Kenshin was on cloud nine. He was soon to marry the second love of his life, and nothing would dampen his spirits. Not even his master, who found every minute to make fun of him with some story about his childhood. No, he would not let it get to him. But, he could not help but wonder why on earth did Kaoru invite Hiko.

When he had asked, Kaoru had just given him a small smile and shrugged. "Well, he is the closest person you have to family, and I thought we should include him."

Kaoru had been pulled away after that, and Kenshin could not ask further. But why would his shishou even come? Hiko never really gave any inclination that he cared about something like his deshi's wedding or anything for that matter. What had caused him to suddenly appear for this?


Kenshin looked up to see Aoshi and his master standing by the door. Aoshi, Misao, and the rest of Aoiya had joined Hiko and had come for his and Kaoru's wedding. Misao had been squealing over Kaoru, helping in every way possible. Aoshi had offered his help to Kenshin, along with Hiko.

"It's time."

Kenshin nodded. "Thank you, Aoshi."

Aoshi bowed and left. Kenshin looked at the mirror one more time and sighed.

"What's the sigh for?" Hiko bluntly asked. He raised an eyebrow. "Don't tell me you're getting cold feet."

Kenshin smiled slightly. "This one should hope not, shishou, de gozaru." He paused. "I should have done this a long time ago."

Hiko smirked. "I'm glad you see you're foolishness, baka." His smirk lessened and turned into a smile. "She's a good woman. Take care of her."

"Hai." Kenshin smiled softly, then he remembered his question. He turned to Hiko. "Shishou, if this one may ask, but why are you even here?"

Hiko raised an eyebrow, and Kenshin got the idea that he had offended the tall man.

"This one meant no disrespect, de gozaru."

Hiko turned away, his cape swirling with him. "What I do is my own business, baka deshi. You have no need to worry about it." Then, he gave a chuckle. "I am simply getting my side of a deal. Ask your woman about it."



It was only after the celebration and a night of pleasure did Kenshin ask Kaoru about "the deal." But, Kaoru would say nothing.

"I won't tell you," she said blushing. "It's too embarrassing."

Kenshin raised his eyebrows. "Embarrassing? How?" Kaoru buried her face in his chest and muttered something. Laughing, Kenshin said, "Koishii, I can't hear you."

Kaoru pulled away slightly. "When you were still healing from the fight with Shishio, he was able to use my feelings for you to make me promise to invite him to our wedding, and that he could tell as many stories about you as he wanted."

Kenshin snorted. "So that's why he seemed to enjoy my embarrassment more than usual."

Kaoru smiled and lifted a hand to cup her new husband's cheek. "He really does care for you, anata."

Kenshin said nothing but looked into his wife's face, seeing her sincerity. He couldn't resist and laid a kiss on her lips. "You're too good for me, Kaoru."

Kaoru laughed, putting her arms around his neck. "I thought it was the other way around."

Kenshin shook his head. "No." He gave her another kiss, and it turns out the couple wasn't finished enjoying their wedding night.