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Hank's cell phone rang once, before it was absently mindedly hit by a hand silencing it. Groaning, he picked it up and looked at the screen. Boris. What could Boris need at 2am? Wasn't he still in Europe? He wondered. Then a spark of awareness flared and he grew concerned. Could the disease have worsened? Hank quickly redialed the number.

"Hank," Boris answered. "I need you here immediately. Dieter will meet you at the door and show you to me."

"Whats wrong?" Hank inquired. If Boris' medical condition had become severe, he would need additional equipment and people to handle it. It concerned him that after several months of no signs of it increasing that it would suddenly become unmanageable, causing him to return home before he was due.

"It is not me." Was the short reply. "Bring your supplies and come alone. I'll see you in a few minutes." And the call ended.

Mumbling about inconsiderate and secretive employers, Hank pulled on the closest pair of pants and a t-shirt. He glanced at his reflection on the way down, and noted that his short, brown hair did look like he had just stepped out of bed. He just shook his head. There was no need to be concerned about appearances if it was an emergency. He ran down stairs grabbed his bag, as well as a second duffle bag, that contained more gear and started to jog toward the mansion that was Shadow Pond. As irritated as he was at being called at 2am with little information being given, he knew that there had to be a good cause. Boris was not the kind of man to intrude on someone's sleep. What would bring him back to US so urgently? He began to grow more concerned and picked up his pace.

Hank noticed the guards as he approached the doors. Dressed in black suits with ear pieces, they looked like the secret service. However, this was typical of Boris, he had quite a few of these men working for him, protecting him from threats that he would not share with Hank. Though he was an extremely wealthy and successful foreign business man, Hank had a feeling the extra protection was for something more than just money.

One of the guards opened the door as Hank climbed the stairs to the entrance. He noted Dieter was standing just inside the door and had an anxious look about him. Dieter, anxious? Hank wondered. That caused him to become even more concerned than a two am call. Dieter, Boris' right hand man, had a poker face that could win him millions. He never appeared to show any emotion, and now he was anxious?

"This way," Dieter said and began to quickly walk down one of the long hallways. Hank almost had to jog to keep up with the long stride. Between the run up to the house and this, he was going to need a moment to catch his breath when he arrived to whatever scene lay ahead of him.

"Um, so what should I expect when we get… to wherever we are going?" Hank asked.

Dieter's mask was back in place as he replied, "It will be explained later." And he turned sharply towards some stairs.

Hank followed and looked around, recognizing the way to Boris's study. His curiosity was killing him at this point, and his earlier irritation at the unexplained emergency was starting to resurface. Did they not understand that sometimes giving an explanation could save lives? He had enough with him to set up an IV, if he needed and treat minor injuries, as well as his emergency drugs for Boris, if this was actually a progression of the genetic disease, but anything major required more supplies, and usually an extra hand. At least he knew that some of the guards posted around the property had some basic medic training, and Boris himself was never one to shy away.

Finally, after what seemed to be one of the longest 5 minutes of his life, they reached the doors to Boris' office that were once again flanked by guards. Walking faster, Hank reached the doors just as they were being opened and practically fell into the room.

Boris turned around at the sound of the door being opened. "Hank, you are here. Good."

Hank glared at him mildly, "Boris, not that I have a problem at coming to give medical aid at any time, day or night, but information would be useful so that I could be better prepared."

Boris Kuester von Jurgens-Ratenicz frowned slightly. "I apologize. You know that I tend to become, secretive, the more concerned I am about something."

"I do. And that leads me to the primary question of the night. What is the problem?"

Boris glanced backwards at something appearing concerned and then walked towards Hank, grabbing his arm and leading him to a corner of the room. "There was a situation in England."

"Was one of your men injured? Wouldn't it have been better to seek medical treatment there?"

Boris shook his head. "Not one of my men. Someone, well, I deemed it better to end my trip and return home instead of getting treatment there. They would not have valued my privacy and the privacy of the one injured as much as I know you will."

Hank sight, still agitated, "Who is it? You said it was an emergency and I would really like to examine them now."

"I understand that Hank. You may, just go slowly, yes? He's very scared."

Puzzled Hank agreed. Boris turned around and led them to the corner that he had been glancing at the entire time he had been talking to him. "Harry?" He said as he approached. Hank could now see a figure huddled in the corner, its back towards them. A large t-shirt hang over the shoulders of the child and when the boy glanced up to look at Boris, its neck slipped down revealing too pale skin and prominent bones. Hank also noticed that the child, Harry, Boris had called him, had one eye that was completely swollen shut. After a single glance at them, the kid buried his face back into his knees and began to rock back and forth, mumbling something.

"Boris?" Hank asked incredulously, "Did you kidnap a child?"

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