Alright, the sequel is up! It's called "Panem's Fire".

I hope you all enjoy it. Thank you all again for reading, reviewing, favoriting, and following my stories. Means so much to me.

Also, if you guys are interested. I have other fanfictions as well.

"Fluttering Hearts" which would be an Everlark fanfic in which Katniss had thanked Peeta for the bread and fallen in love with him before the games. (In-progress)

"Blurring Memories" which is a one shot of Mockingjay (part of it at least) from Peeta's POV.

"Tenderest Touch" which is a post Mockingjay Everlark fanfic, in which Peeta finally convinces Katniss to have children. (In-progress)

"Always" which is again an Everlark fanfic in which Katniss was the one who was hijacked. (In-progress but close to being done)

Anyways, I really hope you guys enjoy the sequel, and thank you all again.