During one of the early morning meetings discussing how to proceed with the Kira case, L gave the team a surprising notice.

"A friend of mine will be joining us later today. I expect you to be courteous and polite and giver her as much respect as you do me. And I don't suggest lying to her. I've been told she's worse than me, whatever that means. She should be here soon." L got up from his living chair and walked back to his computer, settling down in his swivel chair in the exact position the team had found him in half an hour before.

"Wait," Matsuda said, standing. "She? As in a woman?"

"Yes, I suppose," L replied, thoughtfully tapping his chin with his spoon. "Do you mind working with a woman? I didn't think you would, considering you go out of your way to find female companionship. Besides, her intellect matches mine easily. In fact, it wouldn't be a stretch to say working with her will be the same as working with me." He spun back around and began typing away. "You shouldn't worry, Matsuda, there's almost no chance she'd agree to go out with you."

"Already trying to compliment me?" A voice called from the front door. "You must have heard about the mood I'm in."

Everyone on the task force turned to the door quickly. L didn't even glance over his shoulder. He slowly closed the windows on his computer, stood, and turned. He didn't even raise his eyes from the floor.

"Hello, Elaine."

A tall brunette stood before the group, the door closing softly behind her. She was dressed in a long brown coat that looked to have been hand-made with real leather. Her hair was wrapped into an elegant bun at the base of her neck.

"Amazing!" Matsuda cried. "She didn't set off any of the alarms and none of us saw her on the cameras. How did you get through security?"

She turned her head to him slowly, head tilted to the left. "I walked in." Taking patient steps forward in her brown knee-high boots, she approached L. He merely scratched his ankle. Matsuda turned to Aizawa and swooned at her English accent.

"You can leave your coat with Watari and follow me. I shall catch you up," L said. Elaine watched Watari walk towards her.

"Watari, huh? Original, I suppose." The old man watched her for a second. He seemed to be weighing something in his mind. "Oh, come here, you," she said, reaching for a hug. His wrinkled face broke into a smile and he wrapped his arms around her in a familiar embrace.

"Good to see you again, Miss Elaine. Let me take your coat."

"You, too, Watari. It's been too long." She pulled off the leather trench coat she wore and handed it to him. "There's a present in one of the pockets for you," she whispered, careful to make sure no one else heard.

"Elaine," L said from across the room. He stood in the doorway to his private room. "Hurry. We are attempting to catch a murderer."

"Agreed." She followed him, her boots making a low click each time they hit the floor. Everyone else on the taskforce looked at each other in perplexity and got back to work. Matsuda was the only one who couldn't keep his eyes off the woman; he was the only one who saw L quickly grab Elaine's shoulder and pull her violently into the room.

Ide walked into the surveillance room, softly shutting the door behind him.

"Nothing's happening," Matsuda said, stretching back in his chair. "They just sit there, reading articles and occasionally talking."

Aizawa glanced away from the screens to Matsuda. "Why are we watching them?"

"Because he brought in a British woman to help him with the case."


"He must be really stuck. He claims she's on the same level as him. They're just as smart as each other."

"So, don't you think they know we're watching them?"

Everyone froze.

Mogi's head hit the desk. Fuck. Of course they knew.

She pulled her right leg up onto the desk and let it rest in the corner of the wall. He shifted his chair to the right, recognizing the movement. She turned to him and smiled in thanks as she rested her back against his right arm, stretching out her cramped legs.

"It's been a while since you've done this," he said softly, knowing the wire in the vent above them could record his voice.

"Don't wait so long to invite me over next time, Law."

"Hmm…" He hooked his right arm through her left one, keeping her from sliding down in a practiced motion he realized his muscles couldn't forget. Like riding a bike or driving a car. "Found anything yet?"

"Not anything new."

"Did you really expect to?" he asked.

"Well, somebody has to check your work. Sometimes, even the great L makes mistakes," she said, turning a smiling face to him.

"That was one time! And you know I'm not very well acquainted with the female form." He turned away, shoulders hunching a bit more than usual.

"You were, you mean."


"You used to be unacquainted with the female body. I think things have changed in the last few years. Especially last winter when we had that last case for the American FBI."

"Oh, yes." L's eyes lifted to the ceiling in thoughtful remembrance. "I had forgotten about that…"

Her head slowly turned to glare at him and she disentangled her arm from his. She pulled her right leg back toward her body and rested her foot on the edge of the table, using it to turn her entire body to face him.

"You forgot?" she said, her voice steely and hard. L noticed her eyebrow slowly lifting to arch in that particular way that caused men to shrink and their testicles to retreat into their bodies.

"I just haven't thought about it in a long time. I have got other more important things on my mind at the moment."

Her head tilted down and she placed her glasses on the desk in front of her.

"Wait. What's happening now?" Ide asked Matsuda as he crossed the observation room.

"Oh, this doesn't look good. I've seen that look before. That's the look my mom gives my dad when she catches him looking at other women. I wonder what he said."

"Play back the feed on one of the other monitors."


"With sound."

Almost instantly, the screen next to the one portraying the current Elaine and L rewound and stopped. It was fuzzy for a few moments before clearing up and moving forward again. Their voices came through the speakers strangely because both of them had their backs to the camera and seemed to be speaking quietly.

"You used to be unacquainted with the female body. I think things have changed since then..."

"Oh, yes. I had forgotten about that…"

Matsuda paused the feed, turning to the others gathered behind him, eyes wide. "Wait. Does that mean…?"

Mogi silently pointed to the active screen, eyes even wider than Matsuda's.

"How could you have forgotten?!" Elaine yelled, no longer bothering to keep her voice low.

"It's not like the memory isn't there anymore. I just don't think it's important enough to think about often."

L barely had time to react before she lifted her foot off the table and swung it at his head. Her boot crossed her body and connected with his skull with a satisfying thunk and his chair spun around, depositing him on the ground. Elaine stood, stepped around his fallen desk chair, and approached him slowly. He stood quickly, rubbing the side of his head for a moment before ducking to avoid another kick.

"Not important?!"

As she punched forward with her left fist, he leaned to the right to avoid her, just as she wrapped her right leg around his and tipped him off balance. He landed on the hardwood floor with a crash the others could hear across the suite.

He didn't make a move to stand, knowing she had the upper hand in this situation. She stepped over him, one foot beside each knee, and lowered herself onto his stomach.

"Ooh! I wonder if they'll actually do anything! They must know we're watching, right?" Matsuda asked, looking at the other two men.

"I hope they don't do anything. That's not something I want to see," Ide said, hoping to dissuade Matsuda from keeping the cameras on.

"Oh, c'mon! She's so hot! And we might be able to ignore L. Or put a censor bar over his head."

Just then, Mogi pointed to the screens again. All the men's eyes widened in horror as they stared at the screen before plunging into action and running out the door.

Elaine slowly reached down and pulled out the twin blades that were hidden in her boots. L looked up at her, completely unaffected by their presence. She held them so the sharp blades ran along the inside of her forearms and the hilts faced him.

"How long have we known each other?" she asked, tilting her head to the side and pressing her fists into his chest, the metal of the hilts digging into his shirt.

"Thirteen years," he answered, readily, still undeterred by the weapons she held.

"Correct. And of those thirteen years, how many did you spend physically working with me?"

"Oh. Probably around eight."

"Acceptable. And of those eight, how many have we spent in a physical relationship?"

"Six or so."

"Very good. Now, tell me what you think will happen if you again say you forgot about having six years of sex with me?"

"I didn't forget about last six years. I had only forgotten last winter." Her eyes flashed for a moment and he swallowed audibly.

"Try again."

"Those will be embedded in my torso. Same punishment as always."

"Do you agree with this and adhere to the rules?" she asked, pulling her hands up from his chest.

"Of course." At hearing his acquiescence, she returned the small blades back into their protective holders in her boots. "Can I get back to work now?"

Elaine stood up, letting him scrambled to his feet. "Maybe later. We have other things to be concerned about."

He swayed beside her awkwardly for a moment once he got his sock-covered feet under himself. "I did always hate it when they barged in." Not two seconds later, the four men who had been observing them burst into the room, panting.

"Is everything okay?" Mogi asked once he'd caught his breath. The group stared at the two standing about five feet apart from each other in confusion.

"Yes, of course. I am a little tired, though," Elaine said, stepping towards L's rooms.

"Me, too. I need more cake," L added, following her.

"Cake…?" Matsuda asked, staring after the pair.

"Why don't you three go back to whatever you were doing, hm?" Elaine suggested as she was practically pushed into the bedroom.

They watched the pair go, shocked that L was letting her into his room for the second time in one day. "Well, that was mean of her."