Chapter 8:

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"You're leaving?"

"But you only just got here!"


Edward gritted his teeth. The plan was to hop on the early morning train and head back to Japan right away, but since Kyoya seemed to be able to keep tabs on nearly everyone in the country, the entire host club had followed them to the station.

It seemed like Edward could never get away from these guys.

They all had practically glomped him as soon as he had stepped foot on the platform, and now it seemed like they were never going to let him leave.

"Edward!" Tamaki wailed, "What has brought upon you the urge to leave us? Is it true love? A romantic endeavor? Is there some kind of-"

"My job, actually."

Tamaki didn't seem to hear and continued to ramble, stuck in his own personal fantasy.

Hikaru and Kaoru appeared on either side of Edward and put their elbows on his shoulders,

"You should come visit sometime," Hikaru said,

"We can take you to the beach," Kaoru finished.

Ed decided not to tell them that he couldn't swim as that would just give them more leverage against him.

"Yeah," Edward waved them off, "My train is leaving now so…"

That was when he found himself drowning in a wave of over-emotional high school students. Thankfully, Kyoya, Mori, and Haruhi had all kept their distance, but everyone else decided it would be a good time to play squish-the-Edward.

"We'll miss you so much!" They all cried, Ed had a brief memory of a certain muscular major he knew who had a tendency to strip. He shuddered.

"Yeah, yeah." Edward pushed them off him, "See you guys some other time. Chances are we'll be back someday."

They were about to step on the train when Edward was stopped by Kyoya.

"Edward," He said, "In case you ever wish to look into this… I have a relative who lives in your country. He goes by the name of doctor Marcoh. I heard from my sources that he has been doing some research on something called the Philosophers Stone."

Kyoya had Edward's full attention by now. Edward had a moment of fear for a second that Kyoya somehow knew about him and his brother's quest to get their bodies back, but assured himself that there was no way Kyoya could have gotten that information.

Kyoya ruffled Edward's hair before walking off, hands in his pockets. Edward then turned to face Haruhi. They both could relate to each other, as they felt like they were the only sane people in this crazy rich-kids world, but Edward was a little disappointed he didn't get to know her better. She reminded him a lot of Winry.

Winry… He would never admit it out loud, not even to Alphonse, but he missed her. More than he was willing to allow himself to believe.

"Well, see you around Ed." Haruhi waved a little.

"You too," Edward gave a little half-smile and glanced at the waiting host club, "You know, even though it might not seem like it, those guys really care about you, don't take it for granted, okay?"

Haruhi looked confused but didn't say anything else, turning back towards the hosts with a raised eyebrow.

The train whistle blew and Alphonse called out to Edward with a wild wave of his hand. Edward said one last goodbye to everyone and got onto the train, he would never tell anyone, but he actually had some pretty okay times with these psychos. He might miss them.


When he was seated on the train across from Alphonse, Ed's thoughts drifted back to Kyoya's words. He felt a small twinge of excitement and hope in his stomach, maybe if he found this Doctor Marcoh guy he would be another step closer to the philosopher's stone. He would be another step closer to getting Al's body back. Edward smiled into his hand.

The adventure just never seemed to stop.


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