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The two arrived at the Tyler estate, snogging. Rose struggled to get the door open, what with the doctor kissing her neck and rubbing his hands all over her body.
"The door won't open" She said between breathes.

"Well that's going to be a problem isn't it?" The Doctor muttered with his lips pressed against her neck. He grabbed her hand with the keys in it and guided it towards the lock and unlocked it.

"Shall we?" He asked, while leading her into the living room.

"We shall" She said. She pushed him on the couch and straddled him, all while snogging him. He moaned into her mouth and slowly started pulling her dress up her legs. Rose started undoing his belt and pulling his trousers down.

"Rose? Are you back already?" Jackie suddenly appeared in the living room. Her face paled when she saw them.

"Um… Hi mum" It was quite an awkward situation Jackie had walked in on, her daughter with her dress pulled over her bum lying on top of a nine hundred year old half-time lord (Though technically he was about a day old) with his trousers pulled down to his ankles.

"This is not it looks like" Jackie's blank expression turned into one of anger.

"It looks like you're trying to take advantage of my daughter!"

"I-what? How can you even- She's lying on top of me and you think I'm taking advantage of her?" During the time the Doctor said this Rose climbed off of him and fixed her dress.

"Mum, no one was taking advantage of anyone" Jackie pulled the Doctor to a sitting position and slapped him across his face. Hard. The Doctor stayed quiet for a moment.

"Just 'ow drunk did you get 'er!"

"Mum I'm not drunk!" The Doctor suddenly grabbed the side of his face where Jackie slapped him and yelled.

"Ow! That really hurt!"

"Bit of a late reaction there Doc" Rose laughed.

"Well it still hurt"

"Mum I'm not drunk, he's not taking advantage of me. You walked in on quite an awkward moment!"

"Oh… Well, alright. Sorry about that" Jackie turned to leave, still eyeing the Doctor suspiciously, but stopped just before she reached her bedroom door. "Were you two about to go at it on my couch?" She asked angrily.

"Goodnight mum!" Rose yelled. As Jackie left Rose turned to the Doctor.

"The moment's been ruined hasn't it?"He asked.

"Yes. Yes it has" She begun walking towards her bedroom.

"Uh Rose?" The Doctor called, she turned her head.


"Where am I supposed to sleep?" He asked.

"With me" Rose stated.

"But… I thought… the moment-"

"Sleep, Doctor. That's it, just sleep" He looked a bit disappointed but followed her anyway.

"Alright then" Rose went to change in the bathroom and the Doctor changed in her room. As he was taking off his jacket and unbuttoning his shirt he realized that he had no pyjamas. He didn't have any clothes actually. Oh well, he didn't mind sleeping in his pants, but they'd need to do some shopping tomorrow. He sat on Rose's bed and pulled the cover over his legs. A few minutes later, Rose came over in a pair of shirts and a large t-shirt.

"Comfy?" She asked.

"Why yes, quite comfortable" She lay beside him and put her head on his chest, she could feel his one heart beating, slowly lulling her to sleep. The Doctor wrapped his arms around her and sighed.

"Listen Rose, I know you may not think I'm the Doctor, but I am, it's me. I'm the same exact person except I have one less heart. But I still love you just as much as he did. I'll always love you. I know that I was… 'created in a war' and 'born out of hate' but I know you can help me. Just like you did before. I know you can" He looked down and found Rose sound asleep. "You didn't hear a word I just said did you?" She snuggled closer to him and he smiled.

"G'night Rose"

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