Author's note: I just recently got into the SAO series, so I decided to write a crossover fanfic with the Railgun and SAO universes. However in this story I will be implementing some character development changes within the original characters in both series. Remember that this is a fanfiction, where almost anything can happen. I promise to avoid OOC (out of character) personalities since the original personalities are what make these characters so likeable and unique in the first place.

I came up with the idea to write this fanfic since I thought it would be interesting to hear the story of SAO told from the perspective of Asuna as well as Misaka Mikoto from To Aru Kagaku no Railgun.

Anyways, I hope everybody finds this story to be enjoyable!

Chapter 1: From Academy City to a New World

Academy City, the renowned city known for having technological advancements 20-30 years ahead of any other part of the world. As its name suggests, the city is filled with institutions meant for schooling and educating young minds.

However Academy City prides itself in being a place dedicated to esper power development. In its population of 2.3 million people, 80% of them are students. A good amount of those students are classified as "espers", those who possess paranormal abilities. Academy city's main goal is to create and develop efficiently strong espers, which is why students studying there are seen as major assets.

The subject Academy City students commonly conversed about was obviously espers and different types of abilities. Lately, esper related issues were not the main topic of conversation among students; it was something else entirely different.

Even in a certain elite all girl's institution, this topic was a popular conversation starter.

"Misaka-san, Shirai-san, are you two going to buy that game or not?" A girl with long orange brownish hair ran after the two espers who were approaching the bus stop for Tokiwadai's outer dormitories.

Misaka Mikoto and Shirai Kuroko turned around and saw their long haired friend running after them, so they stopped their walking pace allowing her to catch up to them.

"Come on Yuuki-san, us girls at Tokiwadai pride ourselves in our top academic and esper development curriculum, not in silly games." Kuroko shook her head.

"I told you many times before, no need to call me so formally, just call me Asuna." Yuuki Asuna smiles.

Even at an all-girls school, Asuna was quite the looker. She was one of the most attractive girls at Tokiwadai, which gained her some fan girls as well as people who were jealous of her looks. One of the main reasons her parents made her transfer to Tokiwadai last year was because they were tired of her being pestered by admiring boys. Every week she would receive at least one love confession or love letters and gifts piled up in her shoe box.

When her parents found out about this, they thought she would become boy crazy and be distracted from her schoolwork. So they had her apply to switch into Tokiwadai, one of the top schools of Academy City. Attending Tokiwadai would allow her to become free of an environment of boys and she could focus on developing her esper ability even further. Thankfully she was at least a level 3, which was one of the main requirements to get into Tokiwadai.

"Kuroko and I sometimes forget about that." Mikoto smirks. "You are our senpai after all, so we try to be as formal as possible."

"You two sometimes are too serious, even though you're my kouhais we can be casual with each other… unless you want to start calling me Asuna-sama?"

"Err no thanks." The electromaster chuckles a bit. "We'll just stick with Asuna-san. So are you into gaming? You've been talking about that new popular game coming out soon… what was it called again?"

"It's called Sword Art Online." Asuna answers.

"Sword Art Online? It sounds like such a silly game. Are swords going to be used to create art instead of paint brushes?" Kuroko says jokingly.

"It's not going to be lame at all, especially since beta users have been posting online about how cool the game is. They aren't allowed to talk about game specifics, but they've just been getting everybody so excited for it." Asuna's eyes looked like she was a little kid in a toy store.

"Huh? Beta users?" Mikoto was confused with that term.

"Before any major game comes out, some companies have people play the game before it is officially released to the public. Those people are called beta users." The long haired girl explains as she enters into the bus with Kuroko and Mikoto.

"Beta users are so lucky, since there are only one thousand chosen. Once the game comes out to everybody, the beta users have an advantage since they know what to do while everybody else is struggling on where to begin." Asuna continues her explanation.

"Sounds like you've been doing your research on this game instead of studying lately." Kuroko playfully banters.

"I've been studying as well! I'll be sure to make time for studying and playing SAO."

"You are one of Tokiwadai's top third years, so it would look bad if your grades are slipping because of some ridiculous game."

"Now now, there's more to life than schoolwork, everybody needs their own hobby." Mikoto defended Asuna while nervously smiling.

"Speaking of hobbies onee-sama you need to find better hobbies than collecting Gekota accessories and stand reading manga at the convenience store!" Kuroko pointed an accusing finger at her onee-sama. "Also you should find a better taste in clothing than those ridiculous shorts you wear underneath your skirt and those ridiculous childlike panties – gah!"

Mikoto smacked Kuroko on her head for saying her childish preferences out loud. Girls on the bus were beginning to stare as a certain electromaster and teleporter were making quite a scene.

"No-no need to get so violent now." Asuna sweat dropped smiling. "Shirai-san is surely just messing around with Misaka-san as usual."

Does Tokiwadai's Ace really wear childish underwear? The hazel eyed girl couldn't help but wonder.

"Don't worry onee-sama, I Shirai Kuroko promise to turn you into a proper lady by the end of the year."

"Why the hell should I get lady lessons from you?! You have an extreme case of being a creepy pervert and stalker." Mikoto retorts back with an angry fist.

"Me stalk you? What proof do you have?!" Kuroko scoffs at the bold accusation made.

"How about that photo album with those candid photos you took of me sleeping, showering, and even my pictures from my childhood."

"But that's for my collection of onee-sama's brilliance."

"Sounds like Shirai-san has the talent for photography. If you really do have photos of Misaka-san when she was a child, I would like to see them."

"Asuna-san, stop encouraging her!"


The bus dropped all of the Tokiwadai students to their dormitory located outside the School Garden. While it seemed convenient to live within the School Garden, where the school was at, some students preferred to live in the outer dormitory since they could experience life not being confined within that community.

Asuna had chosen to live in the outer dormitory since she experienced living within the School Garden the previous year when she transferred to Tokiwadai. The atmosphere of the girls in there was too much for her since they all were so serious about being lady like.

Asuna wanted to be in an environment where it was not so strict and people not so snobby or arrogant. She was surprised to find out that Tokiwadai's Ace and Railgun was living in the room right next door to hers. At first she thought Mikoto was a person who was the paradigm of being an ojou-sama but it turns out she was quite the opposite. Misaka Mikoto was a very nice girl who treated everybody equally no matter what level they are, and acted like a normal person instead of a proper ojou-sama.

The two of them became friends when Asuna happened to be in the convenience store and noticed Mikoto was reading one of her favorite manga series. The two of them hit it off well and became good friends ever since. She eventually became on good terms with Kuroko as well but it was Mikoto that she was closer to.

Back in her dorm room, she saw that her roommate was not there and sighed relieved. One of the reasons that she enjoyed being in the presence of Mikoto and Kuroko was because her roommate was a very distant and cold person. The roommate hardly addressed Asuna at all, unless it was to tell her if she was getting in the way of something.

Asuna opens her laptop and sees an email from her brother and excitedly opens it. She hardly saw her family during the year since she was living at Academy City, so she was always happy whenever they made an attempt to keep in contact with her.

She opens the email and reads

Hello Asuna

It's been a while since I've kept in touch with you, sorry if I made you feel that I forgot about you. Don't worry, I have not forgotten about my precious younger sister. I hope you are having a good time studying at Academy City. Mom and dad are hoping that you are not afraid from being so far away from home. To help relieve your stress from your studies, I bought you a nerve gear set and am going to send you the highly anticipated game, Sword Art Online. Even though mom and dad would probably be angry at me for doing this, I want you to have fun every now and then. Let me know how the game is, I'm very excited to hear how good it is.

From, Kouichirou

Asuna gasped out loud happily when she read that her brother was going to send her a nerve gear and SAO. She read the email over again to make sure that her eyes had not deceived her and felt very giddy. Now if only she could convince Mikoto or Kuroko to buy the game as well. She really wanted at least one friend to play the game with.


It was now a week before SAO was released in the stores and the buzz about it was becoming even more prevalent. Blogs and social networking sites were full of posts from excited people. There were groups that even planned to camp out at the gaming stores.

Academy City officials were probably worried that their students would become more occupied with SAO than with their academics, but there was nothing they could do to stop the SAO fever. Asuna was also part of the fan fervor and was glad that she did not have to be one of the many people waiting at stores overnight. With only ten thousand copies of SAO available to the public, it was no wonder why people were willing to take drastic measures to obtain the game.

The well-known shopping mall in the seventh district, Seventh Mist even had a special raffle and the winner of the raffle would receive a free nerve gear and have SAO mailed to them when the game was out. There were thousands upon thousands of people who entered in the raffle. Asuna, Mikoto and Kuroko happened to be there that day since many stores in Seventh Mist were having special deals. The three girls decided to join in on the fun and entered themselves into the raffle.

When it was time for the lucky winner to be announced, everybody was holding onto their breaths. Apparently Misaka Mikoto ended up being that lucky winner and her popularity soared even more when people saw it was the famous Railgun who had won the drawing.

Back at the Tokiwadai dormitory, Asuna was hanging out in Mikoto and Kuroko's room and was holding onto her nerve gear helmet. Right now she and Mikoto were reading through the nerve gear manual, attempting to figure how to work the device.

"I still can't believe you won the raffle. Your luck really knows no bounds." Asuna was sitting on Mikoto's bed staring at the helmet

"I wasn't really intent on winning, but I guess it's meant to be." The electromaster smiled. She was sitting at her desk while flipping through the manual. "I'm surprised Academy City hasn't used this device for virtual reality training."

"It's probably because Academy City doesn't trust advanced technology that wasn't built within the city." Kuroko hypothesized. She was sitting on her bed as well and then suddenly jumped from her bed over to Mikoto's.

"Onee-sama's scent is so intoxicating~" The teleporter grabbed onto one of Mikoto's pillows and began rubbing her face against it.

"Get off my bed you pervert!" The electromaster yelled out.

"Asuna-san is on your bed! That means I can go on it too."

"I gave her permission to sit on there, not you! Mikoto took out an eraser and threw it at Kuroko.

Kuroko was able to teleport before the eraser hit her and was now back on her side of the room.

"You're so mean onee-sama!"

Asuna puts on an amused expression as she watches the two roommates bicker with each other. One refreshing aspect of living in this particular dormitory was watching the interesting type of relationship Mikoto and Kuroko had. Asuna knew that even though Mikoto was always annoyed by Kuroko's perverted antics, the electromaster heavily valued her friendship with the teleporter. Despite how many fans Mikoto had, she did not have many real friends since people were most likely afraid of her high status as one of the city's level fives.

Then there was Kuroko, who apparently had legally kicked out Mikoto's former roommate. Asuna was always curious about the story behind that incident but she was always hesitant to ask. It was safe to say that Kuroko was Mikoto's die hard number one fan. Kuroko was one of the only few people who knew about Mikoto's true nature, how she is a hard headed, competitive, short tempered and childish person instead of the ladylike persona she puts on during school. Though their friendship was definitely not normal, it was a very unique one.

"Misaka-san, promise me that we'll play SAO at the same time. I know that we are going to be very lost and confused in the game at first, but it's always better to be lost with a friend." Asuna looked towards the electromaster.

"Of course, I'll keep that promise for sure." Mikoto nods. "Do you have any idea how the nerve gear is supposed to work?"

"Apparently we are supposed to be in a comfortable position, put on the Nerve Gear and then it will allow us to connect into the world of SAO. According to the guidelines of any other VRMMORPG, we are supposed to create our own avatar when we first start the game."

"VRM what now?" Mikoto was not familiar with any of the gaming concepts and terms at all.

"Virtual reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game." Asuna said the long term from memory. "Role playing means that we get to take on different types of roles and become somebody else. In other games, people can choose which type of human or animal they want to become."

"That sounds so interesting. I definitely need to do research on VRMMORPG's now so that I won't be completely lost now."

"Onee-sama… don't tell me you are going to take up gaming as your hobby. Girls do not game!" Kuroko exclaims madly hitting her head against her pillow.

"There's nothing wrong with gaming at all Shirai-san." Asuna said. "You should join me and Misaka-san in SAO! That way we don't just need to hang out in the real world, but the virtual world as well."

"I refuse to put such a ridiculous device on my head." Kuroko then looked like she had a light bulb appear above her head. Her face had a devious grin. "Onee-sama, when you are in that virtual world, your body is just lying in this world completely asleep?"

"That's a way to put it. According to the manual our bodies in the real world just stay the way they are left as. The body will then be back to normal when the user logs out of the game world."

"Oooooh excellent~" Drool could be visibly seen from Kuroko's mouth.

It took a second before Mikoto realized what was going on through her roommate's mind.

"YOU SICK WEIRDO! IF YOU DO ANYTHING TO MY BODY, I WILL ELECTROCUTE YOU TO DEATH!" Mikoto's thunderous threat was heard throughout the entire dormitory.

"Hee hee hee. I will be sure to take good care of your body while you are away. Don't worry~" The teleporter had a very dreamy look on her face.

Her dreamy look disappeared when Mikoto threw a Gekota plush at Kuroko's face.

Asuna couldn't help but roll around laughing out loud. Her sides were starting to hurt and some tears were coming out of her eyes.

Life was good right now for Asuna. She was living in a very nice city, had good friends that made sure her live did not have a dull moment, and that she was going to experience being in a game that was all the craze in all of Japan. Nothing looked like it was going to ruin her life.


When SAO officially was in stores, there were very long lines at Academy City's game stores. Those who managed to get the games were those who camped out for more than one night. All over the news were reports on how quickly SAO was sold out and lots of interviews from people who were really excited to play the game. Luckily Asuna and Mikoto were one of the few people who could afford not to have to wait in line.

With only ten thousand copies available many students were empty handed and decided to wait until the creator of SAO, Kayaba Akihiko, would release out more copies. Those who were lucky enough to obtain the game were over thrilled and most skipped school to get a head start.

However if a student were to miss a day of school at Tokiwadai, they would need an extremely good and legitimate reason. Faking sickness was not possible since there were actual doctors who would check if the student was truly sick or not. This meant that Mikoto and Asuna would have to wait until right after school to play.

Asuna could barely contain her excitement during her class and kept looking at the clock. Every minute that passed by was felt with anxiety, so she was not able to pay attention in class at all.

During breaks and lunchtime, there was a lot of talk about SAO even among the ojou-samas of Tokiwadai. From what Asuna could hear, some girls had actually managed to pre order the game in advance due to their parents' connections. The ladies of this middle school were known for coming from either prestigious or wealthy family backgrounds. Asuna was the daughter of a CEO, so she fit into the classical rich stereotype of Tokiwadai students. She knew that her father's influence would have been enough to get the game pre ordered as well, but her father would have disapproved of her playing some game.

It was finally after school and Asuna was able to rush back to her dormitory and catch up with Mikoto. The two of them went into Mikoto's room and saw Kuroko was not there because the teleporter had Judgment duty today.

"You ready?" Asuna grinned, no longer able to contain her excitement.

"Definitely, I can't believe you got me into the hype of SAO." Mikoto took out the nerve gear and connected it to its proper place. She also took out the package that SAO came in. Asuna and Mikoto received their package first thing in the morning, seeing that it had a premium rush delivery.

"You know how to connect into SAO right?" Asuna asked her friend.

"Of course, I read the manual for Nerve Gear back and forth." Mikoto sat down on her desk chair and then put the helmet over her head. She was now leaning her head on the desk.

"I'll see you in the other world." Mikoto waved bye to Asuna.

The long haired girl then left Mikoto's room to enter into hers. Asuna enters into her room and sees that her roommate was not there and felt at ease. It would have been awkward to explain to her roommate what she was about to do. At least if her roommate found Asuna just lying around with the helmet on, her roommate would have ignored her, as usual.

Asuna does the proper steps to connect SAO to the nerve gear and once it was all done, she leans her head on the desk with the helmet on.

"Link Start."

As soon as she uttered those words, she suddenly felt that her mind was warped into another universe. She saw that the system was making sure that the basic functions such as sound and sight were all OK. After the basic functions were cleared, she created an account name and password. The last thing she had to do was design her avatar and give herself a designated name.

She knew that people preferred not to use their real name in the game world but Asuna decided that she was fine with not having an alias. She did not feel that her avatar should not have any further advancement and decided to just to stick with the default setting of using her real self.

The words WELCOME TO SWORD ART ONLINE appeared in front of her eyes. Suddenly she saw that she was going down a long blue passageway was very bright and knew that she was about to enter the world of SAO.

She opens her eyes, blinks a few times and couldn't believe what she saw. Everything around her was like a medieval setting, lots of brick infrastructures and buildings. Asuna looked up and saw a clear beautiful sky full of clouds, it was as if this was reality! She was at awe at the power of virtual reality.

Asuna looked at herself and saw that she had padding on her torso, shoulders and elbows. This was probably the default setting for all beginner players since she saw other players had similar padding she had. Whenever a new player entered into SAO, a blue flame like thing would appear and a person could be seen from it.

Her first objective was to find Mikoto, since the two of them promised to work together in this game. She walks around looking for that particular short haired girl. With ten thousand people here, it would probably be very hard to spot her friend. She was betting Mikoto had arrived before she had.

"Asuna-san!" A familiar voice shouts out.

Asuna turns around towards the source of that shout and sees a familiar short haired girl waving. Mikoto had the type of padding the rest of the players had and she looked like her real self from the real world.

"Misaka-san!" The long haired girl runs towards her friend. "Glad to see you made it here safely."

"Yeah I got here a minute before you did. Everything here looks so real! I can't believe this is just virtual reality." The electromaster looks around like a little child at an amusement park.

"Let's add each other as friends first." Mikoto says as she uses a few fingers on her right hand and touches the air. A window suddenly opens up with a lot of different settings and functions like on a computer. She presses a few things and sends Asuna a friend request.

A notification appeared before Asuna that said accept friend request from Mikoto .There were two options on there, a yes or a no.

"No I don't want to be your friend." Asuna chuckles as she presses the yes button with her index finger. "How did you know about that feature?"

"I read some information from the manual while I was waiting for you to come. As friends we can message and track each other."

"Oh that's great! So does the manual say what we need to do first?"

"Since this place is called Sword Art Online, we should get ourselves a sword first."

Asuna looked through her window settings and saw that there was some money available. The currency in this world was called Col.

"At least we were given some cash to start off. Now let's find a good weapon shop and hope that they won't rip us off."

The two girls wandered through town, seeing a lot of different faces. Groups of friends gathered around with each other, talking excitedly about the game and just hanging out. It looked like most of them were not too eager on getting immediately started on the game but wanted to have fun and enjoy the realm of SAO. Asuna found it amazing how one game could bring together a lot of different people from Japan. It was not just teenagers who were in SAO, but even adults and older generations of people. This showed that everybody was still a kid at heart.

Asuna and Mikoto arrived at a relatively empty weapons shop and were greeted by the shop owner. They looked around at all of the different swords and looked nervous at how the higher grade weapons were more expensive.

"Looks like we need more Col if we want to get better weapons." Mikoto looked over at her friend nervously.

"Y-yeah… let's just buy something we can afford. In any fighting game, I think we have to kill monsters and do quests to get more money."

A while later they both chose had their swords. Mikoto bought a strong broadsword and Asuna chose the rapier. When the two paid the shop owner, they sent to an empty area to practice. The two girls had a difficult time initially getting the hang of swinging a sword but after some repetition they were able to confident in understanding the basics.

"Enough practice today, how about we log out right now and grab something to eat at the dining room. I'm sure the dorm mistress would be displeased if she found us hooked onto the nerve gear." Mikoto breathed heavily, tired from sword practice.

"Yeah sure, I'm starting to actually feel hungry here. I can't wait until the weekend, that way we can go to SAO all day Asuna goes to the main menu and tries to find the log out button. She then has on a frustrated look.

"You know, the game makers should have made it easier for players to find the log out button. It's one of the basic features everybody needs access to."

"You can't find it?" Mikoto looks at her window and tries to find the button as well. "Strange, it must a bug in the system."

The game makers should not have an error like this on SAO's first day? Didn't they sort out everything during the beta process? Asuna thought, trying to make logical sense out of this

"I bet we aren't the only ones who noticed this problem." Asuna starts to head back to the main town where most of the players are at.

Before she could take another step, she sees a blue light engulfing her.

"Misaka-san!" Asuna shouts out but her shout is unheard as Mikoto was also engulfed by the blue light.

Asuna sees that she is now in what appears to be the town square. Lots of other players were in the same area as well and many more coming in by the bright blue light. She looks at the faces of those around her and sees the same expression, confusion. If all of the players were gathered in the same area, it was probably because a game maker was going to address the issue of a missing log out button.

Mikoto appears a few seconds later right besides Asuna.

"I think we're going to be alright. I mean the game makers don't want to lose money over such a silly issue right?" Asuna says attempting to reassure herself that everything was going to be alright. Deep down she had a very bad feeling.

"The game would probably have some negative reviews after everybody logs out and reports what happened. That will probably hurt their business." Mikoto says while looking around at the various people that appeared.

"Look up there!" Asuna points to the sky.

Up high there is a red shaped hexagon that says WARNING. Suddenly that red shape began to multiply and cover up the entire sky with another message that said SYSTEM ANNOUNCMENT

The color red gave a very ominous feel in the atmosphere. Before Asuna knew it, she was shaking.

Everybody was gasped out loud in fear when they saw a giant red cloaked figure appear in the air, the figure's face was fully covered. This felt like an event out of a horror movie.

"Welcome everybody, my name is Kayaba Aikihiko." The red figure announces.

"Isn't that the creator? He's here to tell us good news right?" Asuna was trying to stop her body from shaking but it wouldn't. Perhaps this issue was so urgent the creator was here to fix it.

When Kayaba told everybody that the missing log out button was not a defect, it felt like a bullet that shot Asuna in the head.

No log out button? Is this guy crazy.

Apparently there was no way to log out of SAO, even if the nerve gear was removed from the user, the user would die. Kayaba then shows to the crowd some reports from the real world about the reported deaths from people who had their loved ones or friends remove their nerve gears. Asuna wanted to believe that this man was bluffing and that this was all a big prank… she wanted to desperately believe that.

The scariest part of Kayaba's message that sent chills down everybody's spine was: if you died in SAO, you die for real.

There was only one way of safely leaving SAO, and it was to clear the game. The objective of the game was to go through each floor, find the boss monster and defeat it to move onto the next floor. There were one hundred floors which meant it take a really long time until somebody defeats the entire game.

When everybody transformed into their real world selves, which was the final straw that made mass chaos ensue.

"We have to get out of here!" Mikoto grabs Asuna's hand, running away from the town square.

It was a smart decision for Mikoto to leave this town since a lot of the shops were being looted and fires occured. This was the phenomena known as mass hysteria and it was becoming very real within SAO.

Asuna ran along with Mikoto and felt really numb. She was trying to find a way to accept the truth, that there was the possibility of staying in this forsaken world for a long time. There was the possibility of her losing her mind…

Worst of all, there was the possibility of losing her life.

Author's note: This is my first cross over fanfic, so I hope it was a good read.

There are probably people wondering why Asuna would be a middle school when Wikipedia says that she is 17. Before she went into SAO, she was 15, which makes sense that she is a third year middle school student. Remember that Misaka Mikoto is 14 and that she is a second year student.

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