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The first time Todd and Neil share a bed Todd is sure he's found heaven. Todd doesn't really believe in the Catholic religion he's been brought up to have faith in, so he doesn't really believe in such a place as heaven. He'd like to, because heaven sounds like such a wonderful idea, but there's always a small part of his brain that just keeps saying nope, heaven isn't real, none of it is. But in that hard mattressed bed with Neil, well, Todd might be starting to believe in such a place.

Todd snuggles deeper into Neil's arms, and as Todd smiles his lips brush up against Neil's neck.

"What are you smiling about?" Neil asks.

"Nothing." Todd says, his voice slightly giggly.

"What are you thinking about then?" Neil asks.

"How, if heaven exists, this would be it." Todd says.

"Yeah, and why is that?" Neil asks.

"Because, well, I love sleep, and I love you, so, putting the two together, well…." Todd says.

"Oh, my, god." Neil says, in awe of something that Todd isn't quite sure of yet.

"What?" Todd asks.

"You." Neil says. "You are absolutely adorable. And I'm thankful as hell that we got assigned as each other's roommates."

"What, you would have hooked up with and shared a bed with Charlie or Knox if you'd been assigned a room with either of them?" Todd asks.

"What…?" Neil scoffs. "No…. The only person I want to share a bed with is you."

"Seriously?" Todd asks, slipping into his insecure state of mind.

"Seriously." Neil says. "One hundred percent seriously."

"I love you." Todd says, squeezing his arms around Neil waist and tangling his legs with Neil's.

"I love you." Neil says.

Todd moves his head away from where it rests on Neil's shoulder and presses his lips to Neil's in a kiss. And although they've shared many kisses before, this one is different Todd thinks, because they're in bed together. And, damn, if Todd could just stay here forever, he's pretty sure he could be content until he dies.