Author's Note: I don't own any of the characters. This is for the sole purpose of entertainment.

Naivete in Denial

Three days. It had been three days since Frantz had disappeared inside the Catwalks. Angela's eyebrows knitted together in frustration as she cleaved another Nomi Lion in half. Tude was up ahead clearing out the stupid clowns that she hated. Scratch that, she hated this entire place.

"Hey shorty, what's on your mind?" Tude slammed the last of the Noblemen against the ground, splitting the marionette's skull in half. "Still worried about the bloodsucker?"

She blinked, "N-no…what makes you think that?" She adverted her gaze, opting to stare at her magic sword instead. "Was just thinking what use is it to bring Gina the noblewomen's fans for?"

"Well…" Tude pondered this for a second, his face scrunching up. He chuckled, "You know, that's a good question." With a dismissing wave, he turned back just in time to backhand a Knight. "Attacking from the back? Have you no shame?"

A few more moments of silence followed, aside from the occasional ticking of the pendulums. Angela just kept checking Gaestra and Tude inspected his gauntlet. It itched something terrible, but he could easily ignore it. After one more casual glance at the red-head, the blonde yawned. "Well, sitting here doing nothing won't help us find him. Come on, shorty." He easily dodged the magic missiles that Angela had conjured.


Frantz groaned. Where…am I? He remembered a hallway, an encounter with Fluffy, Angela yelling at him and then… "Ame…li…a…"
"You shouldn't move," a familiar voice caused him to look up. Or attempt to look up. His vision swam into focus, until at last he could make out the figure staring down at him with disdain.

"Amelia!" He struggled to stand but his legs refused to cooperate. He coughed, "Why are y-?"

"Why did you come here?" Amelia crossed her legs and glowered at her once-lover. "Why did you, Frantz?" Her voice sounded so cold, and he visibly shuddered. "Did you think returning my blood would change me back?"


"Don't move, you've lost a lot of blood," she smiled. Frantz had never seen her smile like that. It was a resentful smile, with small traces of sadness. "Maybe this will clear mine out." A sound made her look away from him, towards the door. "This is the last…" and with that she slipped away.

He could hear running footsteps. Someone was calling his name. However Frantz Kruger was oblivious as his silver eyes slid close and he fell into the darkness.

"Sshh, I hear something!" Tude said, clamping his gauntleted hand over Angela's mouth. She glared at him before ducking underneath his arm and running straight through the doorway.

"Frantz! FRANTZ!" she cried out. She managed to trip over one of the curtains, sending her sprawling to the ground. Not two feet from her was the man she had been looking for. A man who was lying in a large pool of blood. His blood.

Cursing, she disentangled herself and carefully made her way over to her friend. "Wake up! Frantz! Please!" She could feel the tears pouring down her cheeks. "Wake up…please…oh god Frantz!"
"Angela!" Tude ran in after her, his eyes scanning the otherwise empty room before settling on the pair near one of the dressing tables. "Oh…fuck." He walked towards her, reaching his hand out to grasp her shoulder.

She was vaguely aware of the gesture but oh god there was so much blood. He wasn't opening his eyes. And the blood and…and…

"…-gela. Angela!" Tude's voice finally reached her. She mutely turned her face towards him, not caring that he could see her crying. "We have to get him out of here. Come on!" His strong hands first pulled her up, away from Frantz before he bent back down to pick him up.

"Is…is he going to be ok?" she asked, her fingers burying themselves into the hem of her skirt. Tude said nothing, just gave her a small nod before they both sprinted to the exit.

The thundering sound of hooves

A scream

And then blood. There was blood everywhere

His desperate need to find out


"…-od thing you brought him here. Any longer and he would have bled to death," someone says. Frantz can't really tell who it is. Everything is fuzzy. Throat burning. Thirst.

"Tude! His hands twitched!" a young voice. Is that Angela? She sounds more child-like than ever. Frantz groaned and opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was the wooden ceiling of the barracks. The second was Tude giving him a wary smile. Finally, his silver eyes came to rest on Angela. She was kneeling on the ground on the left side of his bed, one of her hands clutching his own. It's warm…
"Hey there, kid." Frantz manages out in a cracked voice. "Wh-" he coughed a little, earning an even more concerned look from her. He tried again, "Why so sad?"

She opens her mouth, the closes it, a frown etching itself on her face. "You're so stupid. Letting a mutt like that smack you so easily? You aren't as tough as you said you were." It's adorable how her lips pout while she's giving him the 'Stink Eye'.

"Even tough guys have their days, shorty," Tude laughs, slapping Frantz hard on the back, causing him to flinch. "Though have to say, man. You look like shit."

"A hit like that and all that blood loss, of course he's seen better days." The nurse who came in frowns and quickly places a thermometer in Frantz's mouth. "Ms. Rose will be tending to your wounds in a moment." She then turns to Angela and Tude. "Which means you'll both have to step out."

"Well at least he's ok," Tude said, leaning against a fence post. "Stop making that face, Angie. Your eyes will get stuck that way."

"I'm NOT making a face!" she protested, crossing her arms. Tude snorted, which annoyed her further. "Rose is with him so…" her voice trailed off and she instantly shut her mouth. "It's her. Always her. How miserable does he have to be until she's finally satisfied?!" Turning away from Tude she stomped off towards the camp, leaving the blonde thinking. What the fuck just happened?