Year of the Wolf

The feeling of nature always got to me as a child. Even now at age 17, I still get interested with nature. So much my friends actually call me the Lucas "The Nature Boy" Stout. It sticks…until everyone called me that. Especially during summer which coincidently is in 2 days.

The last days of my last year of high school could not have come sooner. My friends Franklin, Spencer, and Cooper. Franklin and Cooper are both brothers and widely differ in both age and intelligence with Cooper being a 13 smart ass and Franklin being the same age as me. Spenser is about 15 and a half.

As me and Franklin both get up on stage we both have the same thing in our mind. Well, two things. One – will we ever see each other again after all this and two – how many beers can we secretly steal from my father's liquor cabinet before getting caught.

Cooper is just getting ready for high school and for Spenser; he's off doing "stuff". As we get our diplomas I watch as both our parents tear up and take pictures. After the ceremony me, Franklin, Cooper, and Spenser all head to the back of the school to talk.

"So, you're going to college?" Cooper asked to both me and Franklin.

"I guess, my parents are all pushing me to go into stuff like law and finances," I said.

"Those are the highest paying jobs," Spenser said.

"And the hardest," I joked. We all laughed.

"What about you Spencer, any idea of what you'll do after high school?" Franklin asked.

"I still don't know yet. My mom is barely getting enough money from her job at the jewelry store. College funds will screw us," he said.

"What about your father, I thought he was rich," I asked.

"Ya, he's rich. Yet will he come and give his own flesh and blood any money for college. No, instead he's at Hollywood galas with other millionaires. I don't even need his money, he could go die in hell for all I care," he said.

"Let's get out of the subject. We all know what we're doing this summer," Franklin said.

"The woods," Cooper said excited.

"Why are we doing this again?" Spenser asked.

"Because of the myth, you know. If you stay in the Clearfield Woods, you'll see a mysterious creature that looks like a big wolf with big red eyes," I said.

"You're supposed to be graduating high school?" Spenser asked.

"Guys, guys! Whether or not the myth is real or not, there has to be other cool stuff in the woods,"

"Like what?" Spenser asked.

"There is this cool as hell cave that in the forest," Franklin said.

"What's so cool about this cave?" Cooper asked.

"First, it's the place where we'll be staying over the week. Second, it's the place rumored to be where the mysterious creature lives," Franklin said.

"By mysterious, you mean fake," Spenser said.

"Real or not, it's the place we're staying. Does everyone have what they need?" Franklin asked.

"I'm set," I said.

"I have my stuff ready," Cooper said.

"I'm good," Spenser said.

"Good. Now we'll all meet up at my house next Saturday," Franklin said.

"Good, I'll be there. I got to go guys, see ya," Spenser said. Spenser went and got into his mothers car and drove off. Cooper had to go home with his parents so it was just me and Franklin left.

The school was closing so we decided to walk back to my place.

"Do you really believe there's a werewolf at Clearfield Woods?" I asked.

"Hell no, I just like playing with my little brother's imagination," Franklin laughed.

"I don't think it'll work on him anymore, I mean he is 13," I said.

"Ya, but even at 13 he's a total anime geek," Franklin said. "He has a huge poster of Bleach on his wall." We both laughed.

I stopped laughing. "What about Spenser?" I asked.

"I don't know man. He's going through a lot of shit. I heard on the internet that his father just eloped with this famous actress," he said.

"I heard about that too. Worst part is that she has two boys the same age as Spenser, he must be feeling like crap," I said.

"So much that he'll bail on us?" I asked.

Franklin didn't answer. Instead he just stared at the ground. We got to my house and found my mom making soup. My dad is on the couch scrolling through the TV.

"Lucas, I am making some beef vegetable soup," she said.

"Cool, my favorite," I said.

"Well what do you expect I do for my own son when he graduates high school. Oh Franklin, would you like some as well?" she hollered from the kitchen.

"That'll be nice Mrs. Stout," Franklin said.

"Ok then, two batches to go then. I'll get em to you guys in a second," she said.

"Thanks mom," I said as we got up to my room. When we're inside I open my drawers and inside was hiking gear, a hunting knife, a map of Clearfield Woods I got off of Google Maps.

"Do you really need a knife for the trip? We're only gonna be there for a couple of days," he said taking the knife from the drawer.

"There have been a few sightings of grizzly bears over the years. Even a few attacks have occurred," I said as he put the knife back in the drawer. "The hiking gear is for those several mountains that are in Clearfield Woods."

"Where do you think we're going for the trip?" he asked.

"Hopefully everywhere," I said.

I closed the drawer as I hear my coming near my room. After we finish with the soup we go online and check out more information on Clearfield Woods. We pull up onto the animal sightings and see that wolves have also been spotted.

"Think that's the monster everyone is talking about?" Franklin asked as he points to a picture of an infant wolf pup.

"Maybe; are you really sure it's a giant wolf, I mean I've seen pictures of what this "Clearfield Creature" is and it does not look like a wolf, more like a sasquatch kind of monster," I said.

"Well we will be the first to see it for the first time," he said.

"Unless it kills us first," I said as I exited out of the website.

Franklin's phone then rings. "It's my dad. He probably wants' me to come back home," he said answering it. After putting his phone back into his pocket he picks his backpack and twirls it onto his back.

"You going?" I asked.

"Ya, we'll hit up later with Cooper and maybe Spenser next week to go to Clearfield Woods," he said leaving.

"Ok, see ya," I say as he walks out of the house.

The rest of the day I just watch TV eating leftover soup. The trip to Clearfield Woods is going to be awesome. I hope Spenser will come too. He's been my friend even before I met Franklin.

I feel so bad for the guy. I hope he's ok. I look at the window and see that it's really late so I decide to go to bed. I turn off the TV and head back to my room. I put my pajamas on and get into bed. I easily fall asleep.

I open my eyes and find myself in the woods. The trees are a reddish color like in the fall. Not wanting to stay in the exact same spot I search for a least something to do.

I stop walking as I hear this weird noise. It's like a small whisper and I brush it off. I continue walking and soon reach a cave. The same cave that looks like the one at Clearfield Woods. A feeling inside me is telling me to not go inside, but I go instead.

It's incredibly bright in here for a cave. I look back and I could barely see the exit. I turn back and to my surprise I am in front of the exit. I exit the cave and is bewildered by what is happening.

I then am distracted by the weird noise again. It's louder than last time. It sounds like a wolf. I start to freak out and run. I soon am tired and forced to stop. The sound is extremely louder like its right behind me. I turn around and instantly wake up. It's the middle of the night. I am sweating profusely. I could see my window open and quickly close it.

That was the weirdest dream ever.