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Well the week went by pretty fast and just as I predicted, Cupa became fairly popular, so she was going to the mall and stuff with her friends. I was happy for her. As for me, it was just as good, word spread of what I did to those guys so no one bothered me, but still I kept the Tamama necklace just in case. The week went by slowly but finally the weekend was here. So while Cupa was with some friends, searched the entire house next mob but it was nowhere to be found, a little while later I got a text from Crona, I was confused because I was out of minutes, then I remembered that the monthly texting plan had came back. The text said that the mob had actually spawned in his house, I wondered if they are all now going to spawn at his house, so I texted him telling that I would be right over and then texted Cupa to meet me at Crona's house.

When we arrived we saw a girl with a gray clothes and grayish blondish hair in pigtails. "Sobin!" Cupa yelled as she tackled the girl. "Nice to see you again Cupa, now get off me" she said. The girl saw me and immediately drew out a bow from nowhere and aims it at me(anime *puts both hands out in front*). "Hey, hey I'm a friend, Cupa back me up" I said, then Cupa whispered something in her ear, the bow girl giggled and put down the bow and I felt a surge of relief, "allow me to introduce myself, my name is Sobin, Sobin Skeleton." She said, "I'm Surya." I said introducing myself. Sobin sat back on the couch and started filling out a paper, "what's that?" asked Cupa. "Personality quiz" Sobin replied. "Can I see that?" I asked. When I read I understood who wrote this and why he did this, I explained to them that it was Crona who wrote this, because he loves skeletons and endermen so that's why he gave Sobin the paper. i wondered why he didnt give one to Elyse, so I infered that he probaly just talked to him or something.

"So are going to school?" Cupa asked. "Well probably not I'll think I stay here and see what I can find in books and stuff." Sobin replied. "Well since your here lets see who's next mob." I said. "Huh, last time it only showed the day, now it showing the day and where it's spawning" I said confused. So I went to Elyse and asked what was going. "Well to make things interesting, every time a mob appears the next one on the list will give more info, for example this one shows day and place, so the next one will show the day, place, and name." Elyse explained. "Well the next one will be on Friday in my house." I said. Well after a little chatting we decided to head home, Cupa went to her house and I went to mine. Even though I had a list telling me what would come, I was still clueless.

(Time skip)

After some time it finally was Friday and all of decided to meet at my house, while we were relaxing and stuff, we heard some noises coming from the basement, so we decided to check it out, what we saw was a woman wearing green clothes and had her hair all the way to about half her back. " teacher!" Cupa, Elyse, and Sobin all yelled as they hugged her, while Crona and I were just standing there not knowing what to do, luckily the woman noticed us but it didn't diminish that awkward feeling in the air, "sorry for not introducing myself, my name is Sequa, but my students call me teacher" she said. "Yeah she has been our teacher for all of elementary." Sobin said. "But what am I doing here?" asked. "Well let me explain" said Crona. (13 minutes later)

"Ok that explains that, but where am I going to stay?" Sequa asked. "Well I guess you can stay with me, only until you can find of your own and at least a job because I can't support everyone." I said. "Thank you so much" said Sequa said, what she did next was really weird, she actually shrunk down to a teenager and hugged me, then she turned to her normal adult self. "What just happened?" I asked, "Well when a slime reaches adult, they have the ability to change from adult to kid or teenager." she said. "Ok so that is the first adult" I said, and then I realized something, " I have an idea, there is a school on 51 maple street (warning not a real street, maybe), and they need a teacher for 1st grade, take that job and then a little while you can get a place of your own." I explained. She nodded in agreement. "so this could work, we now have an adult so we can go to far off place and no one will suspicious, but then the negatives would be that I have to take care another person, then again, she can just shrink to a kid so she won't waste resources, because I wasn't expecting to feed someone else, its funny I have to take care of an adult instead of vice-versa, but seriously I might have to find some way to earn money, I'll talk to them later." I thought to myself, while we were watching a movie.

Wow Surya might have to get a job to support these people he doesn't even know, that is really nice. So I put 2 Mobs in one chapter, because I'm running out of ideas so I'm going to have to add extra mobs to make the story longer. Hey the sooner all the mobs appear the sooner the story ends, to sooner the story ends the sooner I can start some one-shots I have planned. But if you don't like it just tell me, but its going to make the chapter a lot shorter. So until next time!