Bang! The door collapsed to the floor as soldiers marched in. My mum's eyes quickly flashed to mine then back to the men. She wasn't pleased, not one bit, It was that easy to read in her face. I picked myself up, as the soldiers ordered grasping onto my mum, watching her eyes grow red and swell up with tears. The leader, circled around us, as if we were a complete mess and he didn't know what to do with us. I gazed up at my mum, whose eyes were locked on the soldier. What on earth was going on? All of a sudden, the soldiers pounced at us, I staggered back, terrified, my throat closed around a scream, as the soldiers linked my hands in theirs, dragging me outside, where a large crowd of people were. I stumbled through the teeming crowd, as they screamed and shouted.

The soldiers carried me through the crowd, pushing down anyone who'd get in their way.

I felt my heart stop as we waited in front of a small truck, filled with loads of other people, who were probably taken here as well. My head turned round and round as I collapsed to the floor. I wanted to be safe and sound, at home, with my mum, and now I am not even sure if i'll ever see her again. I kicked and screamed trying to leave the grip of the soldiers. I pushed them away from me, as they tried to pull me back up, but that didn't stop me. I kicked them away as hard as I could, showing absolutely no mercy at all. Bam! A strong numbing pain hit across the top of my head. My eyelids felt heavy and slowly blanketed around my eyes as I gradually lost consciousness.

I slowly picked myself up, dazed for a moment. I could feel the motor chugging and snarling beneath me like an angry animal.

"She's awake" a man spoke with a gruff, masculine voice.

"What's going on?" I mumbled through my gritted teeth.

"They are locking us away, that's what's happening!"

"Now stop it you, you're scaring the living daylights out of her!" pleaded a young woman "Now you listen to me darling, it's all gonna be alright".

"Be alright! What are you talking about? They are locking us away and using us as slaves, Is that alright to you?" the man argued.

I dodged past everyone in the truck up to the fogged up windows, pressing my arms against it to see if we were anywhere near the camp yard, and there, far in the distance was a large yard, surrounded by barbed wire and filled with big tents.