So I'm afraid I'm experiencing a bit of writer's block on my other fic – I think I've jinxed myself by giving specific times for when I'd update it. The God of procrastination is laughing at me somewhere… For this I do feel a little guilty - many apologies!

Anyway, to keep you going I offer this. Sprouted from my other "snow" fic, I thought I'd take advantage of the big snow storms that headed to NYC that Christmas too and indulge in all the Will/Mac cuteness such an emergency might bring.

In the Bleak Midwinter…

Mac looked worriedly from her watch to the twitter feed on her Blackberry, willing the next ten minutes to go faster.

They were fifty minutes into the broadcast and the blizzard outside was reaching up to 40 mph according to twitter, and 10 inches already lay thick on the ground – only half of what was expected by the morning. It wasn't likely that they'd make it in tomorrow so she was desperate to wrap up and send her team home. The subway was half shut down and the traffic had come to an effective standstill – it would be 9 o'clock by the time they'd finished and by the looks of it they were all facing a hard walk home. Please let time speed up, please!

It was the day after Christmas – she was surprised they'd had this much news to cover. Actually, the main story they were actually on was the same snowstorm that she was now fretting over. How ironic it would be if they ended up stranded at ACN by the snow due to the fact that they were here reporting the snow!? No, don't think about that. Someone up there might hear you…

The only up-side to this arrangement that she could see was only the essential staff were here. At least she didn't have a flock of them to deal with.

She could see Will starting to wind down the final segment, and she turned to the team in the control room.

"Alright guys, as soon as he's done, shut everything down and get out of here. I want to see you heading out the door in fifteen minutes. Stay safe getting home! Everyone send me an email, text, whatever when you get there, I want everyone accounted for. Tomorrow's off." She said all this hurriedly, wanting to get through to the control room and relay this message to the staffers. The technicians all looked gratefully at her, voicing their understanding.

She checked Will was still on point, and then removed her headset and rattled out of the door.

"Right!" She grabbed the small group's attention. Most were already packing up bags and putting on coats and hats. "How's everyone getting home? We agreed to go in groups, right?"

"Sloane, Neal and I are all heading in the same direction – we're about ten blocks apart." Jim nodded swiftly. She nodded slightly, nibbling at her finger as she turned to the others, stressed.

"I'm walking Tess and Tamara back and then I'll head to my brother's place. He's closer." Gary explained, the three of them huddled together already.

"Kendra?" Mac asked.

"Martin and I live on the same street so I'm heading with him."

"Great. You two are okay?" She raised an eyebrow at Don and Maggie.

"Ten O'clock is cancelled so we're ready to go."

"And everyone's got somewhere to go in Manhattan? No one has to head off to Brooklyn or Coney Island, or Queens, or…anywhere that involves crossing the Hudson?" They all shook their heads and she filled with a slight relief. "Okay, everyone let me know when you're safe, I want a head count. The internet's starting fill with stories about ambulances trapped and stuff, so if you're in trouble let someone know, it's nasty out there."

"How are you getting home?" Will asked from behind her, coming out from the studio.

"At the moment my subway line is still open – I'm the other end of the island – so I should be able to get a train before they close it." Will frowned at her.

"There's a guy on twitter saying he's been stuck on a train, freezing, for four and half hours Mac."

"I'm not walking." She said flatly. As the control room guys started to spill into the bullpen, she turned back to the others. "Alright everyone, get out of here. Thank you so much for getting in here and sticking around. Remember! Let me know when you're in. Safe journey!"

En masse there was an exodus for the lifts. Dreading her own journey home, she watched them all leave knowing that she shouldn't put off her own departure; but there was not a single cell of her that wanted to willingly step foot outside in New York City. A thought occurred to her.

"How are you getting home?" She turned to Will, only to find him staring at her very pensively. It unnerved her slightly, "What?"

"I think you mean how are we getting there?" It took her a moment to catch up.

"Wait –"

"You're not going to the other end of Manhattan on your own in thisMac," He said firmly. "You've just given them a big lecture about staying together and calling if they get into trouble, so you can forget the subway. You won't be much use to anyone stuck, watching the frost bite form, in some dingy subway car. You're coming home with me. I live seven blocks away."

She opened her mouth to argue but he had already turned away and was heading towards his office.

"Get your stuff," he called over his shoulder, "We should leave before it gets worse."

Next up, hats, hand-holding, rude taxi drivers, and hot cocoa. I'm shameless and I make no apology…I should really just make that my official disclaimer, huh? :p