Chapter 2

Spenser is watching TV in his room. Bags of supplies packed in his closet. He searches through the channels until his mom calls to tell him to tell him his breakfast is ready. He sets the remote on his bed which is also full of supplies.

Spenser is the only one in the group who actually brings the most important things for the trip, the rest bring things like candy bars, tissue boxes, and bags and bags of small snacks. As for Spenser, he's the one that brings first aid, pillows to sleep with, trash bags to throw away trash, and lots of water bottles.

Spenser sets down the remote control on his bed and walks out of his room into the living room where his mom is setting down breakfast. His mom then puts Spenser's 3 year old sister Jammy on her high chair. Spenser's mom then sets down Jenny's bottle of apple juice and she intently starts drinking. Spenser sits at the table as his mother lays down a plate of cottage cheese pancakes.

His mom sits down as well fixing herself with pancakes. As Spenser eats his breakfast, his mother looks at him.

"So, are you going with your friends?" she asked gulping down some milk.

"Ya, I've already got everything ready," Spenser said.

"What will you guys be doing down there?" she asked.

"Just...stuff," Spenser said.

"Okay," she gets up and takes Spenser's sister out of her seat. "I heard on the news that it's dangerous to be in the woods this season. You see more wolves around in the woods during this month."

"We'll be okay mom. Don't worry to much about it," Spenser said drinking the last of his beverage. "We won't go anywhere too dangerous."

Spenser goes into the kitchen and puts his plate in the sink. He then proceeds to go into his room. He shuts the door and quickly goes through his drawers. He finds what he's looking for and pulls out a semi-automatic pistol. He checks it to see that all bullets are there and sets it back in the drawer.

Spenser looks up to see a picture of his father and him in a portrait on the wall. Spenser sighs as he recalls that very day. It was his 12 birthday, him and his parents and young sister went to a popular restaurant. His dad looked through his pockets and pulled out a camera. He gave it to his wife and put his arm around him.

Spenser didn't know why his father would do something like this. To leave his own family. His wife, his infant daughter, his own son. Spenser turns away from the picture as his phone rings. Spenser picks it up to find me on the other line.

"Spenser?" I asked.

"What do you want?" Spenser said.

"Come to my house, Cooper and Franklin are coming as well. We're doing more planning for our trip," I said.

"Fine," Spenser sighed.

We both hung up and Spenser puts his phone in his pocket. He puts his Dodgers cap on and walks out into the living room.

"Mom, I'm going to Lucas's house," Spenser said.

"Okay dear," Spenser slams the front door. "Be safe..."

At my house, I have set a small map of Clearfield Woods on the table. Franklin and Cooper are on the other side looking at it. The map is pretty old seeing how it collected dust for a whole year in my closet. The cave that Franklin said we'd be staying at is on the map giving us a good look at what we could do around our base camp.

Franklin points his finger to a small river that flows through the left side of the cave. "I could bring my dad's fishing gear and we could go fish for Striped Bass that go through the waters here," Franklin said.

"That sounds like a plan," Cooper said. "This river also leads to a lake that we could swim and fish as well."

"I never swam with fish before so that sounds cool," I said.

"Okay then, we are bringing bathing suits and towels now. What else are we bringing," Franklin said.

I look around the map for more and then I spot something. "Hey guys why don't we..." the door bell rings.

Franklin walks to the door and opens it and Spenser walks in. "So what are we doing?" he asked walking over to the table.

"Just seeing what we might do in the woods," Cooper said. "We're thinking on fishing near this river."

"Guys, this map is like 70 years old, this river could might possibly be dried up. Most of the lakes in this area are dried up that's why the fishing business went down the drain 8 years ago," he said pointing to the lake. "This lake hasn't seen fish in over 20 years and the only place in the woods that house fish is where you find bears, wolves, and most of the other stuff we're not trying to come across in the trip."

"Well...I was going to try to get a few pictures of some wolves," Cooper whispered silently.

"And then let them slowly eat you alive," Spenser said. "We're not going anywhere that has wolves, bears or anything else that might kill us."

"Don't worry Spenser, my dad bought me a hunting knife. If anythings gonna try and hurt us, I have something to fend i off," I said.

"A small little knife like that won't do anything in a bear attack," Spenser thought. "Whatever." Spenser sat in a chair looking at the map.

"So if this map is really 70 years old, could we get one off the internet?" Cooper asked.

"I'll go print one out," Franklin said getting up and walking to my room.

"While he's doing that. Any plans on what we're going to do in the woods beside sleeping in caves and getting eaten by wolves?" Spenser said.

"Go swim, make a camp fire and eat smores, play card games," Cooper said.

"Fun...Franklin, have you got the map yet!?" Spenser hollered.

Franklin comes out of my room back over to us. He puts the map over the old one. The places the lakes were before are now dried and starting to fill with trees. The river next to the cave is still their, so I guess fish might pass through time and again.

Cooper traced the river bank with his finger to a small pond. "We could go there for swimming," Cooper said.

"The walk to that pond is somewhere to 14 yards," I said. "I think we could get there in about 10 minutes."

"Anything else?" Franklin said.

"Not at this moment. I'll hold on to the map and call you guys if I find any other stuff we could do," I said.

"Fine, I need to get back. My mom needs me to do some stuff," Spenser said.

"We need to go as well, me and Franklin are going to see the new horror movie that just came out, see ya Lucas," Franklin said.

"See...ya," I said , but they were already gone. I continue to look at the map as well as the old one to see which is still there. My eyes trail through the different places. The cave we're staying at is not that far from some other caves. Maybe they connect somehow. I then see something strange.

A cave from the old map is now a mountain on the new one. Did a mountain form right where the cave was. I get onto my computer and type in Clearfield Woods Mountains. The first thing that pops up is the History of Clearfield Woods.

"Good enough," I clicked the site and bundles of info on Clearfield. It them goes on about the formation of a strange mountain that was formed on a small cave. The mountain began forming 20 years ago, and is already 5,781 ft. Many scientists and biologists have visited Clearfield Woods to figure out why in such a short amount of time a mountain can be this big.

Scientists and biologists were beginning to figure out an answer until the project was shut down when many scientists were found mutilated. The FBI were called in and 4 months afterwords ended the investigation. The FBI investigator Thomas Barlent was asked why the investigation ended. The only comment he could say was that they had lost all leads into finding the perp.

More controversial is that right after ending the investigation, Thomas Barlent went missing. A new FBI investigation was made to find Mr. Barlent, but has now become a cold case and still today a mystery. My curiosity of the strange mountain was quickly overshadowed by this Thomas guy...

I went back to Google and typed in his name to find more info on the guy. A news article called "FBI investigator goes missing after controversial case" is the first in the list. I click on it.

Thomas Barlent, 48, Caucasian, was a FBI investigator went missing on June 6, 1995. The case known as the "Clearfield Case" is about the phenomenon surrounding Clearfield Woods in Belleville, New Jersey. Belleville mayor at the time Chris Marshol called for a police investigation. The case went cold on February of 1996. The family of Barlent left has been trying to reopen the case, but to no avail.

The lead investigator was Anthony Mathews, who was working with Thomas in the previous murder investigation of many biologists. Anthony Mathews talked to reporters that...the leads they...were getting were very slim and the ones that went anywhere...lead them to dead ends.

I felt tired. I looked at my clock and it read 7:27. I rub my eyes and continued reading. Anthony Mathews moved back to Washington D.C for more cases so reporters and journalists aren't able to ask him anymore about the case.

The other investigators that stayed in Belleville were asked the same questions as Anthony, but told reporters the case is confidential and that the FBI are doing their best in locating...Thomas...Barlent...

My body gives out and I fall to the floor. I slowly loose consciousness. I feel the floor under me change from a soft rug to leaves. I'm back in the woods, but I can't see anything. Everything is pitch black. My hearing is still there as I could hear people around me.

"What is that thing," said one person.

"Doesn't look like any animal around here that's for sure," said another.

"Wait, don't touch it Cooper! You don't know if it's alive!" yelled another.

"I can't see if it's breathing or not," said one.

"Well this will make sure it isn't," one said. A clicking sound can be heard.

"Wait! Don't shoot it!" one yelled.

"Why not!" the other said.

"If you shoot that thing. Maybe others of this...thing will hear it," said another.

As they were talking I tried to see if I could move, but it seemed I was stuck. I couldn't even open my mouth. I was using my nose to breath.

"Holy shit!" One of them yelled. " I just saw it move!"

"WHAT DO WE DO!" one of them screamed in fear. "It might kill us!"

"Not gonna happen," one person said.

"SPENSER NO!" yelled one. I hear a gunshot loud in my ears and I wake up in my room on the floor. I could of sworn I heard someone call out Spenser's name.

Was...I...just dreaming of...the future...