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:Mona Lisa:


The smell of despair. The taste of death. The feeling of blood, warm and slick over your fingers. It's something you can't forget. No matter how hard you try. Believe me. I have. At some point, you stop running and embrace it. After all these lives. All this time. What choice did I have? Sister Fate. You are indeed beautiful and cruel.


:Chapter One : It's Easier This Way:


"You're no regular girl." For a moment, her heart skipped a beat, but she smiled, as she always did, fluttering her eyelashes seductively. He was already sitting on the red silk sheets of her bed. She sauntered towards him slowly, the bottle of gin heavy in her hand as she raised it to her lips and took a long swig. She offered it to him, and watched with the smile still on her full lips as he took a swig of his own.

It was better this way. Her perfectly manicured fingers caressed the front of his button down shirt, playing across the buttons slowly. His own lips curved into a smirk past the lip of the glass bottle. It was easier this way. She tipped the bottle back up, helping to guide the liquor down his throat. Her long dark hair hung past them both, in long wavy tendrils. He drank. Heartily. They always did.

"You're no regular guy." She whispered it into his ear, her tongue flicking out on the last syllable to taste his skin. No fear. No worry. Oh if he only knew. She was sure now, that he did not. A shame really. She let her eyes pass over him. He wasn't horrible looking. A strong face, with long black hair and a tough goatee. His eyes were so dark blue they were almost black. Leather seemed to be his fabric of choice. He had a studded black leather vest over a white tank, black leather riding chaps over dark blue jeans. A biker by choice. It made things less complicated. Bikes were child's play to get rid of. Her lips curved in a smile he looked sure was meant for him. His eyes were cloudy now. He didn't know any better, she supposed.

He reached for her, letting the bottle drop from his hands haphazardly. It hit the carpet with a soft thunk, but by some miracle didn't spill. She sighed. That stuff was expensive. She allowed his arms to encircle her. Let him have it. This one last touch. She couldn't help the shiver of disgust as his hands squeezed her ass cheeks with gusto. It was easier this way.

Her hand slid slowly down his arm, transferring to her own thigh when she'd brushed past the fingers still kneading her ample bottom. A little lower and he might have had time to put up a fight. It was there. Where it had always been. One of her prized possessions. She pulled the dark metal magnum from it's holster and pressed it to his forehead with speed that would have bested a sober gunslinger. Rin. Her harbinger of swift death.

"This is for Lily." She whispered. "And Kati, and Sonya, and all the other little girls you left broken, lying in shallow graves." His eyes widened, and she didn't enjoy the fear, didn't revel in the panic. She felt her image shift, a tingling feeling. Her hair becoming a stunning molten silver, her eyes changing from green to dark, stormy grey. He opened his mouth, and she smiled brightly at the three words that spilled forth.

"Shini No Kisu." She pulled the trigger before he could speak another word. She tired of the excuses. Of the begging. It was easier this way.

The blood was hot. So hot it almost burned. She didn't blink when it splattered against the pale skin of her face. His eyes were black now. Open and unseeing. With little more than a slight curve of her lips, she pushed the rapidly cooling body from her, letting it slump to the bed. "The one and only." She said softly, sighing as she wiped at the blood that had stained her dress. A shame. It had been one of her favorites. A tight black number that dipped low at the chest and flowed from the hips, perfect for concealing Rin. She didn't look up when the door opened. She already knew who was standing there.

"Must you always make such a mess?" The voice was childlike and playful. A tone only she was privy to when it came to the other occupant of the room.

"At least I do it quietly." She said back, a smile touching her lips again. Her companion stepped up beside her, and she surveyed her in the dim light of the room. Her hair was short, black with a hint of dark purple. Her eyes were the color of Deep Purple Orchids late in bloom, large and framed with dark eyelashes. She wore a catsuit of all black, which made her look older than she was. Then again, they were both a lot older than they looked.

"Quietly huh?" Her friend's voice was laced with amusement. She ignored it. Instead she bent to fish the keys of the man's bike from his pocket, finding a bag of cocaine and a condom before reaching her prize. Throwing the two offending trinkets onto the bed beside the body, she tossed her comrade the keys. She caught them with grace, though she'd not even been looking.

"Shall I take it to Harlee?" She asked, crossing her arms and leaning against the door frame.

"Yeah." Was the answer. "Don't let him low-ball you." Her small friend had it in her to look offended, then smiled. "Thanks Hota." And then the petite girl was gone like dust on the wind. She smiled despite herself, as she stripped off the ruined dress. That was why they called her Kemuri no Kaze. {Smoke on the Wind.}

She turned her eyes back to the dead body that occupied her bed, her eyes holding no remorse. And that was why they called her Shini no Kisu. {The Kiss of Death.} She walked slowly to the window of the highrise she owned, gazing down at the city below. There were people streaming the streets in the night air and city neon, unaware of what lied above them. She cared little for her nakedness, as she gazed upon them. She brought her hand to the window, ignoring the blood she smeared against the cool glass.

"What would you think of me now?"


"Are you listening Duo?" The voice was only slightly louder than the hum-drum of the conversation before it. He raised his eyes to the speaker, smiling brightly.

"Sure Quat-man." He said cheerily. The look in his friend's eye told him he was not getting off so easily. He raised his hands in apology, the smile still plastered to his lips. "Sorry. Sorry. I'm paying attention now." He chuckled at the death glare he got from the man next to him. And then laughed harder at his comrade's annoyance at such.

He closed his mouth tight and managed to look apologetic when Quatre cleared his throat. The lights dimmed, and his eyes turned to the far wall, where an image was being projected. "These are the best pictures we have of our targets."

Duo wracked his brain for what the conversation had been about. New targets...blah blah...females...oh, he'd missed a perfect opportunity for a joke. All because of...

He squinted his eyes to focus better on the picture on the far wall. It was a blurry image of two women, dressed in black. One was slightly taller than the other, both petite, with brunette hair. For a moment he thought... but the picture was blurry, there were no facial features at all. And she... she had hair of wrought silver.

He shook his head to clear it and tuned into the conversation again.

"We're after Onnas?"1 Wufei scoffed. Duo looked at him sidelong. His arms were crossed, and he was standing. His face was twisted in a look that was full of annoyance. Typical Wufei.

"Yes Wufei." Quatre sounded exasperated. He pinched the bridge of his nose and took a deep breath before continuing. "These women have been taking the law into their own hands. So far we have recorded 23 Deaths by their hand." He clicked through mugshots of criminals. Some familiar. Some not. The last picture he landed on was someone they all knew well. They'd been looking for him feverishly for the last three months. "You all remember Ransom Tredell."

There was a collective nod through the room. "Murdered thirteen girls under the age of 7. They were repeatedly raped, sodomized, and finally their throats cut. Left in shallow graves from California to Ohio." Trowa's voice was calm, but Duo noticed the clenched fist over his paperwork on the table.

"They found his body in Japan." Quatre said. "One bullet through the head." He clicked a button and the image shifted again. It was a picture of Ransom 's dead body, sitting in an alley upright. His face was almost unrecognizable. "It was close range. And it didn't happen in the alley. His body was moved and placed just so. As were all the others. They were all found in relatively public places in the city, and all were left with this in their pockets." Another click, and a picture of a small note with neat red writing appeared. It read only 'It was Easier this way.'

Duo's heart skipped a beat. For a moment he was lost in memory. It was raining, hard. She was begging him not to go. And though it had torn his heart in two, he'd walked away. The last thing he'd said to her had been: "It's Easier this way." He shook his head. He needed a drink. Everything had been leading back to her lately. It was just his warped mind messing with him again. After all, the anniversary was coming up. The anniversary of the last day he'd held her in his arms. Hiiro's low voice snapped him form his reverie.

"Were all the deaths due to gunshot wounds?" Quatre shook his head.

"There has been decapitation. Some poisonings. Other than that most times the death was caused by gunshots. But not always head-shots. Our agents have never been able to find the actual crime scenes either. The bodies are always dumped."

"So why have we been called?" Wufei asked. "Seems like these Onna's are doing the world a service. All of the deaths they caused were criminals who deserved it."

"We cannot allow these two to work on their own." Quatre said. "While it is true that the deaths caused so far were just, in a sense; We must remember that is what the law is for. These criminals deserved a fair trial and a sentencing. Noin and Milliardo worry that left unchecked these subjects could become worse."

"What is our Mission?" Hiiro asked. Duo fought the urge to roll his eyes. He would never change. It had taken years, but Duo was finally convinced nothing could snap the boy out of soldier mode.

Quatre looked almost hesitant to answer. "To Contain and question both of these girls. And if they refuse to join us, Kill them." This time Duo had to fight not to let his jaw hang open.

"Whoa Buddy, You're saying we off these girls because they're outside our law, but doing our job?"

"Mission Accepted." He didn't fight the urge to roll his eyes this time.

"Well that's to be expected." Duo said, waving a hand in the air. "You've never turned down a mission Hiiro. But I don't see the point."

Quatre pinched the bridge of his nose. "Of course you know I hope they join us. The only reason we're taking this mission is because truthfully, we're the best team they have. We have the best chance of getting them to come to our side." He scanned the room with his cool turquoise eyes. "They want these girls bad. The bounty could pay all of our expenses for a year."

"You could pay all of our expenses for ten Quatre." Duo said, leaning back in his chair. Quatre pinched the bridge of his nose again, and for a moment Duo felt sorry. His comrade was so easily stressed.

"The money isn't the issue here Duo, and you know that. I would happily pay for anything any of you need. And you make rather good money yourselves. I'm saying if they put this to bounty, we're looking at the death of innocents. We know those criminals. They were hard to take down. These girls have managed to take down almost everything that slipped through our fingers. And... you've seen the pictures. They have no problem doing it very violently. I'd like to ask a few questions myself, to be perfectly honest."

"As would I." Trowa said. "Accepted." Quatre nodded curtly. It still looked like his head hurt. Duo felt a pang of pity in his chest again. It seemed over the years his empathy had gotten stronger. And though he hid it, they had all guessed it was more uncomfortable than it was useful. Large groups gave him a headache that would impair his ability to shoot. So these days, he was their tactician, their informant, and almost... their manager. Amidst that was the fact that he was also their glue. Which was a hard job. They weren't the easiest... or most functional group to deal with. Though all skilled in many ways; Their general misgivings over the battles they'd fought, the scars that still lingered, and the pain of things lost made them volatile. They were comrades in War again... like when they'd first met.

"I accept as well." Wufei said. "I think I want to meet these mysterious Onnas." Duo couldn't help it.

"Ooooh... Wu-man's got a cru-ush..." He laughed at the immediate glare from his comrade's coal grey eyes. Wufei spoke over him, glaring still.

"I'll cut off that braid yet Maxwell. I am still amazed at how little you've grown in the past few years." Duo waved his hand again, catching his breath from the laughter with a smile still on his face.

"We all know it's only important that the Shinigami kicks ass and takes no names. And that these fingers can still hack a computer in less than 30 seconds." He waved his fingers in the air in example. Felt his own eyes get cold. Decided not to care. "I don't ever have to grow up. As long as I'm good at my job." The room had gotten silent. He just didn't have it in him to fake it right now. He looked at Quatre, who was looking at him with eyes full of concern and hurt. His hand was clutched at the fabric over his heart. Duo felt sorry again. He smiled to reassure his friend, and crossed his arms in front of him. "What the Hell. Shinigami rides Again."

Quatre sighed, only barely, and his fingers on his shirt slowly relaxed. Duo nodded to him, and he smiled back softly, speaking again. "Then we are all agreed." He said. It wasn't a question, but there were slight nods from all anyways. An assurance. That they were all on board. And would do this regardless of their own opinions. As the team they'd been created to be. The Protector's Black Operations Team Alpha. B.O.T.A. For short. God he hated acronyms.


He hated shuttles. Mostly because he hated sitting in one place for too long. Though he had to admit the one Noin had sanctioned for them was better than most. There was TV, a kitchen, and a lounge. As well as comfortable sleeping quarters. Which was where he laid now. This trip wasn't really long enough to get the sleep he needed, but they'd be in Japan in a few hours. And Gods, he needed to get his head straight.

It just kept going back to her. Why did it have to be now? Any other time of the year. Any other time would have been just fine. At a time like this he was usually on vacation somewhere far. Somewhere he could forget the look on her face. When he had told her goodbye. He'd searched for her since the end of the Eve Wars. And found the one thing he couldn't bear. The Death Certificate for Serenity Maclaine.

He'd been planning on going back for her from the moment he said goodbye. It was something he'd kept to himself. A silent promise among many others. A car crash, the certificate had said. The other information he'd found said it had been a nasty one. She and her friend had been pronounced dead on the scene.

His heart clenched in his chest, and he found it only slightly amusing when he clutched the fabric of his shirt over it. No doubt something he'd picked up from Quatre. The smirk on his lips felt fake. He turned his lips into a frown, but that felt even more so. He settled his lips evenly and sighed.

"Sere." It was a whisper, and he closed his eyes with the pain of it. It wasn't Easier. It never had been. To leave her side. Beyond the Maxwell Church she was the only thing... He shook his head to clear it, rolling to his side and stuffing the pillow beneath his head.

He screwed his eyes shut, but no matter what he did, the image of her, her beautiful grey-blue eyes full of tears, would not leave his brain. He still wasn't sleeping when the shuttle landed. He wished he could tell her. Given the choice, he'd take it all back. Given the opportunity, she'd be in his arms right now. Breathing. Laughing. Alive.


It was something freeing. Something in all her years she'd never indulged in. Something, she supposed, smirking at her reflection in the mirror, that this life brought out of her. Hotaru worried sometimes at the person she'd become. 'As if an unreachable porcelain doll.' She had put it. She smiled at the memory in her head as she brushed out her long golden hair. It looked strange beneath her fingers. Something she never really got used to seeing. A picture flashed in her mind. She ignored it.

She didn't like the look of the small frown that marred her features, so she curved them up into a full-lipped smile. The show was almost on. She stood and straightened the long black dress that clung to her, giving herself one last look-over in the mirror. She couldn't let the past come crashing in now. It wouldn't do at all to disappoint her fans.

It was silent when she waltzed onto the stage, so all she could hear were the first notes of her song stretch over the crowd, and the click of her leopard print stilettos. The smile, one that said 'come hither', stayed on her face as she twirled around the pole and the crowd went wild.

In this moment, the past stayed right where it was. Nothing could touch her. It was like no feeling she could remember, no drug she'd ever taken. And by now, Goddess she'd taken so many. With the song on her, the money being thrown, the eyes that wanted, that admired, she was free. She bent to caress a man's face, leaning in to leave the stain of her blood red lips on his face. He stuffed 20 dollars in the hem of her dress, and she smiled, reaching up to slowly tug it away, and reveal the black bra and matching Brazilian panties beneath it. It pooled to the floor in soft waves, and the cheers got louder.

In the audience, she felt the eyes on her, and the shifted slowly to meet them. Sad eyes of deep violet. She didn't feel bad. Not as bad as she should have felt. Hotaru's worry and sadness for her did not exist here. She did not exist here. Only the music, the adoring fans did. In this moment she was Amity Lelaine, Dancer Extraordinaire. Serenity was truly and really dead.


She threw the pieces of her clothing to her dressing room chair. Here, she had her own dressing room. Different outfits were scattered here and there. Really it was like a chromed hotel room. She loved this club. Gianni was a good manager, when he wasn't trying to get in her pants. The girls were likable. Not the drones she'd met at some places. She bored easily these days. But this place had caught her attention.

It was called Moon Lit Night. A popular club in the Red Light District of Japan. Not only was it lucrative, it was the best cover she'd ever had. No one suspected the sweet, though tainted beauty to be a murderer, no matter her intentions. Hotaru was welcome in and out on a whim, though her physical age bothered most people. She was constantly complaining of how annoying it was to be 16. For the umpteenth time.

There was a soft swish behind her, and she smiled. "Did you know I was thinking about you?" She asked without looking up. The voice was as warm as Hotaru knew how to manage.

"I've told you a million times I'm not psychic." She chuckled quietly, turning to face the smaller girl. She wasn't dressed in her usual catsuit, but instead a short black tank and a mid-thigh black sailor skirt. The tank was adorned with a small white bow at the breast, and she wore knee high white socks and black, high-heel mary-jane's.

"You make that?" Serenity asked. Hotaru nodded with a small smirk.

"And everyone loves it." She said smugly. "The funny thing is I didn't realize what it looked like until I put it on. I almost threw it away." Serenity smirked too.

"Yeah." She said. "It's been a long time, hasn't it?" She sat at the vanity of her room, brushing her long hair in the mirror again, uncaring of her nakedness. It had been a long time since they'd worn outfits like that. After the death of her senshi she wandered alone as Cosmos. For a millennium or two, she thought it was going to stay that way. Then, she felt two presences she thought she'd never feel again reappear. The star seeds of Pluto and Saturn had been reborn. She was no longer alone. Setsuna and Hotaru were with her. But when Setsuna came of age to return to the gates, something happened none of them could explain.

She tried not to wince at the memory. It was the most physical pain she remembered ever feeling. All of a sudden she was mortal. A mortal albeit, with silver eyes and molten silver hair. For the first few years, it had been enjoyable. Until she learned the catch. There was always a catch. While Setsuna returned to the gates, Serenity and Hotaru seemed to be Earth bound. Certain abilities resurfaced. Accelerated healing, the speed and strength. Some abilities came back with consequence. For example, healing of others was draining. And fatal wounds, though they could be healed, required taking on the wound itself. And then there was the last catch. At the dawn of their 26th year, it all ended. And the cycle started again. Their bodies would whither, their hearts would fail, and they would die. Only to be reborn again, memories intact. She'd lost count of how many times.

This circle had changed the both of them drastically. Perhaps she herself more than Hotaru. Hotaru retained a quality about her that welcomed long years. Serenity grew tired. It created a coldness that had chilled her to the core. She had not been made to live like this. She'd been made for a future that escaped her, long ago. It was numbing.

"Ren." Hotaru's voice snapped her from her reverie, and she looked at the girl through the reflection in the mirror. "Where are you right now?"

"Right here Hota." She said softly with a smile. "I'm always right here." It sounded convincing to the ears, but Hotaru wasn't fooled.

"Yeah." She said, moving to perch atop the arm of the overstuffed chair in the middle of the room. "Sure you are."

"Don't be cross Love." Serenity said softly, and Hotaru only calmed because her voice begged forgiveness. She put the brush down, and reached for a hair tie, pinning her waist length hair at the nape of her neck.

"As if I could stay mad at you for long." Hotaru said. She swung her legs. Her toes just barely touched the floor from her perch. Serenity stood, pulling two dresses from the wall closet beside her vanity.

"Blue, or red?" She asked with a smile. Hotaru smirked, falling back into the seat of the chair and looking at her with her dark hair in her eyes.



"Amity." She turned her eyes on him and smiled. Was rewarded with his own toothy grin. "You know that's contagious."

She chuckled softly, setting down the glass of bourbon in her hand with a soft click and the tinkling of the ice-cubes encased within. "Gianni, Love, what brings you to my door?"

He leaned back on the door frame, and she studied him with mild interest. He was young yet. Young, and stereotypically Italian. What he was doing in Japan she didn't know, and had never asked. He always looked comfortable. Never out of place, no matter where he stood. She admired it about him. Even here, standing at the threshold of her room, he looked at ease. By the time they got to her door, most men were either drenched in sweat or filled to the brim with alcohol.

"I worry for you." She narrowed her eyes, but the smile stayed on her face as she turned in her chair. She crossed her legs, not that it mattered. She was wearing little more than a gauzy black wrap with matching boy-shorts.

"Don't." She said simply. "I'm a big girl." She reached for her glass behind her and brought it to her painted lips, taking a sip and relishing the cool burn of alcohol down her throat. She watched him frown disapprovingly,and scan the room. Empty bottles of her favorite poisons were strewn here and there.

"You've been..." She cut him off.

"Drinking a lot?" She smiled and took another sip of the bourbon, holding it in two hands like a mug of tea when she was done. "I can assure you it doesn't affect my performance." He rolled his eyes in an endearing way. She looked him over with eyes that were glazed only slightly by the bourbon. So charming and caring, he was. Gorgeous, with bright green eyes and a great build. And he used it to his advantage. He'd probably boned every girl that passed through his club, barring her and Hotaru. She'd never give him the satisfaction. And he was too proud to admit he wanted her that bad. And Hotaru was one, too young, and two, hated his guts for reasons she didn't care to explain.

"I know it doesn't affect your performance." He purred. There it was. The charm. "I worry how it affects your brain." She chuckled again, took another sip.

"I assure you my brain is fine. Is there something else, Gianni?" She uncrossed her legs and recrossed them, smirking at the momentary lust in his eyes when she did so. He was sweet, but that didn't mean she didn't enjoy playing with him. He shook it off with practiced ease, and smirked.

"No Amity." He said softly. "I'll see you on stage in an hour." She nodded, the smile still on her face as he closed the door behind him. When he was gone, she stood, moving to the small bar in the corner of the room to refill her glass.

"You shouldn't toy with him like that." She didn't turn.

"Normal people knock." She said softly, only turning after she'd taken a hearty sip of her bourbon. She leaned against the bar lazily, looking at the girl she considered family.

"I'm not normal. Neither are you." Hotaru was perched on the windowsill, uncaring of the two story drop. She wore her catsuit once again, paired with sleek leather boots. A vision in black.

"Don't start Love." She sighed into her glass. "Not now." She took a sip as Hotaru hopped gracefully to the floor, without a sound, and strode closer to her.

"What is it about this time of year Ren?" Hotaru asked. "That makes you like this?" For a moment, Serenity thought she could see the hurt in her eyes, but it was gone as soon as it came. Her voice was hard when she spoke again. "You've never kept secrets before."

"Hota..." She kept her voice soft, and set down her glass, raising her arms to the girl she loved so much. Hotaru walked quickly to be in her embrace. She had long since stopped being bothered by Serenity's nudity. She embraced her, and then pulled her back by her shoulders to look her in the eye. "I don't have much time left you know. And it shouldn't be wasted on things we cannot change. On things better left in the past."

"Ren, I..." Serenity squeezed the girls shoulder, smiling softly.

"Don't Hota." She said. "It's not important. And it doesn't change anything. You know what we live with. August is coming. And we have a lot to do... before..."

This time Hotaru cut her off. "Don't say it. You're right. It doesn't matter. I'm sorry I asked." She pulled from Serenity's embrace, but kept her gaze. She couldn't help the empty feeling that budded in her chest. She hated this. The tension that came with knowing, always knowing she'd have to leave Hotaru alone. They were rarely born at the same time. And only twice had Hotaru been the eldest of the two. This time they'd been born nine years apart. "I found him Ren." Her attention was instantly grabbed.

"I knew you could." She said with a smile, and picked up her glass again, taking a sip. She smiled into the rim, her eyes focused on the crystal clear cubes that floated on the surface of the amber liquid. "I'm on stage in an hour. We move tomorrow night." When she looked up Hotaru was gone.


"Nice Digs." Duo whistled. He saw Quatre's smile out of the corner of his eye. "Is there anywhere you don't own a house?"

This time Quatre chuckled. "Yes Duo. Many places. But we've done a considerable amount of business in Tokyo. I thought it best to grab up this Condo while it was available."

"This isn't a Condo." Duo said. "It's a fucking mansion on stilts." Quatre chuckled again, and Duo smiled. He enjoyed when his quips actually hit home. Rare was it, that he got anything more than a stoic glare.

The 'Condo' consisted of two floors and five bedrooms, five bathrooms. The bottom floor housed three bedrooms, and the top floor consisted of two bedrooms, a sizable kitchen and a large living area. Beneath them were more Condos, but they occupied the top two floors. The view was amazing. All skylines and city lights.

"So where do we start?" Trowa asked. He was leaning on an expensive looking leather couch. Quatre looked at him with eyes rimmed in red. The trip here had been hard on him. There were a lot of people in Tokyo.

"With sleep." He said. "Your bedrooms have all been laid out. Hiiro, Wufei and Duo downstairs. Trowa and I up here." Duo raised an eyebrow, but chose not to comment. Quatre didn't need his meddling right now. And Trowa would probably punch him. Why they always remained so close in sleeping quarters wasn't really his business anyway.

"You can sleep." He said, scanning the room. His eyes rested on Quatre. "You should sleep. But I'm gonna go out and hit the town."

Wufei rolled his eyes with a groan. "Do try to be sober in the morning, won't you?" He said gruffly, and then under his breath. "Braided Baka."

"Hey, I'll try to catch some leads while I'm out." Duo said, but couldn't help the smile that spread across his face. "You could come with."

"To those seedy places you think of as fun?" Wufei said. "I'll pass." He turned for the elevator down to the second floor, and Hiiro went with him. Sometimes he wondered if those two were hiding something from him as well. They'd make an interesting couple. He wondered vaguely if they'd make any noise in bed. He shook his head. God he needed a drink. He headed instead for the stairs. A walk down twelve flights would do him good.

"Duo." He turned just in time to catch the keys Quatre had flung through the air. "There's three cars in the lot. Pick one." Duo grinned wide and nodded in thanks, heading on his way.

He was sweating only slightly when he reached the parking deck below the condos. Cars were a commodity in Tokyo. A Condo with one even more so. Duo vaguely wondered just how much Quatre had paid. He couldn't help the slackening of his jaw when he saw the spaces labeled to match the Condo's number. Beneath the numerals 222 were a sleek Black Jag, a Black Extended Hummer, and a Dark Green Mustang. "Oh baby." He said aloud. "Daddy is home." He ran his hand over the hood of the Mustang, fingered through the keys in his hand, and opened the door. It smelled new. The seats were beige leather. The dash lit up light green. "Quatre you have amazing taste." Fitting in the key, he turned it, and was rewarded with the smooth purr of the engine. "Fuck yeah." He shifted into reverse, and took the ramp out to the busy Road.

He knew vaguely where the red-light district was. He'd been to Tokyo a few times. But Quatre had just recently bought this Condo. He liked the red-light district for three reasons. They catered easily to foreigners, they had every poison you could think of, and they had lots and lots of pretty girls.

It took a half an hour to get there because of traffic, but when he pulled into the parking-lot of the Moon Lit Night, he knew he'd found the right place. A valet took his key, and a stunning Asian in a black dress was there to greet him at the door. He felt under-dressed in his plain black button up, with black slacks and black sneakers. She didn't seem to mind. She playfully tugged on the rim of his black baseball cap and ran her fingers down the length of his braid over his shoulder before offering her arm. Her accent was thick, but he understood her well enough.

"Welcome to Moon Lit Night Sir." He smiled, and was pleased when she smiled back. He took her arm and she led him inside. She left him at the door with a soft kiss on the cheek and a smile. He nodded his appreciation and took a good look. Gorgeous women in long gowns were in abundance. Some were natives. Some Americans. Some from different countries all together. Plenty of variety. His kind of place. He smiled and found a table of his own close to the stage. A waiter appeared immediately. He ordered a bourbon on the rocks and sat back to watch the show.

A brunette with legs that went on forever spun the pole right now. Her green eyes were so piercing that he doubted any man could resist. He scanned the room. Any of these girls would do. His bourbon came and he swished it down, barely tasting it before ordering another, and telling the waiter to keep them coming.

This, and one lucky, pretty girl. Would help him forget tonight.


So end the first chapter of Mona Lisa. I decided to take this story down and reload it, to fix a few plot holes and shorten the chapters a bit. I hope you enjoyed! Look out for the next chapter of Mona Lisa soon!


For those who didn't know...

1 : Onnas : Women

2 : Omae O Korosu : I'll kill you