Hey everyone it is me Sunnyos, sorry I haven't been updating lately, I caught lazyittes over the summer and now school is starting, so I will squeeze as much time in as possible to start writing more fan fics and to update other ones, so for TDPI I don't know when I'll start but it'll come out soon, also I'm planning to start two more fanfics so also read those when they come out. Well on with the fic.

It was a nice and bright Monday; I was getting ready to go to school. So I got out of bed and went to the bathroom, after brushing my teeth I checked my appearance, same thing as it was every day, my black hair was kind of messy but that's the way I like it, my uniform was a light blue shirt with navy blue pants, occasionally I wear my white shirt but I like the blue one so I'm going with that one. After eating my breakfast I went to school.

Our school is middle school but it still follows elementary school procedures meaning we get out early on Wednesday. Even though it is only the second week of school I have already found my peeps. The morning and in between classes group consist of me, my tall friend Crona my short friend Toby. Then the lunch group consists of Crona, Toby, me, my two friend's Dean and Vilo, and my Asian friend Kai.

After a long couple of gifted 7th grade classes its nice to unwind during lunch, as I was going to my table I noticed friends were talking about something, so I asked them what is was, they were talking about some game called Minecraft. Being born from India and then doing a lot of moving finally ending up in Florida, I don't know what Minecraft is, so ask them so then they explain it to me, they explained everything and it got me all excited, so after school I raced home to start playing.

It turns out you need an account to start playing and you need to pay, luckily I have money. You see my parents are not hear, they went on a business trip to Greece, they could not take me or find a nanny so they did the next best thing, they asked our neighbor (who is an extreme couponer, look it up) to get some stuff and my mom taught me how to cook also my neighbors would check up on me every now and then, so I was set. So I started playing for a few days and it was really fun. But the only bad thing was the creepers always blowing up on me; it was really pissing me of, in rage I tried to kill more creepers but would always ending getting blown up.

So I was playing one Friday night when my friend Toby emails me a link with this description;

Hey Surya, you should try this Mod, it's really helpful and I am certain you will not find this any where else. ;)

The link didn't tell me what mod it was but I figured it would be a mod that would get rid of creepers so I proceeded to download it. When it was done downloading I started to play,so you needed to build this microphone like thing, I didn't understand so I just ignored it and went looking for creepers to see if any were left, sadly there were still there, confused I used the microphone on it, out came some picture of a red headed girl came out, I clicked it a few more times and the same results, and then… the creeper blows me up. I started to process what was happening, Toby just trolled me, I am going to kill him on Monday, and I was so mad I rage quit and went to bed. It was a story night so my room was all lit up, in fact the entire house was lit up except for the living room cause of the shutters my parents for got to take of before they left. So while I was sleeping I didn't hear or see the lighting hit the antenna of my house, coincidentally at that exact same moment the planets had all aliened, coincidentally there was a solar eclipse turning the lighting bolt a dark purple, creating negative energy in my computer.

I didn't notice any of that but what I did hear was a faint hissing sound followed by a small giggle. I thought it was my imagination and fell fast asleep.

I was dead wrong.

Was it good or was it great or did it suck? If you want the name of the mod (its real) just asks me. I will try to update as fast as I can and try to write new stories but its hard cause my brother is hogging the computer so much. So until next time!