Metroid: Navigator

Chapter 1: The Beginning

"I want to see the Milky Way thrive. I'm prepared to make a sacrifice or two." Rodney Aran whispered to himself as he made his way through the Earth colony of K2-L.

He hated to see his wife off, especially since she was pregnant. But as the leader of the colony K2-L, his responsibility was to leave the planet now and head for the space station known as the Bottle ship.

A door opened.

"Good old machine." Rodney said, staring and smiling at his semi-new Anhur class warship.

Rodney Aran was always pleased that the Galactic Federation supplied him with some of the best suits and vehicles avalible. Rodney sometimes wondered if a Anhur class was too much for one man, but the Federation honored him enough to provide him with such a model.

He approached the craft and the loading door opened. He had named it the Swift because it was a state-of-the-art police ship known for quickness in flight.

Rodney Aran activated his visor to come down. Another thing the Galactic Federation gave him that he liked: his blue and black standard GF Power Suit.

Yeah, he liked that a lot.

"Here we come." Rodney said, hoping for the best.

He was soon propelled out of the spaceshed and into low altitude orbit.

He quickly checked the Afloraltite levels, coordinates, and the general diagnostic.

"And here we go." And he pushed down on the hyperdrive lever.

Rodney looked back, the star of K2-L faded fast.

"And to think 50 years ago we could only get into the orbit of Earth." He sighed in awe.

If it hadn't been for the Galactic Federation's (an Intergalactic confedercy of sorts that came to Earth several decades ago) amazing tech, he wouldn't be able to do this. Hyperdrive gave humans the chance to put their now massive space stations to far-away galaxies. Humans had proved that Earth's induction to the federation was a smart idea.

Stars suddenly gave way to blackness, then a cloud of stars again.

We've entered the last Spiral Arm. Rodney thought.

THe Anhur class would soon weave it self out of the Milky Way, and into long darkness.

The last stars zoomed past the ship.

Now the long part. Rodney Aran thought again.

This part of intergalactic journies always gave Rodney time to think about many things, but if you ever said that he did, he'd probably deny it.

Geesh, I wonder what we're gonna name her? he wondered about his new child. What name did Virginia want again? I think she said either Elizabeth or Samantha. And to think I don't even have a suggestion for the name of my daughter.

He smirked. Wait 'till dad finds out that he's a grandfather.

After several hours of waiting, the destination galaxy approached. Rodney eased on the hyperdrive lever as the Swift entered the first spiral arm.

Rodney Aran quickly noticed a asteriod like object approaching. He eased on the hyperdrive enough to slow the ship down. He felt okay about the entire situation until he saw the lower part of the object.

"Levianthan...Leviathan!" He yelled franticly.

Tentacles started to embraced the ship, and would have destroyed it, if Rodney Aran hadn't slawed down the hyperdrive lever.

"Ach!" He said being pushed back from the force of the full hyperdrive.

The force of the blast also ripped parts of the Levianthan. Rodney had come close to death.

Just let it go. You're almost at the bottle ship.

In about hour the automatic hyperdrive slow down was activated, and the Bottle Ship rapidly appeared.

One of the station's Aurora units exucted commands for a landing cycle in one of the landing sites.

The Swift came into the site like a puzzle piece. Rodney Arancame out of the ship slowly.

The Main sector looked spotless. Rodney made his way into the main hall. He was ready to commit to his job there.