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He swirled the liquid in his glass. His eyes locked on the sway of the water as it twirled up the sides of the glass just short of spilling over the edge. He knew he has to give a toast in a few minutes but he had no idea what sort of toast he was going to give. He looked over to the married couple. His supposed best friend was smiling like a fool and his brideā€¦He could not look at her.

His mind kept flashing with the images of her body beneath him. Her eyes glazed with pleasure and her voice screaming his name. The moment she said, "I do" was blank from his mind due to those images. He locked eyes with her receiving an innocent smile for his effort.

Sasuke winced against the bright light of the sun. He had never been a morning person and even the meager amounts of alcohol he had enough to give him a hangover since he hardly ever drank. He glanced to the other side of the bed seeing what he expected, empty. She had woken up and rushed out of here faster than she had came, regretting her one-night stand for obvious reasons.

Even if there wasn't the obvious reasons of the wedding that was supposed to take place later today. Even the fact that he was her boss could make her freak out from the complications that would come. Plus he was the best friend of the man she was going to marry. Unless she revealed the indiscretion then there was no possible avoidance of one another. He pressed his face into the pillow trying to force his mind to get rid of the school boy fantasies.

Like she would be coming back to him.

Like she would call off the wedding last minute.

Like she was just in another room right now and would come wake him up any moment.

He did not like these thoughts. They weren't like him. Plus they were all just false hope, delusions of grandeur.

He lifted his drink to his lips and tipped the glass. The liquids rushed down his throat and he gulped it down till the glass was empty. He set the glance down and grabbed a nearby glance that had been left alone, hers. He drank the liquid just as quickly trying to catch a similar buzz that she might have had.
He got to his feet walking across the party he found just the person he needed. He looked at her pink hair tied up and her red dress clinging to the curves of her body. He was sure just from the looks of her chest that she had padded her bra to enhance the image of her modest clevage. Still Sakura was the best option he had.

They had dated in the past and broken up on friendly terms, very friendly terms. If either of them needed a release they would call the other. She called him more often than he did her, but he also never had the time usually, stressed or not. Also she had much more loose terms. Calling him during her dates having already decided she was not going to sleep with the man and was going to use the man for the meal before coming to him for the pleasure she was craving. He had almost felt bad the one time she had the man drop her off at his place. She gave the poor man a chaste kiss before he opened the door wearing only his boxers. Then she near made him choke on her tongue that he hardly cared to notice the shocked and pained expression before he shut the door.

He none to subtly placed his hand against her ass giving a rough squeeze to the plump flesh. "Now." He whispered into her ear. The people she was speaking with gave him a curious look, but they had no idea what he said or what was going to happen soon enough.

Sakura giggled. One of her hands going behind her back to grab his wrist. She excused them both and started guiding him to the nearest room that would give them the privacy they needed, which happened to be the bathroom.

She shoved him inside and locked the door behind her. "You've been drinking." She states simply as she advances on him. She turns him around and guides him to sit on the toilet. Taking a step back she raises the bottom of her dress, showing the sheer black lace panties beneath. Widening her legs she straddles his lap and begins kissing his neck. He could feel her making bites and sucking on the skin. He knew marks would be left...at least over the ones he already had.

He closed his eyes just letting her do what she wanted with him. His hands idly resting on her thighs, squeezing the flesh when she hit a more sensitive area.
"How was she?" Sakura breathes out.

Sasuke's blood runs cold. The ecstasy replaced with shock and fear.

"You know I thought you were above sleeping with your best friend's fiancee. But I should know that you would. After all you slept with me when I was dating Naruto also." Sakura giggles devilishly. "You truly are a bastard."

Sasuke shoves her off. He gets back to his feet and walks out on her laughing figure.

Hinata is trying her best to concentrate on the story being told by her grandmother, something about how her wedding had been. She had stopped playing attention around the time she saw Sasuke go up to Sakura. She saw his hand go against Sakura's ass and she knew what they would be doing. She always knew about Sasuke and Sakura's open relationship...if it could even be called that. Many times she had watched Sakura walk into Sasuke's office, she would hear the click of the lock before Sakura's screams would penetrate the small crack in the door.

She looked up seeing Sasuke return looking not near as disheveled as she had anticipated. She sighed in relief. "Excuse me." She said smiling to the elderly woman. She got up and left before the woman could speak again.

Hinata made a quick glance to Naruto. Making sure he was distracted enough to not see her speaking with Sasuke. Seeing he was taking shots with some of his friends. She looked back to Sasuke. He was stomping back to the table and looked like he was about to leave all together. She grabbed a fist full of her white dress and hurried her steps over to the man.

"Sasuke!" She called out to him already at the parking lot outside. He stopped when she called after him and she hurried her way over, not wanting to shout the conversation across the parking lot. "Where are you going?"

"Home." He hissed out, not looking at her.

Hinata pursed her lips, she had not anticipated the cold demeanor. "You still have a toast." She reminded lightly gesturing for him to follow her back inside.
"You want me to give a toast." He spoke slowly trying to make her understand what she was asking of him.

"...Yes." She said not understanding his mood.

Sasuke turned giving an unnatural smile. "Sure. I'll go do it now. Tell them how I met Naruto, how I met you, how you screamed my name last night while I fucked you." His tone got colder as he spoke and the smile had turned into a full blown scowl. He had stepped toward her making her back into a parked car to create a bit of separation.

"Why?" Hinata questioned looking up at him with wide eyes.

"I have a few reasons. One being that I can't get you out of my fucking head!" He growled. "Also, Sakura already knows. Did you two have fun laughing about me and Naruto while you got dressed for this...this joke?!" He questioned.

"Sakura...knows." Hinata's eyes grew wide. "How?!" She questioned.

"You didn't tell her." Sasuke stated seeing that what he was suspected was wrong.

"Of course not!" Hinata snapped. "I wanted to forget. I...I love Naruto." She said.

"Then why did you have sex with me?" Sasuke probed. He moved closer to her pressing his body against hers, losing himself in the warmth of her body.

"I was drunk." She defended.

"You were sober enough to know it was me. You were sober enough to remember it." He stated back.

"I was having second doubts." She said seeing if that might be more believable.

"I'd like to say I believe you..." He dipped his head down connecting his lips to hers.

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