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Title: discovery incomplete

Dedication:...None. Yet.




It had been a normal Christmas morning, similar to all other Christmases in the Echizen household. Snow flaked down from the sky, coating the ground in white. Ryoma received usual haul: toys, books, a pair of crocheted socks-from the aunt- as well as a collar for his even superbrandnewer cat Karupin. The cat had been a birthday gift, and had been proclaimed by the young boy to be the most 'wonderful ' present a five year old boy could receive.

None of his Christmas gifts had swayed him from that belief.

None yet.

All had gone as usual, the fun ending as his mother handed him daunting task of cleaning up the wrapping papers, boxes and ribbon. A tedious chore, but as he tidied the main hall, Ryoma's eyes landed on a peculiar package on the other side of the room. A bulbous top and a skinny handle made up the gift along with a large, flat oval, and as he sighted his name scrawled out on the label, he- and by default- Karupin proceeded to rip it open, gazing at the bright red handle of Ryoma's newly acquired racquet. His eyes grew interested and began roving the gift, taking in each of its crossed strings, all the plastic and the-

"Take the racquet boy."

The daunting voice of his father shook him out gazing at the instrument and the man shook his head, turning on his heel with an amused smile.

"Discover tennis Ryoma."

That was the only thing his father ever mentioned on the subject, leaving Ryoma alone with the racquet for the remainder of evening, leaving his only son to do just that. Discover tennis, on his own and only guided by his own intuition, talent and the small bits of advice and training he would give him.

Ryoma was six; now he is twelve. Six years to unearth tennis, and yet, he has not done it all.

Toss the boy another ball.