In September of 2006, Legend Press sponsored a contest on the internet site . The winner of the contest would have his or her entry published in an anthology of similar stories. The rules stated that the piece must be no less than nine thousand words and no more than twelve thousand words. The topic was to present a day in the life of a well-known fictional character from classical literature using the stream of consciousness technique. Everyone was give two months to write their entry.

Definition per the Literary Encyclopedia:

Stream of consciousness writing aims to provide a textual equivalent to the stream of a fictional character's consciousness. It creates the impression that the reader is eavesdropping on the flow of conscious experience in the character's mind, gaining intimate access to their private thoughts. It involves presenting in the form of written text something that is neither entirely verbal nor textual.[/i]

This means we have a story from one character's point of view. If the character cannot sense it directly, one cannot assume or rely on another view. It relies on dialogue, both internal and external, to tell a story. Descriptions are minimal, or not included.

Under these rules, fan fictions did not qualify. Not that any of Brian Jaques characters would qualify as classical literature. However, the following story came to me as soon as I read the rules. The initial draft almost wrote itself over a weekend. It ran fifteen thousand words and it took another two weeks trimming it down to the required length.

For ease of reading, the story has been broken into several sections. The rules required a person to upload the entry in two parts and I'm pleased I got a baker's dozen to read both parts. Most of the other entries fared even worse regarding reviewers. This is understandable since at an average reading speed of 200 words a minute, it will take an hour to read the entire story. I intend uploading the material over the next few hours.

It will be a short delay between installments as I have to do the HTML coding. If you don't see the next installment an hour after reading this, it means the old hedgehog hasn't figured out how this site works. I'm so computer illiterate.

This is the first of seven stories in what I call my Vermin Badger story line. The first full length book featuring my central character will be uploaded to this site in September of 2012. This assumes I figure out how to upload a multi-chapter story in that time as well as the use of HTML coding.