Chapter 3: Meet the Cousins and Christmas

Eric sat in bed, while Donna was asleep. Tomorrow, Auntie Laurie would be coming

from Florida with her kids for Christmas, Laurie had 5 kids! Yes, a lot of them. She

was a single mother with 5 kids, Jenny, Fred, Peter, Hanna, and James. Jenny was a college drop-out and she's 23. James was 8, the youngest.

Eric felt bad for them, but Laurie is doing better. She has a job as a waitress.

A day later, Eric cleaned the house. Laurie was coming, today, and he promised his

friends to have a big party at his house like old times on Christmas Eve.

The clock read, 1:38. Laurie would be coming any minute. Eddie and Lily sat on the couch, watching The Santa Clause, and Jackie and Donna were doing their last decorations on the house, for fun. He heard a car park in the driveway.

"Eric!" Laurie was here! "Auntie Laurie!" Lily ran to give her a hug. Their cousins

followed her. They only had one guest bedroom, so they decided Jenny, Lily, and

Hanna would share a room, and Eddie, Fred, James, and Peter would too, Then Laurie would sleep in the guest bedroom. "Laurie! Great to see you!" Donna said, Jackie next to her. "Donna! How are you?" she asked. "Good! Great, actually." Donna answered. "You?"

"I'm doing great, too! I'm glad I've changed."

Who is that? My sister is…nice? Eric thought, Well this is a Christmas Miracle! Christmas Eve was in 4 days, and Laurie would be staying until 2 days after Christmas, and then will be flying back to Florida. The kitchen door opened and Red came in, along with Kitty. "Oh, Laurie! So nice to see you!" Kitty laughed. She gave Laurie a hug along with all of her kids. Fred was the most mature. He was 19. Then Peter, who was the Bad Boy in his school, he was 16. Then Hanna was a normal 13 year old girl who likes boys, romance movies, and lip-gloss. James was just a little cutie!

After their 'Hello's, the kids all settled on the couch to watch A Very Brady Christmas.

Lily sat next to Jenny and Eddie on the couch, with Peter, Fred, Hanna, and James on the floor. They all sipped hot chocolate and had a good family time.

The next morning, they all ran down the stairs (A/N: No, it's not Christmas Morning), and saw the Christmas tree in the living room. They all smiled. The tree had nothing on it, but it was cool just looking at it. They raced to the kitchen where, Donna, Eric, and Laurie were drinking coffee talking at the table. "How are we going to eat?" Fred asked noticing there were only 4 chairs around the table.

"We'll eat outside, or go out." Laurie assured him.

After getting dressed, Eric, Donna, Lily, and Eddie, hopped into Eric's car, and Laurie, Jenny, James, Fred, Hanna, and Peter hopped in Laurie's mini van (A/N: They had mini van's right? If not, let's pretend), and drove to a restaurant to eat. Kitty and Red came along, too. They parked, and got out of the car, walking across the parking lot to the diner.

After going back home, Eric told them to go get their snow pants, coats, gloves and hats, on. They all did what they were told and ran to the backyard. Lily walked outside first, "Gotcha!" She felt something cold run down her back, snow! "Dad!" She threw a snowball at him and it became a huge snowball fight! Snowballs were flying everywhere.

After that, they built a snowman. They put gloves, a hat, and a scarf, on it.

They came inside and put their boots, gloves, and coats in front of the fireplace. "Who wants to decorate the tree?" Donna asked. "Me!" Everyone yelled. They spent the afternoon putting beautiful ornaments on the tree; James got to put the star on top since he's the youngest.

2 days later, the kids rushed out of bed. They were all so excited for another day of fun!

Tomorrow was Christmas Eve, the party. Eric stood there like he was going crazy then said, "CHRISTMAS MOVIE DAY!" They all cheered with excitement. They sat down on the couch or floor, snuggled together, watching Christmas movies the rest of the day.

The next morning, it was finally Christmas Eve. The house was set up with decorations and toys under the tree. It was Eddie and Lily's job to introduce all their cousins to all their friends.

"Eric!" Eric turned around. It was Hyde. "Hey, man! Nice party." Eric nodded instead of saying, 'Thanks'. "Yeah, I think I did well." Hyde laughed and walked away.

Outside, Jenny, Lily, Eddie, James, Hanna, Betsy, Stevie, Mitchie, Jack, Elle, Fiona, Katie, Fred, Matt, and Peter, all had a snowball fight. Peter flirted with Betsy and Matt (being his overprotective self) kept screaming at him. Fiona had to be watched by Tory, who watched the game joyfully on the side.

"Oh, Eric!" Kitty walked over to her only son. "This is awesome!" She laughed. "Thanks Mom!" He gave her a hug. Donna sat in the kitchen eating tons of cookies. She was very hungry. Donna ate her last gingerbread man and walked over to the living room.

Jackie sat on the couch with Hyde watching Rudolph. "You're hair is pretty." He laughed. "We've known each other forever and just now you say that," he teased, putting his arm around her like an obnoxious teenage boy. She cuddled around him as Santa finally came to ask Rudolph to lead his sleigh tonight.

Fez hung out outside with Tory to watch the 'big game'. He laughed as Elle started throwing hundreds of snowballs towards Matt. James hung out with Jack, who told him how he should get away. Betsy ran away frantically, trying to dodge any snowballs that they threw.

"MATT! AHH!" Elle yelled running from her boyfriend.

Fez watched, laughing and pointing.

"That's it!" Elle screamed running inside, smiling. Matt followed her. They ran inside.

"Hey Elle, how is it out there?" Hyde asked, with a hot chocolate mug in his hand. "Oh good, but it's a safety hazard." Elle said, glaring at her boyfriend. He shrugged, "Its fun."

The "game" was soon over and the kids rushed inside, "S-s-so cold," James stuttered, taking his snow clothes off. They all took their snow clothes off and started hanging out with their families.

2 hours later, "I got to go, man." Michael said, and then rushed off with his kids. Soon, everyone left. "That was so fun." Lily said, happily, warming up next to the fire, "Fun, so, so fun." Eddie nodded.

"So, time to get to bed." Donna crossed her arms, watching them with a smile, "Yeah! Then, Santa can come." James laughed, running up the stairs. They smiled.

The next morning, it was 4:32. Lily ran out of bed. She looked at the tree, seeing a figure there. It wasn't Santa. It was a dog! A dog! She thought, oh my god! She went back to sleep and waited for morning.

The kids ran out of bed and into Eric and Donna's room. "WAKE UP! WAKE UP! IT'S CHRISTMAS! YEAH, COME ON! SO EXCITED!" the kids screamed, immediately waking them up, "We're up! We're up!" Eric laughed, jumping up out of bed and rushing downstairs. Donna followed slowly, tired. They raced downstairs to see the puppy, it was a Great Pyrenees. "Ok kids! Let Lily and Eddie name it, we already have a dog." Laurie ordered.

"I think we should name it Fuzzy." James said. "No, no, no. It's there turn." Laurie reminded him.

"Snowball," Lily said. "I think it should be named Snowball, it is Christmas."

Donna and Eric gave her a big thumb up. "Perfect." They said.

"I love the name." Eddie agreed. They played with the cute, little, puppy, and then opened up their presents. "Me first, me first!" said James. He picked up a present and started unwrapping. "Clackers!" he said, happily.

Lily came last, "A One Hit Wonders record!" She yelled holding it. Donna nodded knowing her daughter always wanted it.

They ate a big breakfast, with eggs and toast, with jelly and peanut-butter. They played games all day and watched Christmas movies, too.

Two days later, it was the day Laurie and her kids left. "Bye!" Lily said. They were all very sad they had to go but they need to catch their plane.

"BYE!" They all screamed, as they ran to their car.

"That was fun!" Lily said, "So fun!" Eddie agreed.

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