"Hey Haruhi how was your weekend?" Hikaru smiled sitting beside his twin Kaoru in homeroom. The twins were identical. Both had red hair and soft brown eyes and wearing the same Ouran Academy boy uniform which consisted of black dress pants and black dress shoes along with a white dress shirt and black tie under a light blue dress coat with the academy symbol on the left right over their hearts. It was seemingly impossible to tell the two apart.

Haruhi stood fairly short and had short brown hair and was wearing the same uniform as the two twins. The thing that was different about Haruhi was that she was in fact a girl. She disguised herself as a boy so that she could be in the school's "Host Club" to pay of a debt she had created by breaking a valuable vase. The host club was a after school club where young female students went to spend time with the school's most handsome and wealth boys who would fawn over them.

"It was fine, spent most of it studying..." Haruhi trailed off.

"Boring!" The twins chimed in unison before looking up as a teacher entered the room. The teacher was an older man wearing a black suit and red tie. He looked to be in his mid to late forties with well maintained black hair and brown eyes.

"Welcome back class, please help me to welcome our two new students Katsumi Ito and Miya Akiyama." He spoke as two girls entered the room. The first stood slightly taller and had long black hair that went to the small of her back. She had pale smooth skin and piercing emerald colored eyes. She was wearing the Ouran Academy girls uniform which was a pure yellow dress which had long sleeves and white cuffs and a simple red thin ribbon tied around the neck. The second girl was a few inches shorter that the first girl. She had brown hair that went down to her shoulder blades and had smooth skin that was very slightly more tan than the first girl. She also had soft blue eyes and was wearing the same uniform.

"Welcome girls, please take the two empty seats while i take attendance." The teacher smiled.

The two girls nodded and walked to the back of the room and each took a seat in the very back of the small class room. The two were silent as they listened to the teacher read off names from the class listing.

"Haruhi Fujioka?" The teacher spoke.

"Here" Haruhi raised her hand.

"Hikaru Hitachiin?" Hikaru grinned and raised his hand "Here"

"Kaoru Hitachiin?" The teacher looked up.

"Here sir" Kaoru raised his hand.

The teacher continued the list until he completed it as the bell rang. The class gathered their belongings and began walking out of the room. Katsumi and Miya stood up and walked out of the room only to see the two twins standing with Haruhi.

"Hey, you're new" Hikaru grinned point out the obvious.

"Yes we are. I am Katsumi and this is Miya." Katsumi introduced the two of them.

"I am Hikaru and this is my brother Kaoru and this is Haruhi." Hikaru grinned his classic grin.

"Nice to meet you, but we should get to class." Katsumi and Miya slipped past the group and made their way through the crowded hallways till they were out of sight.

"You guys really need to calm down..." Haruhi sighed and walked with the twins to their first class...

The school day went by quickly and the twins along with Haruhi made their way to Music Room #3 where the Ouran Host Club held its meetings. The club session would be starting soon.

The three entered the large extravagant music room where four other boys were waiting. The first was a tall blonde haired boy with stunning blue eyes. His name was Tamaki. Second was a black haired boy with thin framed glasses. He was sitting behind his laptop. He was Kyouya. The two other boys were sitting at a small table that was filled with desserts. The shortest boy looked very young, standing much shorter than the rest of the group and other kids his age. What shocked many who first met him was that he was older than everyone in the Host Club. He had blonde hair and brown eyes. His name was Mitsukuni but everyone called him Honey. The taller boy who stood much taller than the rest of the group was Takashi who everyone called Mori had black hair and brown eyes.

"Hey guys!" Hikaru chimed.

"Hello, you three are almost late" Kyouya closed his lap top.

"We have angered the Shadow King!" The twins began to pretend bow at Kyouya's feet.

"Shut up you two" Kyouya sighed and got to his feet "Shall we begin then?"

"Yes let us entertain our guests" Tamaki sighed happily and took his seat on the couch. Haruhi walked over to the door and opened the door allowing the guests to enter and the meeting began. Each group of girls got matched with a host based on their wants, one group got the twins on their love of "brotherly-forbidden-love" based on the way the two pretended to be in love with each other. Another group got paired with Honey and Mori for their love of Honey's adorable child like behavior and the mysterious muscular Mori being kind and protective over him. A third group got paired with Haruhi for their desire to talk to someone who seemed to understand them and how seeming feminine "he" was. Little did they know that Haruhi in fact was a girl just like them. A fourth group got Tamaki for their desire to be treated like a princess by a charming prince. Lastly a group got paired with Kyouya for his handsome and gentlemanly appearance as well as his charm, wit and wealth.

The girls swooned, the boys smiled and fawned over their guests and before they knew it the meeting was over.

"I am sorry to say but this meeting has come to a close" Kyouya stood up and bowed to his guests. "Please feel free to join us again."

The girls squealed in glee before the room cleared leaving the host club alone. The group joined in the center of the room and sat down on the two couches which sat facing one another.

"Well wasn't that just wonderful" Tamaki sighed happily.

"The guests seemed happy." Kyouya spoke as be began jotting notes down in his little black notebook. No one knew what lay in its pages but never dared to ask. It was a secret and everyone accepted it imagining it was just business notes for the club so they need not worry about it.

"So I heard there are some new girls in your class Hikaru, Kaoru and Haru-chan" Honey smiled.

"Yea, they seem nice." Haruhi pondered.

"Don't talk much." Hikaru shrugged.

"But not snobby" Kaoru added.

Kyouya pulled his laptop out of his bag and placed his notebook inside the beg. He began typing away on his laptop at a great speed.

"It appears they are here on a scholarship...odd considering they normally only give one a year which went to Haruhi...Odd..." Kyouya pondered aloud.

"I guess father saw something in those two." Tamaki shrugged with a smile. Tamaki's father, Yuzuru Suoh was the chairman of Ouran Academy.

"Hey Katsumi is outside." Haruhi spoke looking out the window. Tamaki, Hikaru, Kaoru, Honey and Mori got up and walked to the window. The group saw Katsumi dressed in the Ouran Academy Archery team uniform which consisted of form fitting black pants, black boots, and a white, short sleeved dress shirt under a form fitted yellow vest with the Ouran Academy logo on the back. Her long black hair was pulled back into a neat pony-tail.

"Wow, she's the first girl ever to be on the archery team" Honey smiled looking out the window.

The group watched as Katsumi stepped up to a designated line and picked up a bow and lined the arrow up. She pulled the arrow back slowly, holding her body strong keeping her vision directed at the bulls-eye. As she released the arrow it flew through the air and hit the center of the target. Katsumi bowed to the instructor who nodded in approval.

"You guys it is rude to spy on people" Haruhi sighed.

"She's good" Kaoru looked at his twin who nodded.

The group returned to the couches.

"Seems that she is here on both an academic and sport scholarship..." Kyouya peered up from the laptop. "The same goes for Miya Akiyama. Appears they live in the same household but it doesn't say much more than that..." Kyouya closed his laptop. "We should go, our rides are waiting." Kyouya got to his feet.

"See you guys tomorrow!" Honey cheered and skipped happily out of the room as Mori walked following him.

"Byee!" The twins chimed and walked out of the room waving as they left.

The remaining three soon followed suit, heading home, completing their first day back...