Chapter 4: The Messages Arrive

A good bit after Rodney Aran told his father about his new child, he was both exited about her and suprised that he hadn't even named her yet. Since radio wave disappeared after about 2.2 lightyears, it was impossible to broadcast radio signals across to another galaxy, lest some new technology arise. So anything that was important had to either be told up and front by some kind of messenger, sent along a string of routers separated every so often, or broadcasted when the vehicle was about 2 light-years away from its receiver. And even then it had to wait a lot of time, since radio waves could only travel so fast, and would take more than 2.2 years to reach it's target with the third method. Thusly, most sapients would just travel to their destination if they need to tell somebody or a group of sapients something, but it would have to be important to go out of their way. Paul Aran seemed to know that suggesting a myriad of female names for his new granddaughter, his only grandchild of his only son.

"How about we try something French?" Paul suggested. "You should be glad that we aren't the 'La'Rans' anymore. Then a English or some other name will have always looked awkward."

"Yes, and your name's Jewish." Rodney jokingly informed him.

"Ah, I guess that sort of strikes a french name from the list, all the inconsistent un-french names, that is. How about a Space Pirate name!?" Paul's sarcasm was obvious.

"Uh, NO!" Rodney yelled. He then shook his head and sniffed.

"But really," Rodney started. "her name is of no importance here. We are here, I as a leader of a rather large Earth settlement, and you as a Federation renowned earth scientist, to overlook the new Chozo bio-project."

After Rodney finished, Paul chimed in, "Which brings we what I'm about to tell you." Rodney looked up from his father's horographic tablet, and Paul talked again with his son's attention "You remember Mr. Limas? Well, he's the head of all communications here, and he intercepted a message from another Federation station, a station that was supposed to be a final checkpoint for all of the chozo craft, and that message said the found an entire ship full of dead Chozo just floating around in space."

"That can't be good for their already vanishing universal population..." Rodney Aran said truthfully.

"But here's the thing," Paul began to explain "That station's resources and crew were depleted as it was, they were sort of relying on their fleet to give them more survival cargo and crew replacements." Paul paused. "So, to make a long story very short, even as a navigator and a scientist, the federation has asked us, no, drafted us, all able bodied beings to go find the missing Chozo fleet."

Rodney stretched his tired hands up in the air. "Oh-"

"No need to get all angry now, we have been informed by the Federation that we can leave between this star cycle and a full 7 standard earth days, a week."

"Goodie then." Rodney said. "I'll need to rest up and explore this station before I can depart onto an Interstellar journey."

He got up to unlock the room's door, "And besides, we need to train and organize supplies and sapients for such an occasion."