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I had always hated social functions. Ever since I was a young child I had despised these damnable things. And how Lestrade had roped me into this torturous occasion was beyond my infinite comprehension. Of course it probably helped to that cause that Grayson had threatened her job and my consultation if we both did not show up. Some higher ranked person wanted to meet me and it ticked of Grayson so at least that was a bonus. And when Lestrade and I left Grayson's office and groaned at the same time helped as well.

Although I have to admit the knowing smile on Watson's face was not helping matters in the least. Of course I have an idea why Watson was smiling like that and it was making me cross. My ways had not changed in my old age and they were not going to change now 200 years later even if those pesky hormones get in my way. And then when the Irregulars found out the squealing sound that came out of Deidre was still ringing in my ears now just 20 minutes later. Of course the Irregulars were invited and that did afford some comfort knowing that my charges were becoming noticed for their smarts, and training.

I began to discuss the dress code for the evening when I noticed Lestrade and Deidre sneak out. They needed to find something suitable to wear for the evening as well. Now that I am thinking about it that might not be such a bad to do with the other two. So I naturally invited them along with me to get our tuxedos for the evening.

I stood around absolutely bored while the girl simultaneously tried to find both Tennyson and Wiggins something to wear while throwing herself at me at the same time. I actually pitted this excuse for a woman. She's nothing like my Lestrade. Pale blonde hair compared to Lestrade's rich brown hair with the beguiling blond streak in it, which she will never tell me about. Of course that wasn't the only difference the woman had flat brown eyes. Which do not even hope to hold a candle to Lestrade's blue/grey eyes that at times would even appear violet depending on her mood and what was surrounding her at the time. Not to mention that Lestrade's eyes show her spirit and emotions. You can tell instantly upon looking my Lestrade in the eye what she's thinking and how brilliant she is. Sometimes I almost feel like she is holding out on me.

When it came time for my tuxedo thankfully a man had come over and helped to get things settled. I do not believe I could have handled another moment of that woman. After I had purchased everything including corsages for Lestrade and Deidre as well as matching roses for the lapels of our tuxedos we left quickly and got back to Baker St.

By this time it was getting late and thankfully the tuxedos needed only few alterations. The boys had groaned at my buying the corsages and roses, and how archaic but I convinced them quickly that the girls would enjoy it. Beth's corsage was full of red roses and baby's breath while Deidre's was white with baby's breath flowers. I might not like these cursed events but these seemed perfect for the evening. I presently called Lestrade's apartment and Deidre answered after making sure everything was alright I ascertained that they would meet us at the hotel.

After we made it to our destination a couple of hours later we waited outside but the cold drove us inside rather quickly. Watson said he would wait out there for the girls since he had no cold receptors. We went inside and turned towards the ballroom. As we got there I saw a grand red carpeted staircase where I stood for a moment to look at the room. All of the Inspectors and Constables that were there looked decidedly uncomfortable in their formal wear and the higher ups looked even more so. They were lining the rooms with nobody in the middle really intermingling at this point. Still kind of early and not enough drinks had circled around yet to loosen anybody up.

Another hour had passed and no Lestrade or Deidre. I was beginning to feel uncomfortable Watson was holding onto the corsages at the door so at least I was not standing around like a fool with those things in my hand. The red rose in my lapel was starting to look like it was beginning to wilt. But that was the least of my worries. At the moment I was being bored by some daughter of some higher up who probably could not tell an ionizer from a hairbrush.

All of sudden a hush came over the room and I looked up to seem a very young woman in a red dress come down the stairs. I saw the white rose corsage and smiled as Deidre came down the stairs looking fresh and closer to her young age of eighteen then normal with half of the garish make-up off her face. I saw out of the corner of my eye Wiggins straitening himself up when he noticed who it was. I huffed a little at that but what I can I say about that. Absolutely nothing I know nobody else is like me and sneering at those softer emotions. At least I am going to be getting some decent conversation in a moment. Next Watson came down the stairs and I noticed that both corsage boxes were missing.

I was starting to get a little nervous I admit when Beth did not come down the stairs right after Watson did. I turned to him as he reached me and stood to where I had my back to the staircase, but all he did was just smile at me and shake his head at me. Now confound it what is that supposed to mean. I was getting ready to as Lestrade would say "grill him" about where Beth had gotten to again when another hush fell across the room. This was followed by a collective gasp as I turned towards the stairs.

The most beautiful woman I had even seen was coming down the stairs. Her dress was a pale blue almost like ice and strapless. Her warm brown hair was pulled up in a bun with the front hair down to frame her face. When my eyes met with hers I saw the twinkle in them as if she was expecting some great fun at any moment. The red corsage was around her wrist. I was stunned my Beth was easily the best dressed and looking woman out of everyone in the room.

As she reached the bottom of the stairs I walked up to her as if in a trance and the orchestra chose that moment to play. I looked her in the eyes as I reached her and smiled at her hesitantly. I had no idea what to expect from this Lestrade. I held out my arm to her and she took it quickly and as I brought her to the middle of the dance floor I pulled her into a waltz. All of my emotions were running through my head at that moment as I looked at her. I began to think about everything as I was coming upon a new thought. She was looking at me quizzically but I could not answer her question as I did not know the answer myself.

My mind went back to the first moment when I heard her say Sherlock and how she welcomed me so warmly to the 22nd century. Even risking her badge to make sure I was included in the case and to fight for what she believed in. Then I next thought of the cripnosis crisis and how I had to wake her so I could reconnect the wires and Watson. How she was so beautiful unconscious though she was and how quickly she was to come after a moment and quickly catch on. And how understanding she was when I had thought I had lost Watson forever and then getting him and Baker St for me. Then there was the moon when we met Moriarty face to face for the first time. She was so brave jumping into the fan to get the hostages out. It only hurt after I realized how quickly I could have lost her then.

As the one song changed and the next began Beth and I kept dancing as my mind turned to the Empty House case. How even disguised that she knew something was up with the disks and me. And how when she caught me later on in the alley going towards one of my hideouts she called me out right then and she never has told me what gave me away. My mind turned to her derangement caused by that scoundrel Calverton Smith and how no matter how many times she came after me. I knew she was fighting and I knew I had to fight for her to bring her back. Until now the repercussions had never really occurred to me as to how I might have lost her permanently to those nanobots or what those things made her do. Then there was the Musgrave ritual with the building falling on her. I had not known true terror until that moment. I was so afraid to have lost her and how Tennyson had found her. I was and will forever be grateful to him for that. She shook that off so quickly and got back to work. When many would have folded in and gone home she stayed and went with us to the graveyard. She is so kind to my Irregulars and to everyone just about. Except for Moriarty and Fenwick of course, I will forever love the nickname she gave Moriarty. Clone head. So simple, and so plain, and so perfect.

All of the cases we had worked through for the past year and a half and no matter what she has been my associate. No, that is not quite right either. She has been my partner. No, that does not cover it either. She has been my friend. As the music changed to a simple melody she started to hum along and as I looked down at her it all fell into place. The feeling that I have been having since as I look back on it the moment I met her. I hummed along as I recognized the words to the song that was playing and smiled down at her. She looked up at me and I saw the look in her eye mirroring back my own emotions, my own feelings. I saw the insecurities that were in her eyes as we danced to this tune. I gently began to guide her to the doors that led to an indoor garden. She looked towards where we were going and smiled in acquiesce and with a look that told me how much she trusted me as we made it to the doors. After we were well from the door we stopped dancing and began walking side by side. We were headed towards the large lighted fountain in the middle of the room. As we got there she took off her glove and ran it through the water as she sat down. She was being careful of her dress.

She kept her head down and I looked at her as I saw her contemplating her own thoughts. I could not help but wonder what was going through her mind. I started humming to the song that was playing inside as it switched to another well recognized melody. I smiled at her and as I sat down beside her she looked up at me and then quickly away. I hesitantly reached out and with my thumb and forefinger brought her face back around to me and nervously I might add started to sing.

"So this is love, Mmmmmm

So this is love"

She joined in for the next line her voice so beautiful and melding into mine perfectly.

"So this is what makes life divine

I'm all aglow, Mmmmmm

And now I know

The key to all heaven is mine

My heart has wings, Mmmmmm

And I can fly

I'll touch ev'ry star in the sky

So this is the miracle that I've been dreaming of



So this is love"

She looked at me with a smile and her love shining through her eyes just for me. I looked at her and as I took a deep breath I smiled and said,

"I do love you my Beth and I do believe I can trace it back to the moment I met you."

She continued to smile and she said,

"Well took you long enough my dear Sherlock."

I laughed at this and moved closer to her leaning down and for the first time of what will be many kissed her as the next song began. And with this one as the others I would have to agree that tonight is truly Bella Notte. It truly was a beautiful night and the beginning of a bright future for both of us together.

As the kiss ended we smiled at each other and I stood up and gave her my hand. She took it gracefully and together we walked back into the ballroom. The rest of the night went by rather quickly to quickly in my opinion. As we prepared to leave I looked to her and said,

"Be safe"

"Look who's talking Sherlock." She said with a smile on her face and a playful look in her eye.

"I have no idea what you are talking about my dear Beth." I said laughing.

As her cruiser came up and she and Deidre prepared to get in I pulled her back to me and kissed her one more time before they left to go back to her apartment. She pulled up as my coach arrived and as we got in I spared a thought to the evening. I could not help to think about how much I love social functions. Well at least from now on with my Beth by my side.

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