The Other Golden Seal Team

Her face looked crestfallen and there were tears in her eyes that were threatening to fall. Her lips quivered a bit. "I…dammit Angela, don't cry." He reached out towards her, but she flinched and stepped backwards.

"I'm not crying! Who's crying? It's not me!" she protested, shaking her head furiously and blinking her tears away. Sniffling, he turned her heel and bolted out the door again.

He could only stare at the door like an idiot when Tude walked in the room, Natasha in tow.

"Smooth move, Kruger," he said.

"Hey there, buddy. You don't look so hot right now," Tude's smile reminded Frantz of a wolf eyeing his next meal. He sat down in the chair next to Frantz's bed, his hands tented in an almost pensive manner. "So, what's up with your eyes?"

Frantz stared blankly at him, before Natasha thrust a small compact mirror into his hands. Surprised, his gaze turned to her, but she only shrugged and indicated for him to look at himself. Taking a deep breath, he turned the mirror over and looked at his reflection.

The whole thing about vampires not being able to see themselves in mirror was bullshit and for that Frantz was thankful. His reflection stared back at him, the same face except for his eyes that burned red. With a jolt of surprise he flung the mirror away, Tude catching it before it could shatter against the wall.

"What's wrong with me?!"

Angela sighed and hugged her knees closer to her body. Maybe coming to the graveyard was a mistake after all. She had thought about a lot of things as she watched the night sky. Her friendship with Frantz, the war, her village in the forest, and finally, what will happen if Frantz did turn into a full-fledged vampire.

"I can't do it," she whispered and rested her chin on her knees before closing her eyes.

"Can't do what?" A feminine voice spoke, causing Angela to jerk in surprise. "Whoa, easy there. I'm not going to hurt you." Angela stared up at the young woman standing in front of her. Long grey hair flitted in the breeze, framing the woman's face in an almost-veil.

Angela stared at her, frozen. She continued staring at the girl for a few seconds more before she finally got her mouth working properly. "Ghosts aren't real!"

The 'ghost' laughed, "I'm not a ghost. I'm Roselle Vergerius, from the Golden Seal Team."

A moment of stunned silence was followed by an outraged "WHAT?!"

"Calm down, Frantz!" Natasha pleaded, trying to get the half-vampire back in bed, lest he reopen his wounds again.

"Calm down? Calm down?" Frantz looked scandalized as he paced the room. He ran a hand through his hair, his face scrunching up into the familiar scowl he always wore. "I'm not a vampire." He said finally before sinking back down onto his bed.

Tude raised an eyebrow at him as he rested his head on the back of his chair. "I've heard somewhere that when a vampire…ah…what was the word?" he scratched his chin. God he needed to shave. "Fledgling. Yeah that's the word. When a vampire fledgling's eyes turn red it means they are 'awakening'." His teammates looked at him in wonderment. "What?"

"Awakening? So does that mean Frantz is becoming a full-fledged vampire?" Natasha asked, subconsciously edging away from him.


Sighing, Frantz concluded, "Someone has to tell Angela."

Roselle watched the girl in front of her, slightly amused. The red-head had gone from angry, to astonished and was now angry again.

"—ve the audacity to even tell us? What the hell!" Angela fumed. Finally she turned her attention back to Roselle. "You said your name was Roselle?"

"Yes." Roselle extended her hand. "It's nice to meet you Miss…?"


"Nice to meet you." Roselle smiled before almost falling over. "Oof!" Turning around, she picked up… "Leila! What have I told you about running into me?"

Angela stared at the little girl, who only giggled and stuck out her tongue. "Hee hee, sorry Big Sister. I was playing tag with Edgar."

Roselle sighed, "So that means he's running around here too?" she set the smaller girl down. "Stay here. I'm going to go find the others." She looked at Angela, "Do you mind watching her real quick?"

Angela shook her head. "As long as she doesn't bite, I'm ok with it." Nodding, Roselle quickly left, leaving the two girls in an almost awkward silence.

The little girl grinned up at Angela, "My name is Leila. What's yours?"

"Uhm…Angela Strraughend." Something about this girl seemed awfully familiar. "What's a little girl like you doing in the Golden Seal Team?"

Leila shrugged, "I go wherever Big Sister goes. And I'm not that little." She pouted, looking almost offended. "We've been travelling for a while actually. Met up with this little kid named Edgar. He's a pain sometimes. He keeps complaining about how unfair it is that his magic sword cursed him."

"Did you say magic sword?" Angela stared at her companion in surprise. Leila nodded. "That's…"

"He told me that he tried to steal it, so it cursed him."


"Mhm!" Leila beamed at Angela, showing off two very pointy fangs. "He told me he's really like…uhm…older than what he lo-"

Angela gasped, "You're a vampire!" The little vampiress only nodded. "Does that mean your sis…?"

"Yep! We're both vampires. Or uhm…well I guess not entirely? More like half-vampires." Leila giggled again and then stood up. "Sis is back!" She ran towards her sister who had come back, a young boy and another girl in tow. "Big sister!"

Roselle flashed Angela a grateful smile before kneeling down and hugging her sister. "Where you a good girl, Leila?"

She nodded enthusiastically before reaching out and grabbing the boy's hand. "Edgar! Come on, come on! Meet Angela!"

"Let go, pipsqueak!" the boy said, giving her a disgruntled glare and dusting off his clothes. "Why are you so grabby?" He paused his rant when he saw Angela. "You, ginger. Have we met before?"

"Ginger?" Angela smiled coldly. She pretended to clean out her ear, as if she hadn't heard him correctly. "Did you just call me ginger, squirt?" She stepped closer to him. It pleased her to see him cower away from her.

Swallowing nervously, he tilted his head up and with an almost cocky smirk said, "And if I did?" Next thing he knew, his back was against the tree, a giant sword not two inches away from his face.

"I'd take it back."

As this sober moment passed, Elma burst into the room, chest heaving. "Someone, do something before Angela goes crazy!"

All three stared blankly at her before she clarified, "Angela just attacked a member of the other Seal Team."

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