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Chapter 1: Arrival At Ouran

"Give me a mission." Edward demanded, bursting into the Colonel's office without so much as a hello.

Roy looked up from his paperwork, "Fullmetal, isn't this a pleasant surprise."

Ed glared at him through burning gold eyes. "I need a mission, out of town. Anywhere but here."

Roy raised an eyebrow and glanced over Edward's shoulder. Not at what was there, but more what wasn't there.

"Where's Alphonse?"

"That's not important right now," Ed snapped, "Just give me a mission out of central, hell, out of the country even."

Roy sighed, "Alright, there a mission opening in Japan if you're really that eager. It's a murder case, not exactly state alchemist material but it's the only one out of the country."

"I'll take it."

"Alright, but I'll need to fill you in on some things." Roy handed Edward a folder, and as Ed sat on the couch to read, the colonel began to explain,

"His name is Garret Dugan. He escaped from prison a few weeks ago, somehow made it to Japan and is now murdering people of all ages. We haven't found a pattern in the killings yet, and the only similarities between the victims we could find is that they are all filthy rich. You are to remain as an undercover citizen and not make yourself noticed. Blend in as best as you can. Hide your automail, your alchemy skills, and your status in the military. The people there don't know about automail or alchemy, so do your best. You are to place Garret under arrest and bring him back to Amestris. Use force if necessary."

Edward nodded, surprisingly cooperative despite his attitude, "Got it."

Roy tossed him something small, metallic and black.

"It's a cellphone," Roy explained, "Use it to contact me at anytime, I also expect you to answer it."

Edward made a sound somewhere between a grunt of irritation and a laugh.

Roy ignored it and checked the clock on the wall, "Your train leaves in one hour, you'd better stop by the bank and grab as much money as you can for travel fees and any other expenses."

Edward nodded again and glanced once more at the file in his hand. Not at the meaningless notes inside, but at the grainy picture of a man in prison clothing. His hair was jet black, and hung greasy and lank around his shoulders. His eyes were narrowed, and his lips were twisted into a wicked smile.

Furrowing his brow, Edward knew something about this man was wrong. His pupils were dilated, making it seem like he had no iris at all, and his teeth were sharp and pointed. His fingernails were long, dirty and sharpened, so much so that they looked like claws.

"He's a chimera." Edward said with realization.

Roy leaned back in his chair, "He was fused with a cougar, one of the early experiments of lab 5."

Edward's jaw tightened. He didn't like to think about chimera's, they reminded him too much of Nina,

"Alright," Edward said, disappearing from the room in seconds.

After grabbing as much money as he needed at the bank, Ed packed his bag and bought his train ticket. Thankfully, he didn't have to cross the ocean to get to Japan, but it was a long ride. Two days worth of a long ride.

After boarding the train, Edward finally let his thoughts drift to Alphonse, he couldn't help wondering if his little brother would be okay without him, then shook the thought away. Al is fourteen now, Ed told himself, He can take care of himself, he doesn't need me around all the time… that's what he said after all…

Yet Edward still couldn't shake his feelings of regret as the train pulled him away from Amestris.

When he finally arrived in Japan, Ed was suffering from serious jet-lag. His whole body felt like jelly after riding around that train for two days.

After stepping off the train and getting his first glimpse of this new country, Edward figured he should probably secure a place to stay. After walking a few blocks, Edward finally found what he was looking for, an apartment complex.

He went in and talked to the man running the place for a bit.

"Excuse me?" Edward said in practiced Japanese, "I'm looking for a place to stay, can I rent an apartment?"

"Sure thing," The man answered, Handing Ed some keys, just pay the rent at the end of every month and you have yourself a place. How long do you think you'll be staying?"

"I don't know," Edward answered honestly. It could take days, or even weeks to track down the murderer.

The man waved him off and Ed found his apartment number. Turning the key in the lock he entered, throwing his suitcase on the bed and peeling off his jacket. He had arrived late at night and he was seriously beat, he figured tomorrow he would start his search.

Edward woke early, rubbing his eyes and muttering a sleepy, "Good morning," To Alphonse. It was only when Ed realized that Al wasn't actually there and was back in central did Edward feel a sharp pang of loss and regret.

"Al doesn't want me with him;" Edward whispered to himself sharply, "Al doesn't want me to be there anymore." Yet he still couldn't shake that dull hollowness that throbbed inside his heart, reminding him constantly of his brother's absence.

Later that morning Ed went for a walk around town, just getting the feel for the place. He passed plenty of shops along the way, and he stopped by a nearby supermarket to buy some groceries. Seeing as he wasn't staying in a hotel, he would have to make do with buying his own food.

He got home later that evening feeling much better than he did the previous night. A good amount of exercise and he was ready for anything.

After putting the bags of food on the counter, Ed made his way to his room, ready to resume the search the next day. Not a moment before Edward glomped his bed, his pocket vibrated and he pulled out his phone, flipping it open to see the words ROY MUSTANG on the screen.

"Even in Japan I can't get away from this guy," Ed muttered to himself before deftly pressing the talk button and holding it up to his ear.

"Hello Fullmetal, enjoying your stay?"

"It would be a hell of a lot better if you didn't call me."

"I was just making sure you made it safely, any luck finding your target?"


"I guess you wouldn't be able to spot him, you're a little too short to see people's faces."


Ed heard Roy chuckle, which was highly infuriating to an already-hyped up blonde.

"Anyway, in order for you to blend in well with society I think you should probably go to a high school."

"Won't that take time away from the search?"

"Actually, I think it might help. All the students who attend this particular school are the children of rich families. I think if our murderer were to strike, it would be there."

Edward sighed, "Do I really have to attend? Can't I just spy on the students or something?"

"While that would be increasingly difficult with the security systems and such, I think if you pose as a student, you could gain information from the people attending if they know anything. I've already called the school and set up an arrangement for you to take the entrance exams. The name of the school is Ouran Academy, be there tomorrow."

Letting out a moan and a nearly inaudible, "Okay," Edward hung up the phone.

"Ouran Academy…" Edward muttered to himself. Glancing at the clock hanging on the wall, he realized it was late. He should be getting some sleep.

After climbing into his bed and pulling the blankets over him, Edward hoped he would easily rift off to sleep. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. He was kept awake by his thoughts of the new high school and Alphonse. It seemed Edward just couldn't take his mind off his little brother. He wondered how Al was doing, if he was worried, and if he was searching for the philosopher's stone. Ed shook his head at an attempt to erase the thoughts of his brother from his mind. It didn't work.

Edward growled in frustration, why can't I stop thinking about him? He said he didn't want me there anymore!

Edward arrived at the entrance exams fully prepared. He hadn't needed to study at all, but he had searched up what the average IQ was for students in second year high school and marked the boundaries by which to restrain himself. If he was going to have to blend in, he would make sure he was just another average student. He wouldn't involve himself in anything; if he did he might give away his position to his target.

His plan was to quietly gain information from the students, track down the murderer, and get the hell out of Japan. It wasn't anything particularly wrong with the country itself, per-say… But Ed never realized how much his home country meant to him. He wanted to be there with Winry, and Al, hell, Ed even missed granny Pinako. He couldn't care less about the Colonel though; he was a pain in the ass.

Although Ed hated to admit it, he hadn't actually been to school since before his mother died. The only people he had hung out with that were actually his age were Al, Winry, and Ling. Edward wouldn't say it out loud, but he knew he had a serious problem with his social skills.

Checking the address once more to make sure he was heading in the right direction, he rounded the corner and was nearly blinded by the severe brightness of what he knew immediately as Ouran Academy. The school was undeniably well taken care of and expensive, exactly the kind of thing Edward wasn't used to.

He narrowed his eyes and proceeded forward. Let's just get this over with, Edward thought to himself, wishing desperately that the murderer would just appear before him and arrest himself. Edward was beginning to regret ever leaving Amestris in the first place.

The office was right at the front entrance, thankfully, that way Ed wouldn't have to risk getting lost in this crazy place. He entered the office and the secretary looked up from whatever she was doing on her computer (probably face booking) and asked what Edward was doing there in Japanese.

"I'm the new transfer student." Edward replied, "I'm here to take the entrance exam."

"Oh yes," The secretary said in a bored voice, "Go in the room on your left, and the exam will take place. You have two hours.

Edward shrugged and opened the door to the room, seeing a small desk with various tools laid out just-so. He sat on the chair and picked up the pencil, beginning automatically.

During the first few questions, Edward tried to act as a normal student and really think hard as he came across each one, though once ten minutes had gone by, Edward finally thought to himself, Ah, screw it, and began answering the questions at his own pace.

He had finished within forty-five minutes and stared at the finished paper disappointedly. He knew he could've done it in thirty, if only he hadn't tried to slow down on the first questions.

Sighing, Ed picked up the stack of papers and exited the room. As he passed the secretary again he held the paper up and asked where to put it.

The secretary jumped a little at Ed's question, whether it was from his sudden question or his speed finishing the test… well, that was a mystery.

"One moment please," The secretary said hastily, disappearing into one of the back rooms, leaving Edward standing there, holding his test papers.

The secretary came back out into the front room in second, "Alright then Mr. Elric, if you don't mind, the chairman would like to see you."

Edward raised an eyebrow, were they denying him entrance into the school? He kept his mouth shut and proceeded into the room. Edward had already forced himself to get used to the high ceilings and expensive tapestries lining the walls. He had chosen to full-out ignore how over-the-top everything was, it just made him feel even smaller.

The chairman was sitting at his desk, resting his chin on his fist, attempting to act like he was deep in thought about something, when Edward saw that he was just bored. The chairman looked up as Ed entered the room and faked a smile,

"Edward, so good to see you!" The headmaster exclaimed.

"Why are you acting so surprised when you knew I was coming?" Edward muttered under his breath in Amestrain.

If the chairman heard anything, he didn't show it. "I was informed of you transferring to our school for... travel experience, correct?"

Edward laughed inwardly; Mustang must've had his own special kind of humor, travel experience was something Ed had a little too much of. Though he held his tongue and simply nodded.

"During your time here you might find that our school is a bit more… extravagant then others. Feel free to ask anyone if you lose your way." The chairman continued, "You may call me Mr. Suoh. I am the chairman of this school. Your guardian pre-paid for your uniform and books," Mr. Suoh gestured to the stack of books neatly set out on his desk and held up a powder-blue uniform for Edward.

"Wait," Edward cut in, "But what about the entrance exams? No one's checked the answers yet to see if I passed." He held up the stack of papers still in his hand for emphasis.

The chairman waved his hand in dismissal, "When you can pay for machines you don't need anyone to mark you. We had a camera filming you the whole time. Congratulations, you've received one-hundred percent on your entrance exam and have completed it in record time. I imagine soon you'll be all the talk of your new school."

Ed widened his eyes, he knew he should've just done the test slowly and answered a few questions wrong on purpose. The whole point of his mission was to remain undercover, and he blew it the first day of school. Being a child prodigy had its faults.

He was handed his books and uniform and was shooed out of the room. Sent home until the next day, when school would begin.

Returning home, Edward threw his school crap on his floor just inside his door and stared at the top of the pile. Not only had Mustang sent him to a rich-kid school, but a private school with uniforms.

Running a hand through his hair, Edward turned away from the powder-blue uniform and went into the bathroom, locking the door behind him. He turned the shower on cold and jumped in. Reveling in the icy water, he listened for a few moments to the faint pinging noise the small droplets of water made on his automail, cooling the metal instantly. It made his ports ache but Ed resisted the urge to turn the heat on. He wanted to remind himself of his goal, his purpose.

He had to bring Al's body back. No matter what.

Turning the knob to turn the water off, Edward stepped out of the shower and toweled himself off. As he did so, he considered calling the Colonel to cut off the mission, but then reminded himself of his reasons for being in Japan in the first place. He needed some time away from everything, from Alphonse.

Ed flopped on his bed and pulled out his phone, dialing the colonel's number. He heard a small beep as Mustang answered.


"Do I have to go to school?"

"Yes, Fullmetal."

"Ugh, go screw yourself."

Edward snapped his phone shut and tossed it on the floor, shifting around so he was more comfortable. Ed laid his head on the pillow and readied himself for school the next day. To be perfectly honest with himself, Edward didn't exactly have the best social skills. Winry was his only real friend, and they had known each other since forever. He wondered how hard it would be to actually try to win other people's trust in order to gain information about the murderer. He considered just eavesdropping on other's conversations, but then deemed that it would take too long. He didn't think he would feel this way about his home country so soon after he left.

Closing his eyes, Edward slipped into a soundless sleep.

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