Hello, little girl.

Why are you crying? Where are your parents?

Oh, I see. You are alone.

I know how that feels; I have been alone so many times.

My name is Juliet Capulet.

I should know better than anyone what loneliness is.

With parents who never noticed me unless I did something wrong,

A nurse who treated me like a three year old,

And friends who never spoke with me unless I said something first.

Then the sixteen-year-old enemy came and set my heart on fire.

Romeo Montague, they called him.

In him, I saw someone who could alleviate my loneliness,

Someone who would care for me and love me unconditionally.

I asked him to marry me out of desperation, afraid he would leave.

The day we got married was the happiest day of my life

Until he killed my cousin Tybalt

Whom I had never really liked, who always teased me and called me names

And Romeo was banished.

My parents threatened to kick me out if I did not marry the man they chose for me.

My nurse, who had known everything, betrayed me by agreeing with their choice.

So when the friar gave me an escape in the form of fake death, I took it.

Partly because of Romeo and partly because of the oblivion it would bring.

When I opened my eyes, expecting to see Romeo looking back at me,

I saw only the friar. And Romeo, dead on the floor.

The only one who had ever cared,

The only person in the world who made me feel special.

With the knowledge that there was no one in the world who loved me,

I took the dagger from his belt and killed myself

And I found myself here.

I have been looking for Romeo for time out of mind

And I still haven't found him.

So come with me, little girl

And we can build a new life together

Without loneliness, sadness, or pain.

Then maybe one day I will find Romeo

And we will be a family

And exist happily ever after.