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:The Only Way Out :

: Chapter Five : Stretching The End :


She opened the door as quietly as she could manage, which wasn't easy, because most of the doors in her compound were push button and sliding, and in need of a greasing. She leaned in, and smiled at what she saw, before pushing the button that would close the door again. Mirai and Serenity were all but tangled in each other above the covers of his bed. She was more than relieved the girl was such a gem, because she could see, as well as his Father could, that his beast had attached itself to her. It was something innate, she had come to understand. It was also something that could not be ignored. She had hated Vegeta, at first. But his beast had drawn him so close to her that she had no choice but to look at him in a different light. He was not a monster. No Saiyan was. He was simply a man with a monster inside him. A monster with an insatiable lust for blood, but the will to be the best lover in existence. When a Saiyan's beast chose their mate, it was not often they were turned down. They were persistent, in the least. Obsessive at best. Mirai's beast was as powerful as his Father's. She'd known it had been giving him trouble. So she did not complain when he wandered off. Less things destroyed at home that way. The only thing she'd seen able to calm such rage, was love.

Though he put on a good front, he was still unaccustomed to their easy living. She knew, because a mother always knew. Future, past, or whatever else, she could still see the hurt in his eyes. He'd seen every one of them die. Most horribly. He'd seen his world turned to nothing but a barren ball of dust. But he'd survived, and brought the remedy to save their lives too. To change things. It did not change his memories. His pain. She reveled in his second chance. But he stayed an arms distance away at all times. Her heart had almost stopped when he called her Mom yesterday. It was something he'd never done. She knew why. Because deep down he feared losing them too.

She wished, he wouldn't worry so much. In a life like theirs, such things happened. It was not easy. It was never easy. To watch her son, her husband, her closest friends, dive into a battle to save their lives time and time again, it was exhausting. Terrifying. There were nights, wrapped in Vegeta's arms, that she cried herself to sleep. But she managed. Because she had to. The last remaining Saiyan's certainly weren't going to stop their fight. It was in their blood. And if not them, then who? They'd be dead so many times over if not for them. Some of them had been dead, too many times over. And now another war raged above their heads.

The timing was never perfect. As if she could expect it to be. Two invention blueprints were due into her office by Monday, the gravity machine needed to be fixed, Chibi and Goten were starting school in a month, Pan had just been born, and here it came again. The end of the world. Piece of freakin' cake. She sighed, turning the corner and heading towards the room where she had set up Gohan, Videl, and their new arrival. Videl and Pan were both fine, healthy, and ready to go home, but she'd insisted they stay due to the circumstances. The man Serenity called Chaos would come, Mirai had told them just four hours ago. And he would bring exactly what his name entailed.

The house was relatively quiet. Bra and Marron were outside with Krillen and Eighteen, Goku, and Vegeta had taken both Goten and Chibi to train to keep them busy. Chi-Chi was still cooking, creating a feast that would satisfy them all when the dinner bell finally rung. She peeked in on the happy couple to find them both napping, with Pan beside them in a bassinet. She was cooing and waving her arms about in the air, so she walked quietly over to her, and smiled down at the baby.

What Serenity had done was amazing. A feat, even with all the power in their veins, none of her friends could manage. Her heart was strong and pure. Her eyes, sad and distant, like Mirai's. Whatever she had seen, it had killed a part of her. It certainly had not killed her love, or her compassion. The girl had begged for death in a bid to save them all. Had driven a knife through her own heart. She shivered. Mirai's beast couldn't have made a better choice. She just hoped this didn't end in heartache. She knew the pain of loss. It had happened too many times. Far too many times.

She didn't have the strength her husband had, not physically. She couldn't turn Super Saiyan, or blast energy from her palms. But she'd be damned if she was going to let a shining light like Serenity just give up. She hoped, that Mirai would find a way. If anyone could do it, he could. Afterall, the two shared that same look in their eye. The look of being lost.

"And it's so much more comforting to be lost together.." She cooed in a baby voice to Pan, and smiled when the tiny demi-saiyan wrapped her furry brown tail around the hand she'd laid on the bassinet. "Isn't it sweetface? Yes it is."


She woke to the sound of his heartbeat, and listened for a long time before she decided to move. When she finally tried, she found herself stuck, Mirai's hand still tangled in her hair. And something peculiar, that she hadn't noticed before, wrapped tightly around her waist. He woke instantly, his body tense and rigid, so she closed her fingers tighter around his, and blew her warm breath across his chest. "Relax." She whispered. "The world won't end today."

He breathed in deep, so deep it moved her head up, and down, and sighed. "How do you know?" She shivered because his voice was still husky with sleep. She'd tried to ignore it, but it was painfully obvious how attractive this man was. His muscles were chiseled from stone, and his eyes were like endless frosty oceans. She was loathe to look up at him, lest she get caught in his stare, so she kept her head where it was, mumbling her answer into the fabric of his shirt.

"I don't. An asteroid could hit and destroy us all in the next three seconds." His heartbeat sped up and she laughed. It was a foreign feeling, it had been so long. "You're way too uptight."

"This coming from the girl who keeps asking me to end her life." She frowned, but the joy he brought her still lingered in her system like a drug.

"You're also a downer." She said, and looked up at him after turning her lips into a soft smile. "Not one of us can truly fight fate. What will happen, will happen. Living day by day is all we can do."

"You can fight fate." He said, and his eyes were still hazy with sleep. His hair had fallen almost completely out of it's tie, and it fell unkempt about his shoulders.

"No. I can bend the rules." She said. "There's a distinct difference. There is a beginning and an end to everything, in due time. I'm just good at stretching out the end." There was silence, for a moment, as he looked down on her, but she didn't find it uncomfortable.

"How can you be so unconcerned with your own end?" He asked, suddenly, and she grasped his fingers in her own, feeling him squeeze back.

"I have lived a long time Mirai." She said, choosing her words carefully. "I'm not scared to die."

"No." He said softly, and she realized suddenly how close they were, goosebumps raising on her skin even though his body was keeping her warm. "You're afraid to live." His hand moved through her hair, and his fingers tightened, tugging on it gently. "Like me."

"Is this the part where you tell me your back story? Cause I'd really like an explanation on the tail." She pointed to it, and looked back up at him, instantly rewarded with a smirk that made her heart beat fast in her own ears. He wrapped the fuzzy brown appendage around her tighter, and began.

"This isn't my time." He said simply. "That woman with the blue hair? She's not my Mother, but she is. Just as the short angry man is my father, though in my time, I didn't even get to meet him. My world was destroyed. My friends killed. Every human life wiped out. My Mother and I, future Bulma if you will, were all that was left. In a bid to save everyone, we created a time machine, and I traveled back in time to save this world. It created an alternate dimension if you will. Two worlds. One barren, one full of life." His eyes were hard as he spoke of this, and she could almost see the blood in his vision. The brutality. His fingers tightened in her hair what seemed like unconsciously. "I came back to this time when my Mother finally passed away from old age. I buried her deep in the Earth, and left it to fix itself." He'd been looking off into space as he spoke, but now he turned his vision to her. She could see the rage beneath the surface of those ice blue orbs. The anger at his fate. It was so familiar it hurt. She was sure she'd seen that look in her own eyes, gazing in the mirror. "You called us Golden Warriors. The truth is, we're part of a race called Saiyans. My father Vegeta was the Prince of our world, the King now, I suppose. He and Gohan and Goten's father, Goku, are the last full blood species of our race. Gohan, Goten, Chibi, Bra, and I, are all half-saiyan. Pan is the first demi-saiyan. We've fought battles across the years, and some of us have died more than once. I think Goku holds the record. The fight, it's in our blood. We don't know how to turn it down. The beast inside us... it craves battle." He seemed to realize how hard he was holding her, and loosened his grip. His tail unfurled from her waist, but only so far.

"As Cosmos, my job was to watch, but I would interfere if necessary." She said softly, keeping her voice low to calm the rage in him. "This dimension was one I rarely visited. I know it doesn't mean much. But you and your friends... you've done very well. I am sorry I've brought the fight to your door again."

She looked down, but he bid her to look back up with a tug on her hair, staring deep into her eyes, and smirking. "He'd never admit it aloud, none of us would, but my Father's ears perk at every sign of battle. This want burns in all of our veins. Even the little ones. Giving up isn't something we know how to do." He breathed out softly, and his eyes were intense suddenly, with a fire in them that forced her to hold his gaze. "I won't let you give up either Serenity. And I won't end your life."

She smiled at him, and it was real, and genuine, and it almost hurt. It had taken less than two days with this man to do exactly what she'd been avoiding. The warriors on this planet were loyal, noble, and as kind-hearted as they were brutal. And she'd be damned if she was going to let them die for her. The fates had succeeded in bringing her will to fight right back to the surface. No doubt the reason they'd sent her here. She'd fight, to make up for the lives she'd left behind. She'd fight for the lives here. And she'd die happy. "I won't ask again." She said, and he smirked back at her, moving his fingers slowly through her hair. His tail traced a lazy pattern on the bare skin of her back, and for the first time in a long time, she was completely content. She noticed idly, as she drifted back to sleep to the sound of his heartbeat, that this was the first time in a millenia that the voices were not with her.


"This is actually getting interesting." The small girl said, flipping her short dark hair back. "I knew sending her to this dimension was a good idea."

"You wanted to kill her two days ago." Her sister whined beside her. She snorted, and ignored her blatantly. The tallest of the three narrowed her dark eyes, and sighed.

"She is such an interesting being." She said quietly. "One of the most amazing things we've ever created."

"At least she's fun to watch." The first sister said, her voice laced with cynicism. "The fight is upon her again. But I'd bet on her death."

"You're so cruel." The smallest sister said, toying with her long white hair, wrapping a curl around her finger. "I hope she lives. She deserves that much. Life, and love."

"She deserves much more, for what we've done to her." The tallest one said, her eyes soft. "We shall watch, and wait."

"As if we could do anything else." The middle sister said snidely. When no one answered her, she huffed, and wandered away into the blackness that was their realm.


He woke to the smell of food drifting through the house, and realized, when his stomach growled angrily, that he hadn't eaten since this morning. His hands were still occupied, one tangled in her long hair, and one gently clasped with hers. His tail, who seemed to have a mind of it's own around her, was curled around one of her legs, nearly to her ankle. He was debating on how to remedy this when she opened her eyes.

"Hey." He smirked down at her, and couldn't help noticing how beautiful she looked. her lashes were dark, her lips full and pink, her cheeks flushed. There was still a deep sorrow that swirled in her eyes, but they were lighter still than before, and they sparkled like starlight. The crescent on her brow had faded to something like a birthmark, pale silver and no longer glowing. His beast roared in the back of his mind, and he had to fight the urge to pull her closer to him.

"Hey." She whispered back, and he completed the task of untangling his hand from her hair with some difficulty, and pushed himself back against the headboard of his bed, sitting up. He curled his tail back to it's normal spot around his middle. She sat up too, folding her legs beneath her and pushing her hair behind her ears. It was so long it pooled on the bed around her. They both looked over as the door to his room slid open, and Bulma stood there, a smirk on her face and her arms crossed. He felt for a moment, a rage at her interruption, but pushed it down, feeling unreasonable.

"Dinner's ready." She said. "If you don't hurry your father and Goku will eat it all." She tossed clothes into the room, and Mirai caught them with habitual reflex, and the door closed again as she called out. "Those should fit!" Serenity smiled at him.

"She calls him your father?" He nodded absent-mindedly.

"She calls herself my mother too." It wasn't something he was mad about. Really, he didn't know how to feel about it at all.

"She loves you." Serenity said softly. He nodded again.

"I know." He stood and stretched, pulling his hair back into a ponytail before offering his hand to pull her off the bed. She took it, but did not let go when she was finally standing beside him. "What's wrong?"

"I'm afraid if I let you leave my sight, you'll disappear." She admitted, seriously. He smirked at her, and pulled her closer to him, letting her lay her head over the spot his heart beat. It seemed to be something that comforted her.

"I'm not going anywhere." He said, and his voice came out husky. He could feel it vibrating in his chest. "Here." He pushed the clothing his mother had given him into her hands. "The shower is right there." He pointed, and she turned her head to look. "And I'll be right here when you get out." When she did not move, he raised a hand up, and cupped her face, making her look up at him. "Serenity, you don't have to be alone anymore."

"I'll try to remember that... if you do." She whispered, and then she pulled himself from his arms, and practically floated towards his private bathroom. He was left standing there, with his heart beating too fast in his chest, wondering how she had captured his heart so quickly. His beast roared, and he took a deep breath. Yes, he understood. It had chosen her. And when that happened, there was no turning back. She would be his.


The water was soothing in a way she could not describe. It had been an amazingly long time since she'd showered, as sick as it sounded. But there was no need when you were the Queen of Stars. A brush of her power could cleanse her skin, brighten her hair. Right now, it felt good to feel... mortal. She could hear Mirai's heartbeat in the room beyond, and was comforted by the fact that he was waiting for her. Her heart skipped a beat when she thought of the soft look in his eyes, the feeling of his skin against hers...

'He looks like my old sempai.' Makoto's voice said. She smirked under the water.

"He does not. None of your sempai's had lavender hair."

'You like the way he looks, don't you Usa?' Minako's voice asked, and she could see her wry smile in her mind.

"I'd be silly not to." She admitted, in a hushed whisper, bringing her hands up to wipe the droplets of warm water from her face. "But it is of no matter. I'll be dead soon after Chaos arrives. After I kill him."

'You said you'd remember you didn't have to be alone.' Chibi's voice said, and her heart panged with such ferocity that she dropped to her knees loudly. The pain was like a vice. She was vaguely aware of the door sliding open, and Mirai's worried voice over her. She looked up, ice blue on pale grey, and uncaring of her nudity, let her gather him in his arms, wrap her carefully in a towel, and carry her to his bed.

"I said I'd try." She whispered, fighting for normal breath. It was always Chibi's voice, that hurt the most, and her heart was still so weak. She was only half covered by the towel. it had come partly open when he'd laid her down, so that her breasts and hips were covered, but her legs, middle, and chest were bare. Her eyes flickered back to Mirai's when he spoke, and his calloused fingers ran a soft line down the scar on her chest. The scar that, while still an angry red, was healing fast.

"Who are you talking to, when you drift off like that?" Mirai asked, and she was only mildly surprised he'd asked. Maybe only because for so many years, there had been no one at all to ask why she spoke to herself so often.

"No one." She whispered, because she could not say. He didn't look like he believed her, but he did not press.

"When you're ready to tell me," He said. "I will listen." He had gathered her clothes from the bathroom at some point, and he laid them next to her on the bed, bending down to lay a soft kiss that belied his frame on her forehead. "I'll be in the hallway. Try not to fall again." He left her with a smirk that made her heart skip a beat, and as she pulled on her clothes, Rei's voice did not resist commenting.

'I think he likes you Odango.' She said smugly.

"Shut up Rei." She whispered aloud. She walked to the far wall of Mirai's room, where a floor length mirror resided, and looked at the clothes Bulma had lent to her. It was a simple black tanktop, that showed off the hard line where she'd driven the hunting knife through, and jean shorts that fit perfect. It had been so long since she'd looked at herself in a mirror, that it was strange. Her skin was pale as the moon, her hair long and the color of starlight. She'd cut it with Saturn's scythe a millenia ago, a sign of mourning in many cultures, to just above the small of her back. It had stayed that way since. Her eyes were darker than she remembered, a cloudy grey. Once, they had been the bright silver of her hair. Her crescent, which had made it's reappearance, was a dull silver upon her brow. She slipped on the black flip-flops that were laid with the clothes, and found these fit perfect as well. Bulma did look to be about her size.

"You ready Serenity?" Mirai's voice called from the hallway. She smiled at her reflection, and her eyes watered when behind her appeared the images of all her friends, her love, and her tiny daughter.

"Yes." She called back. "I'm coming."

'That's my girl.' Haruka said, and her lips actually moved in the image of the mirror. She smiled, blinked her tears away, and met Mirai in the hallway, not looking back. He held out his hand, and she took it, letting him lead her away from the images of her past.


She'd given him a scare in the bathroom, when he had heard the loud sound of her body falling and had come in to see her staring into space, kneeling in the tub. She didn't look hurt, but neither did she respond when he wrapped her in a towel and gathered her in his arms. She did not know the amount of strength it took to calm his beast, seeing her like that. It wanted. it desired. And it demanded immediate gratification. But he would not be the force that confused her further. She already seemed so lost. "Are you alright?" He asked, and she nodded, giving him a small smile that actually reached her eyes.

"I missed hearing heartbeats." She said. He understood her better than most would have. He did not hear heartbeats like she did. Did not have such a peculiar attachment, but he knew what it was like to be utterly alone.

She clung to him like a child when they walked down the stairs and rounded the corner, arriving at the large kitchen. There was silence for a brief moment, that fell back into chatter a soon as he sat her beside him. He'd spoken to all of them this morning, before Gohan had called. He'd told them of the danger, and they had all accepted the fight. It seemed the incident with Pan had only solidified their decision. Serenity was not here to hurt them. She was just a girl who'd lost her way. And hell, they dealt with people like this all the time. It was nothing new. First it had been Goku, then Vegeta, and himself.

He felt her squeeze his hand beneath the table, and he smirked at her, bending down so he could kiss her on the forehead, and not caring that Goten cleared his throat and Chibi's face twisted mockingly. Nor that his father raised an eyebrow and his mother looked ecstatic. He had to coax her into eating with a nudge, and while she didn't eat much, she took a few mouthfuls to make him happy. In the moments his hand was not in hers, his tail traced lazy patterns up and down her bare leg. His beast did not want to bear separation. It was all he could do to calm it. When the dishes had been cleared and everyone looked satisfied, it was Bulma that broke the comfortable silence.

"I figured introductions could wait until after the food. Seeing as you're sitting at a table full of Saiyans." She said, and they all laughed, even Serenity. He found he loved the sound of it. It was sweet and foreign. "And I was right. So now that we're all full, everyone, this is Serenity. She'll be our guest from now on. So be nice." She aimed this particular sentence at his father, who snorted. She smacked him playfully, without looking at him, and continued. "Serenity, I'm Bulma." She pointed to his father, who had his arms crossed and looked at her through narrowed eyes. "This is my Husband Vegeta, and next to him is Goku." Goku smiled and waved, and when he looked down at her, she was smiling too. Who wouldn't though, when presented with the goofy man? He was contagious. "Next to him is his wife Chi-Chi, and their son Goten." Goten stared, obviously fascinated. "That's Krillen, his wife Eighteen, and their daughter Marron." Krillen smiled and waved, and Eighteen nodded her head, as she was tending to the giggling Marron. "You know Gohan and Videl, and little Pan." She nodded her head, and seemed to make the connection herself. Gohan looked just like Goku and Goten. It was fairly obvious they were related. "And of course we have my kids. Chibi Trunks, Bra, and Mirai." He squeezed her hand almost unconsciously. He wondered if she noticied how alike he and Chibi looked, and she seemed to read his mind, her eyes turning up to his face, then Chibi's, then his again, before smiling softly and squeezing back.

"Your name is Trunks?" She whispered only to him, and he smirked.

"Why do you think I prefer Mirai?" She giggled, and then Goku spoke up, and his voice was so serious that the smirk dropped from his face, and her laughter died.

"I think it's time we talk about this man that's coming for you Serenity." She nodded next to him, but Bulma interrupted with a shaking finger.

"Uh-Uh. There's three bottles of wine chilling on the deck outside. And sparkling grape-juice for Goten and Chibi. Once Marron, Bra, and Pan are down, then we can start." It was obvious that what his Mother said was law at this house, because although Vegeta grumbled and Goku rubbed the back of his head, they all stood, and shuffled off towards the door that led to the large deck outside. He pulled Serenity up with him, and she clung to his side again.

"Worried?" She smiled up at him, and his breath caught in his throat. Kami, she was just too beautiful. His heart skipped a beat, and his beast roared at her answer. So loud it was almost painful.

"Just soaking it all in before I'm gone." She said back, and ran her fingers up his arm when he looked angrily down at her. "What did I tell you about stressing?" She asked as she fell into step with him.

"That it will give me wrinkles." He said, moodily. She patted his arm, and he couldn't help the fast beating of his heart, wondering if she could hear it.

"Yes I can..." She whispered softly, smiling up at him. He looked at her in awe, but any questions he had died in his throat as she giggled and dragged him outside.


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