Today is my birthday. I'm 16 years old today and my mom told me that she had a secret to share. Now in my family secrets are not anything new, but this sounded important. I went to school like normal and when I came home my dad was there. Now to some people that wouldn't seem like that big a deal. But my parents had been divorced sense I was 6 years old. My dad looked at me and said, "Happy birthday Bunny. We have something to talk about."

Now I knew this was serious. So I sat down and mom handed me a large giftwrapped box. I slowly unwrapped it and looked inside. It was a bunch of old books. I pulled them out slowly and opened the front cover. Property of Dr. John H. Watson as I turned the page I couldn't help noticing the very first entry that was how he met Sherlock Holmes, A Study in Scarlet. "But I thought it was just stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle" I said. "No Bunny," My mom said, "You and your father are actually descended from George Lestrade. And we have something else to show you."

We headed out to the car and started to head toward New Scotland Yard, but turned at the last moment and headed toward the warehouses. A short time later we arrived and headed inside. My father had clearance and soon I was looking at the body of Sherlock Holmes floating in honey. Needless to say I was shocked. "Bunny our family has kept this a secret for many years. Most people in the Yard don't know. He is only to be brought back in the extremist emergency if it is possible and if the technology is available. So how about we go out to dinner" Dad asked. "That sounds like a good idea George." Mom said. We got back into the car Dad in the driver seat mom in the passenger seat and headed toward the nicest restaurant in town. They got out of the car first and I got out after them saying, "Isn't Sway New super expensive?" "Well it's not every day our little girl turns sixteen. Or your father and I get along."


The thrill of the chase has always excited me. What with the speed and the adrenaline running though my system it is probably the best feeling in the world. I turn the car and clipped some stupid statues hat and the snitch I call Watson filed a report. I finally shoot down the car ahead of me and then Martin Fenwick stumbles out of the car. As the cruiser fired back up and flew off I could have sworn I saw none other than Moriarty in the cruiser.

I should know what Moriarty looks like. I threw myself into mysteries and danger since I found out that Sherlock Holmes was in honey and that it might someday be possible to bring him back to life. I wanted so badly to meet my childhood hero. I think he might actually have to big a heart and just hides his emotions. But the technology isn't quite available yet and besides I want to make my parents proud of me for working hard and becoming the youngest person to ever make Inspector. It was tricky working in the same office as my dad, but we worked two different shifts. Also I worked harder than everybody else. And due to some working around we were able to get around it. Especially since I was only a constable for a few days, and he wasn't the one to promote me. This was helping me pay my way through college and law school. I was going into criminal law like my mother.

While I was lost in thought I brought Fenwick in and expressed my thoughts to Grayson. Of course he wasn't too keen about it. It didn't take long for me to come up with a plan though, and after looking at the picture of James Moriarty online confirmed it for me. I heard the story online about Sir Even Hargreaves and cellular rejuvenation. There was only one answer to this. And it was bringing Sherlock Holmes back to life.

It took a little longer than I thought it would and I was afraid Grayson would stop me. But it was finally completed. I thought his hair would be black. That's how he has always been betrayed as. But he was actually blonde. He was made to be a 25 year old so we could be the same age. Maybe easier to get along and when he woke up I welcomed him into the 22nd century. He looked around and said "at your service." In truth he was a pretty good looking man. He had gotten vaccinated before he was allowed to come to all the way. So I brought him home. He surprisingly flirted a little with me on the cruiser ride home. I gave him vids to watch and then told him what I thought. He didn't believe me at first. Just like Grayson. So I brought him with me to the Yard. And well the rest is kind of history.


A girl dressed in white is normally is traditionally walked down the aisle by her father. And as I took George Lestrade's arm and he escorted me down the aisle all thoughts left my mind. And as I looked at Sherlock he and I became the only people in the room. My father handed me over to Sherlock Holmes and we smiled as we looked into each other's eyes. We turned towards the pastor and said our vows and exchanged rings. It felt like my whole life was leading up to this moment with Sherlock Holmes. We had both grown as we got to know each other. Our lives had changed for the better. If my parents hadn't taken me to see Holmes's body my soul mate and I wouldn't be here today. Later on at the reception I threw the bouquet and my friend Edith caught it. Sherlock and I headed home to 22lB Baker St. and started our new lives together as husband and wife. We are happy and we are going to live happily ever after.