Anakin and Bree stood back several feet to admire their latest piece of work that sat on the private hanger floor. Sure it had been built out of mostly junk and spare parts, not to mention it had been pretty cheap to build, but they swore it could be one of the greatest vessels out there. It was about the size of the Twilight, had a football shaped body and three large bracket shaped fins in the back; in the middle of the fins were the thrusters and stabilizers. Looking sleek and aerodynamic, the silver-blue metal gave the ship a look that screamed "speed". Arms crossed as they continued to admire their work, the pair exchanged glances and smug smiles of accomplishment for a period of time before Anakin spoke up.

"So after all that, you think we should give it a name?" Anakin asked, continuing to appraise their work. Bree turned her head to look at her adopted-slash-complicated family figure with disbelief and surprise, her dark eyebrows rising higher on her head.

"Seriously? After all that work, you're worried about a name for the thing? You're not worried about it malfunctioning and crashing, that it won't start, or even get off the ground?" she asked, scrutinizing Anakin's face. Anakin just nodded, Bree's eyes widened in shock. "You mean to tell me that Anakin Skywalker is more worried about a name more than the tech and whether the bucket of bolts will fly or not?"

Anakin just laughed. "Yeah I guess, you mean to tell me that Bree Amidala-Skywalker doesn't love her new toy?" he shot back, Bree laughed as well.

"Don't get me wrong, I like it; it's just I've got a bad feeling about this." Looking to her "brother", she sighed in defeat. "Fine then, what did you have in mind?"

Looking over the ship for the umpteenth time, Anakin thought carefully before speaking quickly. "For the mother angel of all ships, I think we should call her the Byzantium Angel."

Bree's eyes widened in shock, surprise, fear, and so many other emotions he couldn't list off before his "sister" started to protest. "No! No way in hell are we going to call it that! Just by calling that you're dooming it to a crash landing! Are you trying to jinx it?" she cried, hand flying all over the place. "I don't like it." She said flatly, just as she suddenly stopped her hyperactive movements. Anakin just grinned in response.

"Nope, I like it. We're calling it the Byzantium Angel."

Groaning, Bree walked over to one of the work carts and tool cabinets to grab a can of black spray paint which sat on top. "Well if we're calling it that, we may as well paint Blink and you're dead on the side." She said as she walked. With the paint can in hand, she force jumped on to the top step of a ladder that rested against the side of the ship's hull.

True to her word, in just a few seconds Bree had the words Blink and you're dead spray painted in big, black Aurebesh letters on the side of the ship. Joining Anakin back where she had been standing moments ago, she crossed her arms once again studying the ship, paint can still in hand. Still studying the ship, Bree spoke, her eyes never leaving the ship.

"You're still dooming her you know."

A few hours later the pair was once again standing several feet away from their homemade ship, watching the fiery wreck as they waited for a republic gunship to pick them up from Maridun.