On the Road to Stardom

Summary: Follow Rocky, CeCe, and Tinka on the road, from their normal lives in Chicago to fame and fortune in Hollywood. However, the girls will soon learn that their new, glamorous Hollywood lifestyle is not all lollipops and rainbows.

Couples: Günther/CeCe, Ty/Tinka

Triangles: Rocky/Deuce/Dina

Disclaimer: I do not own Shake It Up!, its characters, nor the songs TTYLXOX and Something to Dance For. I only own this story.

Chapter 1: Searches and Singers

The Shake It Up! Chicago set was chaotic one June afternoon, as the cast and crew feverishly worked, to prepare for the upcoming broadcast on Saturday. The dancers were on stage, going over various different routines. Crew members were doing spotlight checks and ensuring that the cameras were operating properly. Even the costume designers were busy adding the finishing details to all of the vibrant costumes that were to be worn during the broadcast.

However, Gary Wilde was the most stressed of them all. He could be seen pacing back in forth in his office, on the phone with his boss. The sweat dripping down his forehead and his non-stop pacing were a clear indication that something was seriously wrong.

"I know that the broadcast will not be the same without a spotlight dance," Gary explained to his boss, "but, how was I supposed to know that Savannah was going to transfer to Shake It Up! New York?"

Gary flinched, as his boss started scolding him loudly, his yelling clearly audible from the other side of the office.

"She said something about a rich boyfriend dancing on there, but that's not the problem!" Gary yelled, exasperated. "Where I am going to find replacements, who can whip up a show-stopping routine, in time for the spotlight dance in two days?"

The boss resumed his shouting, but Gary's ears did not perk up at that. He was suddenly interested in several female voices, who could be heard singing down the hall from his office. He smiled, noticing that the girls that were singing were pretty good.

"Never mind, sir, I got it covered!" Gary quickly reassured his boss, before hanging up on him.

After tossing his cell phone onto his desk, the TV host bolted out of his office, hoping to discover the source of the lovely voices.

In one of the dressing rooms, eighteen-year-old Rocky Blue was busy stretching for dance rehearsals. Her best friend, CeCe Jones, was staring at her reflection in one of the vanity mirrors, applying more mascara. Nearby, their frienemy, Tinka Hessenheffer, was using bobby pins to hold back loose strands of her blonde hair that kept falling out of place. The three of them were singing a familiar song, as they prepared for rehearsals.

Once they finished the song, Rocky smiled and said, "Wow, I can't believe you wrote that song, CeCe."

"I must admit, I am impressed," Tinka added. "Your incredible singing voice makes up for your horrible, jagged bangs."

"Thanks," CeCe answered, before realizing that the blonde just insulted her. "Hey!"

"You're not too bad either," Rocky commented, smiling at Tinka.

"Right back atcha!" Tinka chirped, cracking a smile of her own.

"Anyway, CeCe," Rocky said, turning back to the redhead, "are you ever going to tell Gary that you wrote and recorded a song for one of our previous Shake It Up! Chicago performances?"

"TTYLXOX?" CeCe questioned, receiving a nod from her best friend. "Does it matter if I do? Gary probably won't care."

"Actually, she has a point," Tinka pointed out. "Gary only cares about himself. I bet my entire collection of hand-knitted goats that he would have taken credit for writing and singing that song, if it was not for the fact that it was all done by a girl."

"Still, you should tell him," Rocky told CeCe. "Maybe he would let you perform it during a spotlight dance."

"Not exactly," a male voice interrupted.

Three sets of eyes darted towards the dressing room door, where Gary was standing in the open doorway, raising an eyebrow at the girls.

"Gary, have you ever heard of knocking?" Rocky questioned, her hands on her hips. "We could have been indecent, you know!"

"Sorry, girls," Gary replied, apologetically. "I was looking around for some people and I overheard your conversation...is it true?"

"What is true?" Tinka asked, for clarification.

"TTYLXOX," Gary answered, looking at CeCe. "Was that song really written by you?"

CeCe blushed a bit and replied, "Yeah."

"And you were the one that recorded it for one of our previous shows?" Gary asked, his eyes widening slightly.

The redhead nodded, with a small grin.

"Well, you should have told me sooner," Gary said, solemnly, before smiling and adding, "because I would have given you a spotlight dance for it. However, that doesn't matter because Savannah moved away and I need to find someone for this week's spotlight dance."

"You...you want me to do the spotlight dance?" CeCe asked, shocked.

"Absolutely," Gary answered, looking to Rocky and Tinka, "and you two as well."

"Are you serious?" Tinka asked, excitedly.

"Dead serious," Gary replied, with a smile. "I heard you girls singing from my office down the hall and, I must say, you three got what it takes. It was like listening to you sing in Japan again. And it doesn't hurt that you three can dance well."

"Thank you so much, Gary!" CeCe exclaimed, happily.

"No problem," Gary answered, waving it off. "You three have two days to practise singing that song, choreograph a dance routine to it, and come up with costumes. The costume designers have their hands full as it is."

"Okay," Rocky replied, with a nod of her head. "I promise you, we won't let you down!"

"Good, because my boss will have my head and my job if this spotlight dance is not better than the last one," Gary explained, as he made his way out of the dressing room. "Good luck!"

Once Gary exited the room and closed the door behind him, Rocky, CeCe, and Tinka started jumping up and down, squealing loudly.

"I can't believe we have the spotlight dance!" CeCe exclaimed, clapping her hands together.

"Oh, my, goat!" Tinka commented, grinning. "This is so exciting!"

"As much as I'm happy for all three of us, we do need to get started on planning our performance," Rocky reminded the other two girls. "We only have two days."

"I have some good ideas for a dance routine," CeCe said, deep in thought. "Let's see what I can pull together."

"For the song, we can each sing a small solo during it, while the rest we sing together," Rocky suggested. "I'll try and divide up the lyrics."

"I can help you two in both departments, if you need some assistance, and I can design our costumes for our performance," Tinka added, smiling.

"Sounds good," Rocky said, sounding satisfied, "but, make sure the costumes don't make either one of us stand out more than the other two."

"Yeah, and don't go over the top with the glitter," CeCe added, narrowing her eyes at the blonde. "If my costume ends up looking like a disco ball because of your crazy betwinkling, I'll betwinkle you head."

"Noted," Tinka replied, with a roll of her eyes.

Meanwhile, in a large office on the top floor of Five Star Records in Los Angeles, a man in his late thirties was sitting behind his desk, his legs crossed on top of it. He leaned back in his chair, looking deep in thought.

Just then, there was a knock at the door.

"Come in!" the man called.

The door opened and twenty-year-old Ty Blue entered the office. Once he graduated from John Hughes High School, he signed with Five Star Records and never looked back. Within a year, he became a Grammy, award-winning rapper.

"You wanted to see me, Mr. Bartlett?" Ty asked, for clarification.

"Yes, do take a seat, if you please," the man, Mr. Bartlett, replied, gesturing the leather chair in front of his desk.

"Something wrong, sir?" Ty asked, taking a seat.

"Eh, the usual," Mr. Bartlett explained. "Hoping and praying that I can find some hot, new singers to take the world by storm."

"Not having much luck, sir?" Ty asked, concerned.

"Not at all," Mr. Bartlett answered, with a sigh. "I've listened to some people's demos and they just don't have what it takes to make it big."

"And you need my help, sir?" Ty asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, you've made it big and know what's in these days," Mr. Bartlett explained. "Any idea where I could find some new stars?"

Ty leaned back in his seat and gave it some thought. The first thing that came to his mind was CeCe and how she dreamed of being a huge pop star one day. He knew that she had the determination and talent needed to be successful in the music industry. He smiled, knowing of the perfect way to introduce the head of his record label to her.

"Ever tried watching Shake It Up!?" Ty asked Mr. Bartlett.

"Shake It Up!?" Mr. Bartlett repeated, raising an eyebrow at the young rapper. "Isn't that a dance show? I need singers, not dancers."

"Shake It Up is a dance show in many states, sir," Ty explained. "Each episode features a spotlight dance, where dancing, as well as additional talents, are showcased."

"Like singing?" Mr. Bartlett asked, intrigued.

"Definitely," Ty replied, with a nod of his head. "Look, man, try watching Shake It Up! Chicago this Saturday night. Who knows? You might actually find someone with talent."

Mr. Bartlett rubbed his chin for several minutes, deep in thought, before saying, "Very well, Ty, I'll watch the show. Hopefully what you have told me is correct and that I won't consider the viewing of the show a waste of time."

"Oh, you won't be disappointed," Ty reassured him, with a grin. "Tell you what, come over to my place this Saturday. We can watch it together and you can give me your opinion of the show."

"Sounds good," Mr. Bartlett answered, smiling. "Oh, and tell your personal chef, Pierre, to go easy on the gravy the next time he makes us poutines, got it?"

"As you wish, sir," Ty replied.

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