Odette's POV

I flew with Puffin as we tried to escape the fireball. All I could think was the fact that Derek was still fighting Veronica in the cave. As I contemplated all this, my delicate swan body got tangled in some vines. I tried hopelessly to escape as Puffin tried his best too. As the fireball approached, I took one last look at Puffin and thought of one word: Derek...

"Odette! Wake up! Odette!" Derek shouted as he shook her. Odette took one look at Derek and hugged him excruciatingly hard. Derek just held her close. She had had these nightmares every year near theiranniversary. He felt helpless seeing her crumbling inside.

Later that day

"I'm so lucky to be your wife!" Odette exclaimed when she saw what Derek had put together. He had brought Odette to Swan Lake for a picnic, to show how much he loved her. As Derek set up the picnic, he was grateful for his and Odette's marriage. Even though it had been 3 years since they married, Odette was still beautiful... in the heart!

After the picnic, the happy couple swayed in time with each other, and then shared a kiss like their first... Unaware that someone was watching them...

"Oh, you will be mine, Odette!"

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