Harry Potter and Death's Revenge

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Rating is mature for language and violence.

Genera: Drama, Romance.

Ships: Harry Potter/ Hermione Granger

(recap end of chapter 2)

The Grangers were still trying to deal with the fact of their daughter's marriage to Harry. Monica was driving, thinking about where they would stay.

Chapter 3: Travel and Murder

"Wendell, do you think that my mum's old place would be safe?" Monica asked her husband.

Wendell Granger thought a few minutes before replying. "I think so, no one in the magical world even knows your maiden name.

Monica's maiden name was Ashworth and she'd given the names of Hermione Jane to her daughter Hermione from her own mother's middle and first name. Jane Hermione Ashworth had been a strong woman of exceptional intelligence. That she'd also been a powerful witch had been kept secret from those outside the family, fearing that Gellert Grindelwald would learn of her and harm the family.

Monica shuddered at the thought that Ashworth was a known magical name and would certainly draw attention if research was done. She relaxed at the thought that her background was not checked beyond the fact she was thought to be a muggle dentist along with her husband.

There was a family tree, however, and the Ministry of Magic did keep records. In truth, Monica was a squib as was Wendell. The magical world didn't really pay attention to squibs, although it should have. Magic had a way of resurfacing, sometimes generations afterwards. There was no such thing as a magical coming from a pure muggle. Magic produced witches and wizards, plain and simple. The gene often fell dormant but was never extinguished except on death.

Jane Ashworth had died a couple of years ago, having lived a full and happy, if somewhat lonely, life. Her husband Scott Ashworth had been killed years ago in a train wreck, after siring Monica. Monica barely remembered her father.

"Right then, I still remember the way," Wendell stated confidently. "It is a bit of a drive, we'll have to overnight somewhere."

"Let's go there, Love," Monica stated with hope. "I still have the key my mum gave me when I married you." Dobby had retrieved it from the wall safe along with their other heirlooms.

The Ashworths lived on the east coast of Scotland at Stonehaven Aberdeenshire, a town of some 9000 souls. The harbour was a well defended port from early times and now became haven to the Grangers and Potters.

Monica's childhood home was well built of solid stone construction. The Grangers had last visited when her mother died, but had retained a retired friend of her mum to look after the grounds and house. Archie MacAdams welcomed the family when they arrived.

"Hello Archie," Monica greeted the dour Scot. "How's the family?"

"Ach, we're gettin' by. 'Tis good tae see ye Lass, 'tis bin awhile."

"Everything shipshape Archie?" Wendell asked.

"Aye, jist a wee bit a dustin tae dae is all," he replied.

"Archie, you remember Hermione, this is her husband Harry," Monica introduced the pair.

"Ach, lass ye're lookin' richt bonnie, and the lad is a strong lookin' chap."

Handshakes were given and they moved in.

The Dark Lord was restive. The fight at the Ministry was a mistake and just when he thought to kill the boy, Albus Dumbledore interfered. He'd sent his best Death Eaters to the Ministry that night to retrieve the prophesy; damn incompetent fools couldn't even do a simple task like that. Potter had hurt him and worst of all, the Ministry was now aware he'd come back. He wasn't prepared yet, he'd just lost twelve of his best and yet a handful of school children had beat them. "Damn!" he swore loudly. Now, to make things even worse, the men he'd sent to the Grangers on advice from Snape, had proved ineffective. The girl had gone, along with her parents and probably with Potter. Some days he just couldn't get a break.

Bella had laughed off Potter's curse, but he knew she'd felt it. When had the boy got the balls to cast that? You really had to hate someone to cast it effectively.

Now the boy had disappeared, Merlin only knew where. He'd send out search teams, of course, but with little hope of finding him. Time for new plans.

Albus was still seething; the new school year was still two months away, but he'd counted on getting the Potter brat's gold from his Trust Vault. Keeping the Granger mudblood away from Potter was proving to be a right headache. He'd counted on the two youngest Weasleys to keep them apart, but that obviously didn't work. His spies had spotted Potter and Granger, as well as her parents entering Gringotts, but had not told him in time. He'd wasted an entire afternoon trying to convince the Goblins to hand over Potter's gold. He now felt like a fool in retrospect. Of course the Goblins wouldn't hand over the brat's gold, he was still alive and had instructed them to lock down his vault. That shouldn't have stopped him, so he must have talked them into reading the Potter Will, as well as the Black Will. Albus cursed up a storm. He must have demanded to be emancipated.

"Well, Fudge can damn well earn the money I've been paying him from Potter's Trust Vault. He can get the Wizengamot to overturn the emancipation. Potter still has two years before he's eligible to claim emancipation."

Albus had forgotten a critical rule. As the last Potter and heir to the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter, he could have claimed emancipation years ago. The Goblins had told him that when Harry turned eleven, but he ignored them.

Severus Snape was still smarting from the beating he'd received at the hands of the muggle. The man was admittedly much larger than him, with a brutish personality, but without his wand, Severus could do little. The muggle had broken both arms and legs, plus several ribs. He still had headaches and although Madam Pomfrey had healed him, the damn headaches would not go away. He'd reported to the Dark Lord that Potter and the Grangers had escaped before the house had been torched. He had not been well pleased and the Crucio curse had been held for almost a minute. Snape could not seem to get a break (other than the ones inflicted from that cursed muggle). Maybe he'd visit that man tonight and kill him. Yes, that would help his need for revenge!

As midnight approached, Severus Snape slipped into the quiet police station by a side door that another constable had just exited. Approaching the row of cells that he'd been kept in, he sneered in contempt at how easy this would be, never paying attention to the surveillance cameras that tracked his progress. The muggle was fast asleep when he cast the killing curse and exited the same way he came in.

The next day, the man was discovered and the same constable noted after viewing the tapes, that Snape had killed him with a killing curse. Constable Duncan O'Hara had immediately notified his contact at the DMLE and supplied a copy of the tape.

Madam Bones was furious. Obliviator's would be kept busy with the local police, disguising the cause of death. She thanked Constable O'Hara and paid him the usual reward for the information. Now she had the evidence to arrest Snape. She'd been waiting for the opportunity to do so for years. The wand he'd obtained would not be cleared this time, Ollivander had assured her. A special version of a Priori Incantato spell would show every spell the wand had spit out.

Amelia rubbed her hands in glee, Snape would go down!

As the Grangers and Potters settled down for the evening, Monica called Hermione for some girl talk.

"I know you and Harry are married, Hermione, but I'm a little uncomfortable with you sleeping together since you're both so young."

"Muuum!" Hermione knew her mother would not be happy, but she was Harry's wife now. "Harry and I WILL be sleeping together. Sleeping, Mum, we're both not ready for anything more than that. Legally we are married since I'm sixteen, although Harry is fifteen until his birthday at the end of July."

Monica sighed, she knew her daughter well and had the same stubborn streak she herself had. "I can't really forbid you and Harry to do anything, Hermione, but please be careful. I don't want to become a grandmother just yet."

"Haven't you heard me, mother? We're not ready yet. In any case, we've lived in the same castle, in the same dormitory, if not the same room for five years. Nothing has happened beyond a bit of kissing and that's only recent."

"You know your father will have 'The Talk' with Harry, and I don't think he'll be happy about doing that. Your father usually leaves it to me to lay down the law, as it were, but we've moved beyond that. I'll want you two to have a proper wedding and that means a church. It's going to take a bit of time to get used to this, but I do like Harry, so that's a plus."

"This is what we want too, Mum, and it'll solidify our status in the muggle world. Dumbledore will find out soon enough and may try to annul it, but it won't work. Dumbledore and the Weasley family have plans for Harry and it doesn't include me, or for that matter him, living very long. Dumbledore has controlled Harry for years and had hoped that he and I would die years ago. Oh, he wouldn't do anything directly himself, he'll have someone else try to kill us."

Monica was shocked. "What? Why would the headmaster do that?"

"It's all about Harry, a prophesy and Harry's money," she answered. Dumbledore wants the Potter fortune and he needs Harry to die now in order to claim it. I'm Harry's closest friend, now wife, and he sees me as keeping Harry safe. The Weasleys are in his pocket completely, as he has always funded their schooling. In the Tri-Wizard Tournament, Charley Weasley made sure Harry got the most dangerous dragon, under orders from Dumbledore. Ron Weasley was under orders to befriend Harry and keep him ignorant of his heritage and from getting too close to me. Ron and I always argued and Ginny was going to start feeding him potions next year."

"How do you know all this?" Monica asked.

"I can't tell you much, but we found out after we died. Don't ask for specifics, we're not allowed to tell anyone. Even this much is more than anyone else will ever be told."

Harry was having much the same conversation with Wendell, although he was much more embarrassed. Wendell understood the boy was uncomfortable but it needed to be said.

As the new household settled down to sleep, Harry cuddled next to Hermione, drawing heat from the warmth of her body pressed close to him. They'd stayed awake talking softly as long as they could, but it was difficult after the long day.

After the train ride, they'd faced a long ride back up the spine of Britain to Stonehaven. They'd stayed one night in Cambridge before heading north early the next day. It was over a thirteen hour drive from King's Cross but they had made a couple of detours and that had lengthened the journey a bit. It had taken over eight hours from Cambridge and everyone was exhausted.

Sleeping late, Harry was surprised to be the first up the next day. He'd smiled when he awoke with Hermione's bushy hair tickling him in the face as she lay using his chest as a pillow. Her hair, always a bit wild, had tamed a bit over the years and was starting to lengthen and curl instead of the wild bushy mane she had when they'd first met. Harry had always loved the rich chestnut colour, but now he had to use the loo. Carefully, so as not to wake her, he slipped out of bed, hearing a soft protest as she lost the warmth and comfortable feeling of Harry beside her.

"Mmm, Harry," she mumbled softly, as she tried to drift back to sleep. "Come back to bed Sweetheart, it's too early."

In truth, it was almost ten, and Harry's stomach gave a loud rumble. The house was quiet and after he had relieved himself, he watched as Hermione, now wide awake, dashed by him, claiming the bathroom for her morning ablutions.

When they were all fully awake and dressed, they discovered that, of course, there was no food in the house. Monica remembered that there was a decent restaurant nearby and suggested that they eat out and then shop for staples. This was met with general agreement and they drove the short distance into town.

After brunch, for by that time, it was approaching the noon hour, they stocked up on food and toiletries for a prolonged stay.

The house had been built in the seventeenth century of stone, with hardwood floors and cabinetry. Large area rugs, wall hangings and period paintings made the place a cosy retreat. The house itself, was quite large; larger than the Granger house in Woodbridge, in Suffolk County. Quite used to the East coast of England, the Grangers found Stonehaven almost the same temperature, although the sea air had a bit of tang that was missing in Woodbridge.

Today was a sunny day, warm without being too hot. The fresh breeze from the bay left the air sweet and clear.

As the little family walked, familiarizing themselves again with the town, Harry was delighted with the history as told by Hermione and expanded on by Monica.

Albus Dumbledore hated not being in control of everything and now he was grinding his teeth in frustration. Amelia Bones had just informed him that Severus Snape had been arrested and was being held in the secure lockup at the ministry. A trial was to be held tomorrow, charging Snape with murder of a muggle in a muggle jail.

"Stupid! Stupid man!" he raged. "Now when I need him most, he fails to control his urge for revenge. It would have been easy to obliviate the muggles and free him if he were charged in the muggle system. Bones will be much harder to control. She's too smart to let this case go—she's been after Severus for years. This is all Potter's fault. If he'd only stayed where he was supposed to and not disappeared with the Granger chit, everything would have worked out fine."

Severus Snape had been surprised at his home by a squad of Aurors. He'd tried to escape, but they were too well prepared and had him in magic suppressing handcuffs when he answered his door. He'd been careless, he knew, but he knew Albus would rescue him. He was doomed to be disappointed.