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:Mona Lisa:


I knew they wouldn't understand. And maybe only for the pure fact that his name wasn't on the list. But I knew what he could do. What he had done. First hand. Yes, it was stupid. Reckless. But I couldn't let him live one more day. Not one more day, being the monster behind the face I'd once loved. If Mamo were here, he'd have begged me to do it. I am not sane, in any way, shape, or form. But I'm fucking justified.


:Chapter Four : Monster:


She didn't know how long it would be until they caught up. The Gundam boys weren't poised at the top for no reason. They were the best at what they did, and she and Hotaru no longer had the ability to disappear at will. She did know that if it came down to a fight, she'd die before she let them touch her charge.

She shook her head to clear it. She needed to focus right now. They were back in Tokyo. And currently moving through a hotel in full glamour, inching ever closer to the man she'd wanted dead since twelve years old. Hotaru had gotten information that he ran a brothel out of a hotel down the street. They wanted to be as close as possible when they made their move.

Hotaru looked like a pale pixie, her eyes sky blue and her hair short, cropped, and blonde. Serenity had chosen to color her hair a vibrant red. Hers was short too, shoulder length, and her eyes emerald green. When the room door had finally closed behind them, Hotaru dropped her glamour with a sigh, running her hand through her dark hair.

"What?" She asked when Serenity was caught smirking at her. "I don't make a good blonde." Serenity just smiled, setting her bag down and surveying the room. It wasn't bad. two twin beds, a desk, a TV. As well as a separate sitting room with a small kitchenette and a couch. She sat on one of the beds, and her glamour dropped as well. She raised an eyebrow at Hotaru's stare.

"What?" She asked. Hotaru shook her head.

"Nothing. Just, it's been a long time since I've seen you like that." Serenity brought her hands up to the long hair that cascaded over her shoulders now, stark molten silver. Her eyes had not been that same silver in quite some time. She knew instead, they were a deep charcoal grey.

"I've been Amity for a long time." She said, toying with the curls at the bottom of her long hair. "I guess it's about time to be Serenity again."

Hotaru set her bags down by the adjacent bed, and sat down as well. "That's good to hear." She leaned over to unzip the duffel bag, and pulled out a thin knife, unsheathing it and slipping it beneath her pillow. It was something morbid and amusing at the same time.

"Gomen-ne. Hotaru-chan." Serenity said, because suddenly she was, so very,very sorry. Hotaru looked at her with her thickly lashed violet eyes, and smiled.

"Never say you're sorry." She said, and stretched herself out on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. "Better to have you, than nothing. Better to learn than to be naive. Besides, I have a strong feeling that no matter the circumstance, this would be my life. It was always destined to be."

"The Light and the Dark." Serenity said, and she laid herself out on her bed too, copying Hotaru's position. The ceiling was that stucko stuff that pricked your hands if you touched it. It was a meaningless observation, a passing, distracting thought. "I have always wished for a normal life for you, my little love."

"And I have always wished to be right by your side." Hotaru said easily. "I guess my wishes are stronger." Serenity couldn't help cracking a grin. Goddess she loved her. It made things harder and easier at the same time. "So, now what?"

"We wait." She said, closing her eyes to the room around her. She could feel Hotaru next to her. A ball of black and swirling purple at the edge of her consciousness. It wasn't something she used often, her powers of empathy. She had long since learned how to block it all out. It was a useful but distracting tool. And as strong as hers was, it was better off pushed down, where it bothered her little. "He'll come out of hiding soon enough."

"And the boys?" She asked.

"Will catch up with us sooner or later." Serenity said. There was no question. She'd damned them with her selfishness. Given them a lead they'd not otherwise have had. But again, she thought. It mattered little. As long as Hota was safe, everything would be fine. She'd be dead in a little more than a year. She didn't tell Hotaru, because she knew she'd disagree, and strongly at that. But she fully intended to give herself up. She wasn't sure how she'd manage it yet, but she'd make sure Hotaru was free.

"Whatever you're thinking Ren." Hotaru said from the bed next to hers. "I suggest you stop now." Serenity sighed, and smiled, but kept her eyes closed.

"I thought you said you weren't psychic." She could feel the girl smiling from across the room. Heard her reach over to turn off the small light that lit the room they were in, flooding the room in darkness.

"I'm not."


"So babe, you were saying?" The attractive blonde giggled, and took another sip of the fruity drink he'd bought her himself. Hiiro looked moody and uncomfortable next to him, and he was enjoying every minute of it.

"Her name is Hota. As far as I know. Or at least that's what Amity always called her." She looked from him to Hiiro again, saying airily. "She's not in any trouble, is she? I always thought the customers Amity took home were kind of shady. And Hota was so young, we all worried at what Amity was doing with such a young thing... here of all places."

"She's part of an ongoing investigation." Duo said smoothly, sipping on his glass of bourbon. he looked up when a strong hand set on his shoulder, and looked up from his seat at a tall Italian, with shocking green eyes.

"Would you mind coming with me?" He asked, and his voice was thick with charm. Duo really had to work to hide a quick shot at Hiiro, who's hand traveled instantly to his gun. He tucked it away at Duo's pointed look, much to his relief, and stood with him. They followed the man to a lavish office in the back. When they had both taken seats, the man closed the door behind them, shutting out the sounds of the busy club. "My girls tell me you're looking for Amity."

"Yeah. We are." Duo said with a smile, draining the last of his bourbon and setting the glass on the man's broad mahogany desk.

"My girls also tell me you went home with her last night." Duo smiled brighter.

"That, is also true. But we didn't go home. We went to a hotel, and I woke up to an empty bed." The man smiled back.

"I've heard it's a common occurence. But Amity's not here. From what I hear, you were the last person to see her. She and Hota disappeared last night."

"So we've heard." Duo said with a chuckle. "And you are?"

"Alot closer to them than you." The man said. Duo knew fighting words when he heard them. "Is your friend mute or something?" Duo knew Hiiro was glaring without looking at him. The face on the man in front of him said it all. He put his hands up as soon as the click of Hiiro's magnum echoed through the room.

The man across the desk froze, the smile dropping from his face. "Look man," Duo said, the smile still on his lips as he slowly returned his hands to the arm of his chair. "I don't want trouble. But my friend here, he thrives on it." He reached into his pocket and pulled out his preventers badge. He didn't like doing it. He didn't like feeling like he was working for anyone. The badge only ever came out in instances when Hiiro... was being Hiiro. The man leaned over, looking at it quickly and nodding before her returned his gaze to the gun.

"Amity kept to herself. But she was one of my best workers. Brought in the most money. Hota would pop in and out. Young thing, dark hair. Amazing violet eyes. I had hopes she'd join the crew when she was old enough."

"Well aren't you a gem." Duo said, his smile hardening. "I doubt you'll get your wish. Not that it matters to me either way. Thanks for the help."

"You're welcome." The man said snidely, and Duo stood, patting Hiiro hard on the arm. It took his comrade a second, but he turned his best death glare on the man and returned his magnum to it's holster beneath his jacket. He slammed the door on his way out, but it didn't make him feel much better.

"Prick." He said when they had finally left the noise of the club behind. Hiiro waited for the valet to pull his car around, jumping in the driver's seat. Duo tipped the man, and climbed in as well. "What now?" He said when they had returned to the road.

"Laptop." Hiiro said. Duo sighed.

"Good. Then I'm taking a nap."


"What is it you're hiding from me love?" Hotaru tightened her grip around the staff of the weapon over her shoulder, and turned her brown eyes on Serenity's blue-green. Her favorite catsuit felt constricting at the moment. She had tied her hair up so it wouldn't fall in her eyes, but already wisps were escaping. She blew them away restlessly. Serenity wore a tight outfit as well, one Hotaru had fashioned for her herself. It was a tight corset like top, with skin tight leggings, all in black. Her arms were wrapped in gauzy black cloth from palm to elbow. They both wore knee high boots, laced tight.

"Is now really the best time to be asking me that?" She asked. Serenity smiled in return, moving a tendril of honey brown hair from her eyes with the barrel of her gun. They were currently navigating the hallways of the dark brothel. It was early morning, two days since they'd returned from Hiroshima, and it was quiet. Too quiet.

She moved her line of sight when a moan echoed down the hallway, and supressed a groan. Maybe not. "Well?" Her eyes turned back to Serenity. She looked her up and down and thought carefully before answering.

"Setsuna came to visit me the other day." Serenity didn't look surprised. She moved gracefully down the hallway and Hotaru followed, finding the cover of an empty room. The brothel Seth owned was like a maze. But she'd gotten some inside information that Seth made his home there, and after that it was simple to find a blueprint of the old hotel. Serenity had guessed at which room he was in. It was the largest. Set at the back of the hotel and only accessible by elevator.

"And?" Serenity pushed, taking the reprieve to continue the conversation.

"She worries." She watched for Serenity's reaction. It was relatively what she'd expected, a shake of her head, and a sigh.

"She was supposed to tell you I'd be home late." She said, calmly checking the ammo in Rin's clip.

"I'd already figured." Hotaru said, and busied her hands with checking the ammunition in her gun. "Ren... Are you with me?"

Serenity jammed the clip back into Rin with a loud click, smiling as she looked at Hotaru fondly. "To the end." She whispered, mildly surprised by her charge's question.

Hotaru smiled softly, gripping her own weapon over her shoulder and reveling in the familiar heft. "I wish that made me feel better."


"We're close." Hotaru's breath was short. Serenity quickly ripped a length of cloth from her arm. She'd asked Hotaru to make her outfit versatile in this way. Her eyes were soft at the hiss from Hotaru's lips as she pulled it tight around her thigh, where a bullet had burrowed itself deep in the flesh.

"I know." She said softly. "Which is why you're staying here." Hotaru's eyes blazed instantly. She'd known she was going to meet resistance.

"Like hell I am." She said, but when she tried to stand she faltered. Serenity smiled softly. She checked Rin's clip. Three bullets left. Sighing, she released it from the gun and produced a new one from Rin's holster. It was all she had left. They hadn't expected Seth to have quite so much security. Even the girls were toting.

"You'll only slow me down and you know it." Serenity said, as softly as she could manage while still making her point. Hotaru's eyes still blazed, but Serenity could see the understanding there. She put the staff of Hotaru's prized weapon, her collapsible scythe, in her hand. Hotaru flicked it with an expert wrist and it extended. She looked menacing standing there. "Be careful, Little Mesume."

"You be careful, Mama." Hotaru said, and her glamour melted away, short honey brown hair darkening, and brown eyes shifting to pure violet. It was only in rough times they called eachother so. Times when winning was uncertain. Serenity reached out and ruffled Hotaru's hair fondly, before carrying herself to the door and exiting quietly. She was pissed. More angry than she'd let Hotaru see. She was not supposed to be hurt. No one hurt her charge. This battle would end with more lives than she'd come for because of it.

She took down two girls with headshots as she came around the corner, ignoring the pang in her chest at the loss. She was not built to kill the innocent. But these misguided fools were in her way. She and Hotaru had already made their way up the elevator. It was the reason Hotaru had gotten hurt. There had been four armed guards waiting when the doors opened. They had also found that the top floor had been remodeled. Something that had not been included in the original blueprint. She'd left Hotaru in the first room on the left.

She turned the corner and fired off two more shots in succession, and when the bodies fell they revealed an ornate door. This was it. She moved to it with practiced grace, and without thinking it completely through, she kicked the door in, flinching when two bullets whizzed her way and buried themselves in her flesh.

One had passed completely through her left side. The other was imbedded in her right shoulder. She narrowed her eyes, staring down the barrel of her gun. Seth stood in the middle of the room, behind a large desk. Two men stood on either side of him, and in the corner of the room were two small girls, chained to the wall and looking terrified.

"Bold." Seth's voice was just like Mamoru's, but with none of the kind tones she remembered. "Just two of you coming here." He tapped his fingers on the wood of his desk. "Where's the other one?" He asked, a smirk upon his features.

"Bite me." He looked her up and down, and she shivered at the look in his eyes. She remembered it all too well. He'd always look at her that way before the beatings. Before the rape.

"I'd be glad to oblige. If you lay your weapon down, perhaps I'll keep you as my toy for a bit before I kill you." Serenity laughed. She was ignoring the pain, silencing it forcibly.

"I was your toy." She said, the smile still lingering on her lips. "A long time ago. But no more." With a steady hand she dispatched of Seth's two guards, only relaxing when their bodies hit the ground. They hadn't even a chance to fire another bullet. She didn't know if it was the pain or the looks on their distorted faces that made her nauseous, but she pushed this away too. She'd been worse than this. She'd seen worse than this.

Seth, for all his bravado earlier, looked pale now. "Who are you?" He asked. She watched his hands. They fumbled for something beneath the desk. With cat-like grace, she sprinted towards him, flipping up onto his desk and landing before him, the barrel of Rin pressed to his forehead. She'd thought once, that when this moment came, she wouldn't be able to pull the trigger. That his face and the memories that came with it would stay her hand. But she didn't see Mamoru when she looked into his eyes. There was only scared, stupid Seth. A coward. A rapist. A murderer of hopes and dreams.

She let her glamour drop, and this time fully enjoyed the look on his face. "Serenity." She nodded slowly, a smile spread across her features.

"Bet you thought you'd never see me again, ne Seth?" She asked, tilting her head. "Bet you thought I died on the streets." Her finger tensed on the trigger when he opened his mouth. "No. You don't get to speak. You don't get to try to explain. You must have heard the rumours. Of the silver eyed vixen exacting revenge. I can't believe you didn't put it together. I mean, how many silver-eyed girls do you know?"

He whimpered, and her eyes narrowed, though the smile still hung on her lips. She shifted her vision to the scared looking girls in the corner for a moment. They were both very pretty. Couldn't be much older than fourteen. "Did you sucker them in too with promises of love and care?" He twitched, and with her free hand she pulled a knife from her boot, shoving it through the palm of his hand, and leaving him pinned to the desk. The gun he'd been groping for beneath the desk clattered to the tile floor. "Poor Seth. You suckered the wrong girl. Now you'll never touch one again."

She didn't flinch when she pulled the trigger. Didn't blink. Not when his blood spattered her face, Nor when his body slid sideways and her knife clattered to the desk, undone by the dead weight. She stared with even eyes at the mangled face of the one she'd once known, the one she'd once loved. No more. He wasn't Mamoru anymore.

She turned at the sound of a gun clicking behind her, and caught eyes with the assailant just in time to see her head fly from her shoulders. Hotaru stood behind her, covered in the spray of blood that was not her own.

"I thought I told you to stay." She said softly, unable to push any emotion into her voice. Hotaru smirked.

"And I didn't listen." She said. "Good thing. You got the job done and let your guard down. You look more banged up than I am." Serenity looked dully at the wounds she had sustained. They had already slowed in their bleeding. She could feel the bullet in her shoulder slowly working it's way out. It burned like fire.

"Unchain them." Serenity said, and Hotaru moved to the two girls, pulling a bobby pin from her hair. It was useless for much more than picking locks. Hotaru's hair refused to be tied up, even in glamour.

As the girls ran scared from the room, Serenity picked up the phone on the desk, pressing three numbers. "119. Nani osagashi desu ka?"

"1327 Hiroki Street." Serenity said calmly into the receiver. "Come pick up the bodies. Tell them Shini No Kisu and Kemuri No Kaze send their highest regards." She set the receiver down then, and smiled at the shocked look on Hotaru's face.

"Let's go." And shaking her head, Hotaru followed her out, past the carnage, and outside to their cycles. It was a long, silent walk. When they started them up and sped away, the sirens were just sounding in the distance.


"Get up. Now." Hiiro's voice broke through the dark warmth of his sleep, and he sat up straight reflexively, brushing the stray hairs from his eyes.

"What the hell man?" Duo asked, only opening one eye to look at his friend. Hiiro shoved his gun into his hand, after picking it up from it's usual place on his desk. Seeing how serious he was, he pulled a long knife from beneath his pillow as well, and jammed it into a sheath that was attached to his belt. He'd been sleeping in his jeans, but was shirtless, and quickly grabbed a black tee on his way out, jamming his gun into it's holster from the desk and clipping that to his belt as well.

"They're close. And wounded." Hiiro said, already walking towards the elevator with Duo close behind, pulling his shirt over his head and shaking his hair free from it.

"How do you know?" Duo asked. He ignored the pang in his chest at the wounded part. The anger was fresher. Trowa, Wufei and Quatre were already waiting at the car when they hit the parking floor.

"They shot up a brothel. And then called the cops." Hiiro said. Duo froze in his tracks.

"Excuse me?" He said incredulously, still trying to shake off the sleepiness in his limbs. "Two girls on the run, called the cops on themselves?"

"Get in the car baka." Wufei said with a sneer. "We can chat about how idiotic our targets are on the way."

Duo rolled his eyes and hopped in the passenger seat. Hiiro took the wheel, and Wufei, Quatre and Trowa spread themselves across the back. It was an eight passenger vehicle, and very spacious.

"I just recently came across some information, or I might not have caught them at all." Hiiro said calmly. "Quatre had alerted the cops to inform us if any suspicious calls came through, or if any deaths matching our perps were discovered. The dispatcher didn't even know what she had."

"She called and informed me that a Shini No Kisu, and Kemuri No Kaze rang the station at around 8:05 am. They spoke english, said to come pick up the bodies, and that they sent their highest regards. They also left the street address. The cops were led to a massacre. Twelve dead. Including this guy." Quatre handed Duo a picture of a suave looking japanese man, with piercing blue eyes, looking smug. "His name is Seth Corrodin. He's on the watch list, but we've never actually been able to prove he's done anything wrong."

"They killed Five of his girls. Six were security." Trowa said. Duo felt almost hurt that he'd been the last to know, but didn't voice it.

"How do we know it's them? How do you know they're wounded?" He shot both questions at once. Quatre answered obligingly as they all held on for dear life when Hiiro rounded a corner at top speed, ignoring all speed lights and maneuvering around the cars in their way.

"Hiiro only just found it last night. The conversation among criminals in this area is to watch your back for these two. The Kiss of Death, and Smoke on the Wind."

"Which I assume is what the first names mean in plain english." He ignored Wufei's snort from the back seat. He'd never cared much for learning other languages. Quatre nodded, as Duo handed back the picture of the now deceased Seth Corrodin.

"We know they're wounded because there were witnesses. We're going to interview two girls they left alive. The cops say they saw them both firsthand."

"Either they got sloppy or they stopped caring." Wufei said grimly from the back. "They wanted this guy bad enough that they attacked in broad daylight, mere miles away from the club they knew we were checking out.

Duo could see the crowding of cop cars and ambulances when they pulled up. "We'll take the upstairs." Wufei said, nodding at Trowa. "You and Quatre interview the girls."

Hiiro was already walking towards the police chief. He'd barely parked the car before his door was open. Nodding, Duo filed out of the car as well, heading to the back of an ambulance where two girls sat, huddled together beneath blankets.

"Are these them?" He asked the police officer standing next to him. He looked confused, until Quatre addressed him in Japanese, then nodded and waved a hand at the girls. They looked wary, but loosened when Quatre smiled. He had that effect in close quarters, even with the strain the crowd seemed to be causing him. Duo worried at how pale he looked, but turned his attention to the girls before him. They couldn't have been more than fifteen.

"My name is Quatre." The blond Arabian said softly. "And this is Duo. We just came to ask some questions about the girls you saw."

"My name is Keira, that's Keli." The first girl piped up."Those girls saved us." She was the older looking of the two. She had bright green eyes and long brown hair. "They were angels."

"But Hama and Marcus shot them." Said the other, a blonde with blue eyes. "They were both bleeding alot."

"And then they shot Seth!" The other said, her voice raising in volume. At the sound of his name however, both girls instantly looked scared again, their eyes flitting about uneasily.

"Did they say anything?" Quatre prodded gently. Keria nodded.

"She told Seth. That she was done being his toy. He called her..." She looked at the other girl, and when their eyes met, the name slid off both of their tongues at the same time. "Serenity."

Duo's heart dropped in his chest. For a moment, his vision went black. That name was a shock to his system. When he blinked Quatre was looking at him with eyes full of blurry tears. "Duo..." Duo put a shaky hand up to stop him and turned back to the girls.

"What did they look like?" His voice came out harsher and more frantic than he'd meant it to, and the girls shrunk back in fear. Sighing heavily, he turned back to Quatre, who collected himself enough to speak again, though his hand clenched uselessly at the fabric over his heart.

"Please girls. If they're wounded, we need to find them, to be able to help them." Duo was surprised at Quatre's expert working of situation. Then again his head was much to frazzled to think.

"One was taller." Keli said softly. "With long silver hair, and dark eyes. The other was slightly shorter. With short dark hair and violet eyes. Like yours." She nodded at Duo, but he was struck still. She continued anyways. "The girl with the silver hair changed." Keira tried to shush her gently, but Keli pushed her friend's hand away. "No it's true! Keira saw it too, but the cops didn't believe us. First she was brown haired with green eyes. Then she changed. Like, the colors just melted off."

Quatre looked at him, but he wasn't sure if it was because his heart had stopped beating in his chest or because the girl had just said the color had 'melted off' one of the girls. Maybe it was both. Serenity? Long silver hair? Could there be that many coincidences? The sound of her voice, the smell of her on the sheets... It couldn't have been. Serenity Maclaine was dead. He'd visited the grave. She was buried right next to... Hotaru Adelle. He leaned hard against the side of the ambulance. This couldn't be happening.

Quatre's hand was on his arm, and through sheer force of will he pushed everything back down, and sent a smile the Arabian's way. He did not look at all convinced that his comrade was okay, but he removed his hand and turned back to the girls.

"Thank you." He said softly, and when he turned to walk away Duo nodded numbly and followed. When they were next to the car, he leaned heavily on the hood, and took a deep heaving breath. Quatre peered at him with curious, pain filled blue eyes.

"Duo..." Duo flicked his gaze to Quatre's, and tried to ignore the gasp when the blond met his gaze full on.

"She can't be alive." Duo said breathlessly. "She can't be." His voice had turned hard.

"Who Duo?" Quatre whispered, reaching out a hand. When his fingers finally touched the fabric of his sweatshirt, he knew the man could feel his turmoil.

"Serenity." He whispered.


"They saw our faces." Hotaru said finally. Because the silence was paining her more than the ebb of her bullet wound. "Heard your name."

"I know Hota." Serenity said quietly. She was lying on the bed cradling her shoulder. They'd changed and showered since the brothel, and dressed the wounds that were rapidly healing. Already the bleeding had stopped, but the damage was a slow repair.

"And we're just going to sit here?" Hotaru couldn't help sounding exasperated.

"Yes." Serenity said, and it bothered Hotaru that her voice was still so soft and so calm. "They won't expect us to be so close."

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Hotaru finally asked. "Because I don't get it Ren." Serenity's eyes were so empty when she looked at her that she brought her hand to her lips and gasped. "When did you give up?"

"A long time ago Hota." She said, and her voice was as void of emotion as her eyes. "What use is trying to run from this?" She sighed then. And looked old... tired. "I'm sorry if it scares you, but I tire of this Firefly."

Hotaru wasn't sure what to say anymore. Wasn't sure what to do. Serenity seemed to sense it, even though she had returned to her relaxed position on her back and closed her eyes.

"Don't Love." She said. "Just let it go. I will be beside you to the bitter end." And then, softer. "The very bitter end."

"Ren..." Serenity cut her off, her voice still eerily calm.

"Please Hota." She said. "Please." And though there was no emotion in her voice, Hotaru felt the pang in her chest like it had been her own. Felt Serenity's heart breaking. And it made her wonder. How long would it be before she broke too? Another lifetime? Two? What would the fates be left with but well honed machines?

And then it dawned on her that maybe that was what they'd always wanted. Thier souls had been damned to something worse than death. But there was no going back. There was only the slope they traveled, further forward, further down. It hurt. Goddess it hurt.


"What the fuck is wrong with him?" He could hear Wufei, but chose not to comment. They had all gathered back in the car, and were driving back to the condo to research with the addition of their new information. Unfortunately the girls had a few hours on them. They'd left the brothel around 8. They had not arrived at the scene until noon.

"Something the girls said." Quatre said quietly. He had at least seemed hesitant to say anything. But Duo knew how important this information was. No matter how it affected him.

"Tell them, Quatre." he said, his voice coming out hoarse, as if he was losing it.

"We got a name." Quatre said softly. "Serenity. And descriptions. Although they're muddied. One girl was definitely shorter, with short dark hair and eyes of violet. The other started with long brown hair and green eyes. But according to the girls, the colors... shifted. To silver hair and dark eyes."'

"Shifted?" Trowa asked with a raised eyebrow. Quatre shrugged. He looked paler than Duo liked. He could see him in his side-mirror.

"Her exact words were that 'the colors just melted off'." The blond said, finally.

"Silver and grey?" Hiiro repeated in his trademark monotone, and Duo could feel his comrade's eyes on him. The SUV stopped suddenly. "Duo?"

He'd pulled over in an abandoned parkinglot. For a moment he stared out the window, and the silence was deafening. They were at least all polite enough to let him break it himself. "If I'm right. And Gods how can I be?" He slammed his fist into the dashboard and was rewarded with the tight bite of pain. He took a deep breath. "If I'm right their names are Serenity Maclaine and Hotaru Adelle." His voice betrayed him, and he could say no more.

He wasn't sure if it was anger, sadness. What it was. But it hurt right down to the core.


And so... Seth has been dispatched of. And Hotaru and Serenity delve deeper in the darkness that is their everlasting their souls be saved? How will Duo cope with the fact that the one he's thought dead for so long might actually be alive? With the fact that, for just a night, he'd had her wrapped in his arms? What will the future bring for both parties? You'll have to read on. Look for the next chapter of Mona Lisa.


For those who didn't know...

4 : 119. Nani osagashi desu ka? : 911. How can I assist you?