

-Tracy Cook