"Hey Raven, do-" Beast Boy began as he came around the side of the couch. Raven was sitting on the couch reading her book with a peaceful, innocent look. Well, looks can be deceiving.

"WHAT!" Raven snapped as she turned to face her not-so-in-love-with-right-now boyfriend.

Beast Boy decided that instead of asking her where she put the sugar, he would just try and be nice.

"Uhh, you're the best girlfriend ever?" He wasn't sure if this was the right thing to say, but agitating her was NOT a good idea right now.

"Whatever! You stupid guys, so emotional! Do you always have to be in my face?!Can't I have some alone time?! Can't you just fend for yourself, MY GOD?!" Raven screamed as she stormed out of the living room.

"And so it begins."


Day 1

Beast Boy was sitting on the couch channel surfing; in the dark; alone. Well, that's what he thought.

Raven walked up behind Beast Boy and lightly tapped his shoulder. He hadn't heard he come in (how ever she had come in) and this was a serious 'Sudden Clarity Clarence' moment.

"Woah! How long have you been there?!"

"Just got here, what are you watching?" She asked in her monotone. It was just normal, average Raven. Beast Boy knew that his was only he beginning so she must be in the middle of a transition.

"Umm nothing."

"Can we watch 'Desperate Housewives'?" WHAT? OH MY GOSH! Is she high? No she's Pms! Beast Boy was shocked at first, but then remembered this was mother nature week.

"Uhh yeah, sure." Beast Boy said normally. He knew that he needed to prepare for this, so he got up and went to get a box of tissue and three boxes of chocolate. This was the most dramatic episode in the series.


"WHY? Why did you cheat on Carolyn, Harvey?" Raven choked out. Beast Boy couldn't believe it, Raven was crying during 'Desperate Housewives'. They were snuggled on the couch, covered in used tissues and empty chocolate wrappers. She had eaten two and a half boxes already and the episode was only an hour.

"It's okay." Beast Boy patted her head gently. She was sobbing and wailing like and idiot; but nothing in the room was flying around.

"Umm, Raven? Why isn't anything flying around?"

"I have t-to w-wear a necklace to keep my powers u-under control b-because they are unstable r-right now." She was still crying and coughing like a fool. But suddenly, Beast Boy made the biggest mistake of his whole life.

"Oh, so you wear it for Pms." As soon as he realized what he had said he quickly covered his mouth. He had just entered the you-better-run-before-die stage.

"Uhh Raven. I didn't mean Pms, did I say that? I meant...chess! Yeah, have you been playing chess?" Beast Boy was obviously trying to cover up the biggest mistake of his life; and he wasn't doing a very good job.

"I. Do. Not. Have. PMS! You heartless bastard! I should take off this necklace and let my powers kill you! You stupid guys, always thinking that us women are unstable! Well... Well" Raven screamed. She had no more words to say, so she just put up her middle finger then backed out of the room into the hallway.

"3. 2. 1."

"Beast Boy, I'm so sorry! I shouldn't have exploded like that. Please don't hate me, don't dump me!" Raven sobbed as ran back into the room straight into Beast Boy's ready arms. He had gone through this enough times. They had been dating for a year so this was the 13th time.

"I don't hate you, I shouldn't have said you have Pms. Let me go make you some tea." Beast Boy walked over to the kitchen as Raven sat at the table.

Beast Boy had already known what he was going to do. He would make the tea and then drop a Midol (it is a pill for Pms which stands for pre-menstraul syndrome. It helps to calm the symptoms- just in case you didn't know) and let it dissolve.

"Here you go, one cup of herbal tea, just the way you need it." Beast Boy said as he set the cup down in front of her then proceeded to take a seat of his own.

"What do you mean 'the way I need it'? Is that an insult?!" Raven was suspicious, but she never detected the Midol in the tea.

"Just drink your tea, darling."