Once the Module had landed on Earth and the Earth team got off, they were dismayed to find that it was raining. They were shocked when they were suddenly surrounded, guns pointed at them.

"What's the big idea?" Rick shouted in anger. They were led into a limo. Once inside it was quickly explained that a burst of energy had disabled and nearly destroyed the Earth and Crog warships.

"Understand this, you will tell no one of your adventures on Oban. For government safety," one of the suited men told them. "As far as everyone else in the world is concerned, both sides ceased fire voluntarily."

"You've got to be kidding me!" Stan protested.

"Stan, there isn't anything we can do about it," Koji told him, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Orders are orders."

"These orders are messed up," Stan growled.

"They're perfectly just," Rick told them.

"What do you mean?" Eva asked in confusion.

"Imagine what will happen if people found out that the Avatar was a human. Someone from Earth had all that power, they could try to go to Oban and control Jordan," Rick explained. "It would be you-know-what all over again." Eva sat back in her chair and nodded.

"Sirs," Eva asked, turning to the two men.

"Yes?" They asked.

"Do you know what happened at Nourasia?" Eva asked. Don sighed and rubbed his head, his left hand turning into a fist. "Dad, I need know," Eva huffed, seeing his posture.

"Our intelligence says that the Crog warships there were disarmed as well," they informed her.

"Are the Crogs leaving?" Eva asked.

"Not that we can tell," they answered.

"Can't the Earth do anything to help them?" Eva asked.

"Why would we do that?" One of them asked in shock. "The Nourasians are the allies of the Crogs. Why would we help them?"

"Because the Nourasians don't want to be allies with them!" Eva shouted. "The Crogs forced them to comply. They even landed in Nourasia's capital city and are basically holding the royal family hostage."

"We'll bring it up with the president and see what we can do," they assured her. Eva sighed in relief and leaned back, rubbing her head.

Eva sat in a classroom, glaring out the window. As soon as the bell rang, her head perked up. She quickly packed away her books and grabbed her bag, rushing out of the room. The half-alien princess ran to the front entrance and looked around, trying to spot her father's car. She gasped when a car rolled up but frowned when another girl ran up to it. She held her back pack close and gripped the gem around her neck. Ever since leaving Oban, she had never taken off the gem that Aikka had given her. Another car rolled up and Don stuck his head out the window, waving at her and laughing. Blood rushed to Eva's cheek and she smiled, running down to her dad's car.

Eva looked down at her mother's grave and smiled. "I miss you," she whispered. She felt the wind pick up, as if her mother was responding. "I can't wait to see you in my dreams."

"Is that how she's been contacting you?" Don asked.

"Shortly after we arrived on Oban, yes," Eva nodded.

"Well, the queen has a lot of tricks up her sleeves, even when she's no longer with us," Don smiled softly.

"You knew?" Eva asked in shock.

"Of course I did," Don nodded. "Why do you think I always called your mother 'princess'?"

"Mom never kept anything from you, huh?" Eva asked, as they walked off.

"No, nothing," Don smiled.

"You learned about the knights, right?" Eva asked cautiously.

"Yes I did. I even met your mother's knights," Don nodded.

"Well…I have three knights so far," Eva smiled. "Two if you count what's recently happened."

"Who are they?" Don asked.

"Well, Rick and Jordan are two of them," Eva answered. "And Aikka's the third. And mom's been in contact with him a lot. She even gave him a book on Galaxia."

"I see, well…I can trust your mother to pick the perfect knights," Don sighed. "But I can't trust that prince as your boyfriend."

"Dad!" Eva whined. "Whether you like it or not, Aikka and I are a couple," she groaned, sliding into the car.

"Is he on this planet?" Don asked, starting the car.

"No," Eva answered hesitantly.

"Then he is nothing to you. You do not know him, you've never met him," Don reminded her. "The Great Race never happened."

"I can still fantasize about him," Eva pouted, crossing her arms.

"Not when I'm around, please," Don pleaded.

"Fine…I'll wait," Eva huffed playfully. "So, what's for dinner?"

"Tuna casserole," Don answered.

"Oh! With bacon bits? And cheese?" Eva asked excitedly.

"Is there any other way?" Don smirked.

"No there is not," Eva smiled.

Aikka took a deep breath and walked into the throne room, looking up at his parents.

"My lovely prince!" Nori gasped, seeing her son.

"Greetings, mother, father," Aikka bowed. Nori ran over to her son and hugged him tightly. "Sorry for arriving so late at night."

"Nonsense," Nori smiled. "It is just good to see you safe and unharmed."

"Aikka, it is good to have you back," Lao smiled.

"It is good to be back," Aikka smiled back. "Where are the girls?"

"Ketena is in the library. She found some stories and wished to translate them," Nori informed him. "And Amanita is asleep in your room."

"My room?" Aikka asked in shock.

"She's missed you terribly. The past week she's refused to sleep in her own room," Nori explained.

"I guess I can greet Ketena tomorrow," Aikka smiled. "If you'll excuse me, I'm rather tired."

"Have a good night's rest Aikka," Nori smiled.

"Right, goodnight," Aikka nodded, leaving the room. He walked through the castle expertly and arrived at a set of large double doors. The prince slowly opened them and turned a lantern on, lighting up the room.

"I don't wanna get up," a small voice growled softly. Aikka couldn't help the smile that spread across his face and walked over to his large bed. He crawled on it and gently shook the small sleeping figure.

"Amanita…Amanita wake up," Aikka whispered in her ears. The young girl's ears twitched and she looked up at Aikka in sleepy shock. Aikka smiled and stroked her short red hair. He stared into her sky blue eyes, eyes that were lighter than his own.

"Big brother…" Amanita groaned, sitting up. "You're back," she smiled tiredly.

"Yes I am," Aikka smiled, kissing her forehead. "Now, why are you sleeping in my room? What was wrong with yours?"

"Your room smells…" Amanita yawned.

"It smells?" Aikka asked, faking confusion. His smile grew when she yawned, rubbing her eyes.

"Like you," Amanita nodded. "Amanita missed your scent…" she yawned.

"How about I get dressed into my sleep clothes, and we sleep together like we used to when you were younger," Aikka suggested, gently hugging her.

"Yes please…" Amanita yawned, her eyes drooping close. Her head fell limp and she snored lightly. Aikka smiled and laid her down, stroking her hair.

"Goodnight, Amanita," he whispered. He shed his clothes and quickly put on a white robe, climbing into bed with his little sister. The seven year old curled against him, smiling.

"Goodnight…big brother," Amanita muttered in her sleep.

"Goodnight," Aikka whispered with a smile.

Alright, Love at the Great Race is now DONE! But don't worry! I'm starting a sequel, I mean, I have to tell you more about Galaxia and Eva's alien heritage! The best way to do that, is a sequel! Keep an eye out for Love on Earth, I'll try to get it up as soon as possible!