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This is a modern AU SasuHina.

Sasuke rolled his eyes as he entered the bar. He didn't want to be there. But apparently being the best man for his friend's wedding meant he had to be. He had just finished putting his to-be-wed friend to bed and now he had to do that for the bride.

He stepped over to the bar counter. "Kankuro, where is she?" He asked. Kankuro was an old friend and ran the bar with his two siblings.

The man smirked at him. "All of them are over there." He said gesturing to a set of tables near the corner. Screams and yells coming from all the women with each shot that was taken. "You only need to take her. I already got everyone else a ride." He informed.

"Who the hell let her drink that much?" Sasuke questioned glaring at the man.

"Trying to run a business here!" Kankuro raised his arms in surrender. "Bad enough I had to give them drinks half off since they're friends and all." He complained.

"Fine." Sasuke scoffed. He looked to the group of females. Dread filled his body as he made his way over...


Hinata was drunk.

She knew it. She had never been much for drinking and even had to be convinced into having the bachelorette party by her friends. Each wanted the excuse to party like crazy and drink till they puked. Hinata had not even planned to drink any when they first arrived. But soon that just one shot that she convinced herself that she could handle turned into 5 shots and 2 margaritas. Then 4 more shots and a 'Sex on the Beach', a drink that curiosity deemed she had to have.
She liked the feeling though. She wasn't second guessing her actions. Whatever she wanted she did.

She was first to notice Sasuke enter the bar. Her eyes looked to him every few moments. Normal circumstances she would be nervous and sitff fearing any action she did may bother the man. Cause not only was Sasuke the best man of her wedding to be held, he was her boss.

Right now he just looked like a sex god. An image most of the women around her spoke of freely without the need of liquid courage, when he was out of ear shot of course. Hinata bite her lip as he walked right towards her. Her mind reeling with wonder of just how good he might be in bed.

He went straight for her. Not even sparing a glance to the other women. "Get up." He ordered motioning upward with his hand as a visual aid.

"Aren't bachelorette parties girls only?" Ino joked with a cackle of laughter following that all the other girls joined in on except for Hinata.

Hinata was still focused on his body. He was wearing jeans and t-shirt. Something he rarely wore, in fact she had never seen him wear such casual clothing.

"Hinata?" The fingered snapped in front of her fact drew her attention back to his face.

"Hmm?" She hummed with wonder. Not remembering what he had ordered of her earlier.

"Get up, I'm taking you home." He ordered again this time with more detail.

"Are you gonna put me to bed?" Hinata giggled. The girls cheered in response.

Sasuke only rolled his eyes. Reaching out he grabbed her arm guiding her up to her feet. Her knees buckling under her weight. She wasn't able to keep herself standing. Sasuke pried the drink from her hands. An act that might have been a bad idea as the now free hands cupped his ass giving an aggressive squeeze. The females around hollered with approval at her action. Her bravery continued as she tried to kiss him, but with a quick tilt to his head her lips only graced the corner of his mouth.

"Hinata, quit." He demanded.

She didn't though. She wasn't even listening to him. Her body pressed against his for support, his arm looped around her waist to help keep her balance. She pushed up suckling on his ear and neck.

Sasuke decided fighting her off would only be more of a hassle, so he let her continue. It was a good idea at least partly so as she didn't fight any as he particularly carried her out of the crowd of girls.

He walked over to Kankuro again. He set Hinata on a bar stool. He had to fight off her hands as he reached for his wallet. Her hand quickly taking the objects place in his back pocket. "Here, they're cut off." He said handing Kankuro his credit card. He tried to ignore the movement of Hinata hands as they practically massaged his ass.

Kankuro took the card. The raised brow and smirk on his face pissed Sasuke off. But he kept silent as he waited. He didn't fight Hinata's hands until they tried undoing his belt. He was not about to be stripped in the middle of a bar by his friend's fiancee and in front of their other friends. She leaned up trying to kiss him again, but only caught his cheek.

He saw the pout on her face as he kept thwarting her advances. "No." He said sternly to her silent argument. She continued to pout for a moment before continuing her fun.

"Here you go." Kankuro said handing back the card. His eyes drifted to Hinata's face buried against Sasuke's neck as she worked a bruise onto the skin. "You gonna be OK?" He asked giving knowing smirk to the man.

"I'm fine." Sasuke scowled taking the card back. He shoved it back inside his wallet. Then had to push Hinata's hands away so he could put the wallet back inside his jeans. He sighed when he turned back to her. This was not gonna be easy.

He wrapped an arm around her waist again. Hoisting her off the seat he listened to her giggles as he took them out of the bar and towards his car. He groaned as he reached the large black SUV. He pulled the keys from his pocket using the remote control to unlock the vechile. He grabbed the passenger door. He let it fall open, glad he didn't park next to anyone so he only had to make sure he didn't hit Hinata.

"Hinata, get in the car." He order tried to detach her arms.

"Why don't we both go into the back seat?" She asked hotly into his ear.

"No." He stated standing firm to her drunk advances.

It took a few minutes, but he finally got her into the passenger seat. Walking around he got into the driver's side. He sighed as he turned the ignition this was gonna be a long night...

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