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Five Months Later

"Gary? Gary, where are you?" Kate frantically whispered into the phone. Five months, and everything had changed. Not for the better.

Four Months and Three Days Earlier

"Hi, John." Kate waved at him and dropped her bag on the floor. "Where's Gary?" John smiled and waved back. It had been much less awkward having him around lately, as they had all gotten used to each other. He'd been getting better, too, which was great. Though he still didn't remember much, he was much better physically. He had even made them dinner a few times. Turns out that he was a fantastic cook.

"Kitchen." He replied, pointing to the door. "He's been in there for a while. " Kate thanked him and walked through the kitchen. Gary was at the table, staring at a sheet of paper and squinting awkwardly at it.

"Trying to disintegrate your paper with your mind there?" Kate joked. "It's not working very well. "

"I noticed, thanks." He glared at her. "No, I have this seriously important chemistry exam in classes tomorrow and I barely understand anything."

"Oh." Kate nodded in understanding. Not knowing the material for a test? She knew the feeling. "Right then, I'll leave you to it. Good luck." She walked back into the living room and John looked up from the book he had been reading.

"Sorry," he started to say. "I couldn't help overhearing that Gary didn't understand his test prep?"

"Yeah," Kate sighed. "I think this semester has been harder than he's letting on, especially with my mum off who-knows-where for work and having to take care of me."

"Oh." John frowned. "Well, maybe I could help? I think that I'm pretty good at things like that."

Kate motioned towards the door. "Why not? Can't hurt to try." John nodded, and she trudged up the stairs, ready to face her own homework.

Fifteen minutes later, Kate was extremely close to falling asleep and drooling all over her textbook when her descent into naptime was interrupted from shouts coming from the kitchen. Rushing downstairs, she sprinted into the room, wondering what was going on. John was staring intently at a piece of paper in a black case, and Gary was speed-writing his work.

"What happened?" Kate asked curiously. Gary looked up quickly, then gestured for John to explain.

"Well," John started. "I was helping-"

"Helping is the biggest understatement I've ever heard." Gary interrupted. "This guy," He paused to point at John. "Is incredibly, freaking smart. Not only did he actually understand all this chemistry crap, he managed to explain it to me so that I actually get it."

John shrugged. "I'm older than you, aren't I? I'm bound to understand some things you don't." Gary looked over at him and squinted.

"You can't be that much older than me," He observed. "You're what, twenty-six, twenty-eight?"

"Well, according to this," He waved the little paper he was holding around for emphasis. "I'm twenty-eight years old." Gary frowned and leaned over the table to inspect the paper. It looked like an I.D. card in a little black flap.

"Um, where'd you find that?" He asked.

"I found it in my pocket of my old coat just now." John responded.

"But...we searched your coat for I.D. when you first got here..." Kate added. John shrugged, and Gary grabbed the card, his chemistry now forgotten. He read it quickly, and started to look it over.

"John Smith, so that's actually your real name then. Age twenty-eight, born in Bath and works in London as a High School Chemistry teacher. And there," Gary indicated to the bottom right corner. "Is what I assume is your address."

Kate frowned. "But I know that we looked through all of your stuff when you showed up! I think we would've noticed something as important as an I.D. card! How could something like that just show up?"

"I have absolutely no idea whatsoever." Gary replied, confused. "Why don't we go look at this place of yours, then? Maybe it'll tell us something about you." John frowned.

"What about your exam, though? Shouldn't you keep studying?"

"Mate, you've just helped me get this stuff more than any stupid book could. Besides, this is more important than a test any day. Now come on, get a coat on. Let's go see where you live, huh?"

The drive to John's place took about twenty minutes. From what they could tell, it was a nice little apartment building, nothing special. Gary took out the strange I.D. card again, looked it over, and turned to John.

"Don't suppose you can magically produce a key to your apartment like you made this card show up, can you?" John smiled slightly, but then continued to look worried. Not that Kate could blame him. You wake up, having no idea who you are, get taken in by complete strangers, and weeks later find a card that told you all about yourself that you knew was not there before.

"No, sorry." He replied. Gary shrugged and pressed the buzzer for John's apartment. To everyone's shock and surprise, someone answered.

"Hello?" The obviously American mystery voice asked. Shaking himself out of his shock, Gary coughed and then quickly replied.

"Uh, yeah, hi. I'm Gary, and my friend here, John-"

"John Smith?" The voice asked loudly.

"Yeah, that's him. You know him?" Gary inquired.

"Know him? He's my roommate, been missing for weeks! Come on, get up here!" The buzzer rang and the door opened. The apartment was on the third floor, so there was some walking done in complete silence, everyone contemplating what was going on. The tension only grew as they reached the door. This was it. John took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

Within seconds, it swung open and John was pulled into a bone-crushing hug. "Oh my god, man, you gave everyone such a scare! We didn't know what'd happened, you were just gone one day, didn't show up anywhere! We had to call the police and everything, but even they couldn't find you! It was awful. Seriously, don't ever do that again. What happened, anyway?" The roommate pulled away expectantly, waiting for an answer.

"Uh..." John stammered. "Sorry, I've kind of discovered I have amnesia...who're you?" Mystery roommate's face fell.

"Oh." He stared at John for a second, then sighed. "Yeah, okay. Well, I'm Kyle. Your roommate, obviously. I'm a journalist, and uh, I'm originally from New York. I've got a girlfriend named Audrey, she's been crazy worried about you too..." He trailed off and looked around the room awkwardly. "And, uh, I'm your best friend." He groaned and slumped on the couch. "So, amnesia. Okay. But hey, at least you're back, right? We'll just take you to the hospital, they can tell you what's going on." Kyle finished.

At the word 'hospital', John looked up. "No, not the hospital, really." He insisted. Kyle squinted at him for a second.

"Oh yeah, I forgot. You hate those things. You probably don't remember this, but you know, there was this one time that you broke your arm, and you were completely hell-bent on not going there. I mean, Audrey and Andy and I had to practically drug you to go there. You were out of it the whole time. But you still had to go. And you need to go to the hospital now, too." Kyle turned to Gary. "Didn't you guys take him there?" Gary shook his head.

"He kept saying that he had a really bad feeling about it. I was going to anyway, but Kate talked me out of it." Kyle frowned.

"Well, you really need to now. I'll go with you, just let me call everyone and tell them what's going on." Kyle grabbed his phone and started furiously dialing numbers. As all this was going on, Kate had been exploring. It was a pretty big apartment. The first room she had stumbled into was obviously Kyle's. There were pictures of him and a pretty blonde-haired girl all over, as well as pictures of him and what was most likely his family. The bed was messy and there were papers all over the floor. She quickly closed the door, feeling like this much invasion of privacy might be a little too much.

The next room was the kitchen, and then the bathroom. Nothing interesting in either of those. Kyle, Gary, and John were still talking in the living room, so she ventured further into the apartment. The next room was the one she was looking for. It was another bedroom, and it definitely looked like it could be John's. There was an unmade bed in the corner of the room, and the desk was covered in papers, half of them looking like ungraded tests. There were books strewn all over the place, which didn't surprise Kate, seeing how John had read almost all the books in Gary's apartment in a matter of days.

She walked into the room and looked around. Photographs were stuck on the bulletin board above the desk , as well as stacked on dressers. Going through them, she noticed how there didn't seem to be any of John when he was younger. There were some of John and Kyle, John and the blonde that was in Kyle's photos, and John and a girl with short reddish-brown hair. She didn't see any of John and his family, or even any photos of John when he was younger than twenty-something. That was strange.

"I didn't have the heart to throw out any of his stuff when he was gone," A voice behind Kate said. She jumped, taken by surprise, and turned to see that it was only Kyle in the doorway. "The police searched through all of it, trying to find clues. It used to be a lot neater in here. They didn't find anything though. It's been weird. John just goes missing and there are absolutely no clues as to how or why. Then weeks later he shows up again, no memory of any of us."

"Glad to see I'm not the only one who's noticed something strange going on around here." Kate said. Kyle nodded.

"Yeah. But we should figure that out later. Right now we really need to get John to go to the hospital." He turned and walked out of the room, and Kate followed, shooting one last suspicious glance at the stack of photos on the dresser.

It took around a half an hour, but they finally convinced (or forced) John to go to the hospital. Right as they were leaving the apartment, the door swung open and they were faced with a girl, the same blonde from the photographs. The girl searched the room frantically, and as soon as she saw John she grinned and hugged him tightly. The blonde let go, smiling from ear to ear.

"I'm Audrey, " She told Gary. "I can't believe John's finally back!"

"Yeah," Kyle grinned and kissed Audrey on the cheek. "Alright, well Kate, Gary and I are going to go get John to the hospital now, so I'll see you later, okay?" As soon as the sentence had left Kyle's mouth, Audrey's warm smile disappeared.

"What? You're going to the hospital? No, that's not good, really. Don't."

Kyle looked confused. "What? Why? He's got amnesia, Audrey. He needs to see a doctor!"

"Well, look, he doesn't want to! We shouldn't force him, Kyle! We just see him again and you're already going to force him into a situation that he doesn't want to be in?" Kyle stared at her.

"Are you feeling okay? You're acting so weird. Last time that John didn't want to go to the hospital, you're the one that pretty much dragged him out and forced him to get his arm checked out." Kyle squinted at her. Audrey frowned.

"What? What do you-" She stopped talking abruptly as a look of realization dawned on her face. "Oh...yeah, well he didn't have amnesia then, and-"

"Stop, really." John stepped in-between them. "Don't argue about this."

"Look John, you're coming to the hospital no matter what," Kyle stated, staring pointedly at Audrey. She frowned. "Let's go." Grabbing John's arm, he pulled him out the door. Audrey stormed out behind them, and Kate and Gary followed suit.

When they finally reached the hospital, Audrey was still fuming, and had started furiously whispering to someone on the phone. Gary and Kyle were off talking, and John was sitting alone in the waiting room, reading another book. Kate could definitely see how he'd be a teacher. She glanced over at Audrey and was curious about who she was talking to. Something really unsettled her about Audrey. She was completely against John seeing a doctor, which was strange. And then there was the phone conversation, which seemed to be getting more heated by the minute. Kate was slowly inching over to the door to eavesdrop when someone smashed into her. Both she and the stranger fell on the ground, and so did the papers the other person was carrying.

"Sorry, sorry." The man groaned. "I wasn't paying attention, have to call in the next patient. " He finished collecting the papers and offered her a hand with an apologetic smile.

"It's fine," Kate reassured him. "Better get to that patient, then." The man smiled again and headed into the waiting room. Kate looked back to Audrey, and sighed when she saw that she was off the phone. She groaned and left to find where Audrey had gone off to. No one would miss her for a few minutes.

Jack and everyone may had gone to Cardiff, but Rory kept getting calls saying he was needed at work, so he had elected to stay here, at least until things were less desperate at the hospital. He had no idea why there was such a spike in injuries lately, but he wasn't just going to abandon ship as things were getting worse. Besides, he could still try to help figure this whole thing out from home. That's what Skype was for. Amy hadn't wanted to just leave him here, so she had elected to stay as well, while Martha and Mickey and Jack all headed off to Torchwood. Although helping the Doctor was a top priority, so was helping others, and if he was needed at work, he was going to help.

Things were so much busier than usual lately, so Rory could definitely tell why the hospital really couldn't lose anybody right now. He had been running back and forth all morning, and he had been so distracted that he even knocked into a girl in the hall on his way to call in the next patient.

He entered the waiting room and looked through the crowd. "John Smith?" He called, searching the room. A man stood up, and Rory locked eyes with him. His heart practically stopped. This could not be real. No way. Rory's eyes widened.


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