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Authors: infinitevertigo (Izaya) and Simplyfx (Shizuo)

Title: All or Nothing (title inspired from the song 'All or Nothing' by Theory of a Deadman, check it out)

Rating: M

Pairing: Shizuo x Izaya

Summary: Shizuo and Izaya get invited by Shinra in a bar, unaware of each other's presence at first. Things get complicated after a sudden revelation that leaves Shizuo speechless as the latter starts to act rather weird toward his archenemy. Obviously knowing about Izaya's sexuality isn't exactly what Shizuo has been expected to find out.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the DRRR characters!


"Seven o'clock, is that good with you? Yes? All right then, see you there!"

Thinking back to the phone call, Izaya sighed, red eyes narrowed as he continued along the path to the address Shinra had given him. He didn't drink, seeing no point in such a frivolous activity. And it really wouldn't be professional of him to show up drunk when delivering information; he had a reputation to uphold, after all, who would trust a drunk information broker?

Shinra didn't even give him a chance to decline, simply gave him an address and time and hung up, as if Izaya would be pleased to go.

The raven scoffed as he opened the door to the bar and went in, immediately feeling overpowered by the stuffy atmosphere and his nose crinkled. Really, Shinra?, he thought to himself, you couldn't even pick a classier place?

As his eyes scanned around the room, he seemed to realize that while this bar wasn't as high class and modern as he would have liked, it was a decent place; it wasn't dirty and full of drunken idiots playing darts, just a small, local bar. He caught sight of Shinra and the others, smirking as he watched Celty try to keep the alcohol away from the doctor and approached them.

"Ah, Celty, it's nice to see you here," he said once within earshot and the two looked at the raven as he slid into the booth across them, next to Kadota, Togusa, and Walker, "Don't trust Shinra out alone, I see." Erika sat across from Walker, watching Celty and Shinra with a lopsided grin.

"I think it's sweet how they act like an old married couple!"

Celty began frantically typing at her PDA and held it up to the girl's face, hands shaking signifying her agitation as she read 'we do not!'

"Right, right," the girl waved a hand, lips curled up, "Just like Izaya and Shi—"

"Erika," Izaya interjected with a slight smile, "Just to refresh your memory, I am an information broker so, please, keep those thoughts to yourself, hm?" The threat seemed to work as Erika looked away, lips clamped shut to Izaya's amusement as he turned to Shinra, eyebrow quirked. "So who else is coming?"

Suddenly the door of the bar swung open, and instantly Shizuo made his appearance. Shinra and the others turned to focus their attention wholly on Shizuo whom stood uncertain on the threshold; when he caught the presence and the smell of the most annoying flea in 'bukuro.

Shizuo froze. He almost wished it was not real. As he looked at the man with a frown on his face, he clutched the edge of the doorframe, nails digging into it as his blood boiled with rage. Izaya however, who still had his back turned towards the door, didn't aknowledge Shizuo's presence, when finally following the gaze of the crazy group, he leisurely turned to meet the source of everyone's attention. Izaya tried to resist the urge to wince at the sight. Yet before Shizuo could do or say anything, Shinra had hurried over to calm him down.

"Now now Shizuo, calm down." The underground doctor tried to take a hold of the blonde as he flailed his arms in front of him.

"C'mon Shizuo, do you wanna really lose control at a place like this?" Shinra remarked the fact they were in a public place, hoping to get Shizuo in line again, but conversely the bodyguard growled with rage, dangerously pointing one of his fingers towards the subject of his displeasure.

"Shinra, what the hell the flea is doing here? you framed me with that phonecall!"

He shouted, his eyes flashed with anger as he saw Izaya widen his smile.

"Now Shizu-chan, is that a proper way to greet me?" Izaya called, hiding his own annoyance behind a nonchalant smile. He made a mental note to absolutely kill Shinra later, he thought as he clenched his fist, that bastard planned this, that was why he didn't give Izaya a chance to decline the invitation. Saturday nights were not meant to see Shizuo; just the image of the violent man ruined the entire weekend for him.

Vaguely, he wondered if Shizuo was going to lose his temper and rip the door of its hinges, sending it hurling towards him. The raven didn't mind; he could easily dodge it but as for the rest of the table…

To see all the people sitting here had been quite a bother, but Izaya had decided it would be all right, he could deal with it for one night. Maybe even a few drinks later he would enjoy observing his beloved humans, although he much preferred observing humans that didn't actually know him as well as these did. But knowing that Shizuo would be here ruined that entire plan, he thought, turning back to the table and sighing, resting his cheek against a hand, his elbow on the table.

"Ready to order?" Togusa looked around, nervously smiling as he tried to alleviate the rising tension.

"Yeah," Izaya was the first to answer, closing his eyes in irritation, "I want a shot of the strongest stuff they have."

Kadota looked questioningly at Izaya, a slight smile coated his lips.

"Uh, Izaya do you wanna get drunk?" at the sound of such words, Erika joined in curiously, her eyes squinted softly. "I wish, so I could finally get some Shizaya action…" The woman was suddenly interrupted by Yumasaki, who swiftly brought his hand over her chapped lips, clapping her mouth before she could continue any further.

Meanwhile Shizuo was still into one of his temper tantrums. Of course angering the monster required no specific skills, but somehow Izaya was a professional at that. Shinra had tried to calm him down to no avail.

"It's the weekend Shizuo, can't we just enjoy a night out without you two fighting for once?" Shinra's words came out almost as a plea, and Shizuo seemed to think it over.

"Tch fine, but ain't seat anywhere near that parasite."

More than pleased with Shizuo's request, the bespectacled doctor led the blonde towards the table, and sat next to his beloved dullahan; Shizuo however lingered a while longer, eyes boring a hole on Izaya's forehead as he sat right in front of him. Obviously that night would have been a long, unpleasant one. But as soon as he heard Izaya wanted to order something strong, he couldn't refrain from taunting him.

"Tch, I hope you choke on your drink, damn louse!

Shinra gravely shook his head muttering a sad "Here we go again!" while the other occupants of the table seemed somehow thrilled by the unusual situation.

"I don't want to get drunk, just make the evening more bearable," Izaya muttered, glaring at the man. He heard Erika begin to mumble something but a hand was clapped over her mouth and the chattering of everyone else in the bar made it difficult to hear. He decided to let it slide, after all, it probably wasn't even important.

He heard Shinra plea with Shizuo and, to his dismay, the blonde eventually agreed and sat down right across from him. If he looked up he knew he would see Shizuo glaring at him, eyes narrowed and a speech bubble with the words 'kill kill kill' repeating over and over again in his head so he sighed. As Shizuo sat down, he immediately taunted him and Izaya's brow knit in annoyance.

"Shall we order a nice Sprite for the little boy?" he managed with an easy smile, ignoring a groaning Shinra, "Does the protozoan know how to drink from a glass?" His smirk darkened as he heard Shinra try to calm Shizuo again and the others seemed to either be enjoying watching or sighing; Celty was beginning to get frantic, wondering if she should use her shadows now or wait until something was broken. The idea of having to spend the night sitting across Shizuo was certainly disheartening but there was nothing like a bit of teasing to raise his spirits, the raven thought, he almost forgot how much he enjoyed it.

"Shizu-chan, still in your bartender uniform, I see," Izaya added nonchalantly, running his eyes over the black and white uniform, "Even on a day off. Well, maybe it really isn't a day off; perhaps this is your second job? It would make sense, after all, because Shizu-chan's violence could actually be seen as a norm in here…"

The wooden table cracked under Shizuo's fingers as a sudden rage popped up deep within him. Shinra, aware of the tension which filled the room and mingled with the air, tried to intervene to relent the situation.

"S-Shizuo you're cracking the table." He said as his hand reached for his wrist thus preventing the latter from doing any more damage, but Shizuo quickly flailed his arm away from the doctor's hold, as his eyes dangerously rested on the annoying and taunting display in front of him before speaking with a low growl.

"That's it, Shinra, I am gonna kill him!" Shizuo could still see that teasing grin plastered onto Izaya's lips, he would have done anything just for the sake of seeing it disappear at least for once, and as soon as the blonde heard the informant teasing about his uniform, Shizuo snapped, leaving no way out to his rage to diminish. In a swift motion the ex-bartender raised from his seat, clapping one hand on the table as the other one found its way through Izaya's V-neck black shirt, and gripped at it tightly. His face just inches from his as he spoke loudly right into his lips.

"Says the one with a stupid fur trimmed jacket." Under other circumstances Shizuo would let it go, but since the uniform he wore was a gift from his beloved brother Kasuka, it seemed like he couldn't help but get angry about the matter.

Meanwhile Erika, who had assisted at the scene completely ecstatic, seemed to perk up, her eyes flashed of a rather unusual light.

"You guys should just kiss now.." However she was stopped half way from finishing her sentence by Walker who had the good sense to clap a hand over her chatty mouth once again.

Kadota who sat next to Izaya sighed heavily before he spoke.

"Guys please, would you stop bickering?" He eyed Shizuo adamantly, "Shizuo could you try to control yourself for once? You are not a ten year old..," his gaze ran over the informant "Izaya you too, could you refrain from teasing him?" Then he looked at both of them with a taut expression to hit the nail right in the head "I wanna remind you that we are in a bar with a lot of people around, so please..."

Shizuo slowly loosened his grip on Izaya's shirt, but the grin on the informant's face never faltered.

"I'll kill you outside louse." He growled before releasing him completely.

With a low sigh, Shinra turned to Izaya. "What you wanna drink Izaya?" Before Izaya could speak, however Shizuo preceded him not able to keep the thought for himself, despite Kadota's earlier warning.

"What about 'Punch in the Stomach'? " This time was Shizuo's turn to grin, while the others sporadically turn their eyes on Izaya waiting for his reaction.

However as he spoke Shizuo couldn't help but notice from the corner of his eye, the figure of someone sitting in a table beside theirs, staring right at them; to be exact, towards Izaya, who obviously hadn't notice the man's stare, since he was verbally attacking the blonde without the latter really paying much attention to it. For a weird reason Shizuo felt all of his being crackling. Why in hell that man was staring at Izaya? and why was he bothered by it? Not that he cared, for him Izaya could have been ran over by a truck and die, yet the stare of that man sent him out of mind. But before Shizuo could deepen his thought, he was brought back to reality from Izaya's annoying voice, his tone as usual akin to mockery.

"Ah, what a clever retort, Shizu-chan. How much of your protozoan brain did you have to use to come up with that?" Izaya purred, not wanting to admit he was slightly annoyed by the light laughter that went around the table. "And I'll get my own drink, Shinra."

He stood up and put his hands in the pockets of his jacket, eyes narrowed as he made his way to the bar, hearing chattering behind him. Erika was saying something again but he didn't hear her words, just her bright voice and groans of the others. He even heard Shizuo laugh and that annoyed him, like once Izaya was gone he could relax and be himself. In a way it was flattering that he found the need to be on his guard all the time around Izaya but, at the same time, slightly annoying.

"Shot of vodka," he told the bartender and received a nod. He sighed, taking a seat on one of the stools as he waited, seeing someone walk up to him out of the corner of his eye, crimson eyes turning to look nonchalantly out of idle curiosity.

"Hey," the person smirked, holding up his own glass, "Here alone?"

"I suppose you could say that," Izaya answered easily, darting a glance behind him at the table and he saw Shizuo looking over. But once their gazes met the blonde turned away, scoffing and Izaya smirked, returning his attention to the guy next to him. His glass was set in front of him and he picked it up, taking a small sip to see what it tasted like and immediately realized he hadn't eaten beforehand. Ah well, he thought, that'll work to my advantage tonight.

"You have a name?"

"I do. But that doesn't matter, does it?" Izaya returned coolly. His eyes scanned over the other male again and, to be fair, he wasn't terribly bad looking; he had short, brown hair, a rather simple, messy hairstyle, shaggy bangs skimming across his eyes and he ran his hand through them often, pushing his bangs back. His honey brown eyes were glinting with the light and he seemed like quite a normal person, nothing extraordinary, nothing to set him aside from all the humans that Izaya loved.

"I like that answer," he nodded, laughing slightly. He moved closer to Izaya, shifting on his stool and Izaya made no attempt to move away. Of course, he came here to spend time with people he supposed composed his circle of friends but since Shizuo was sitting there, spending time with them seemed much less desirable. "That blonde guy…" he hesitated, gesturing over to the table, "You guys…?"

Izaya looked over and saw Shizuo with a glass of beer (apparently they had ordered) and smirked, turning back to him. "You, evidently, haven't been spending enough time in Ikebukuro."

At that, he frowned, a smile disappearing for the first time that night. "Why? You guys dating and had a bad break up for something?"

"Haa?" Izaya nearly blanched at the thought of dating Shizuo, shaking his head and downed the rest of his shot in one gulp, wincing as he felt the alcohol hit his empty stomach, "Ah, nothing like that… definitely not. Just… let's not talk about him, hm?"

"Seems fair…" he shrugged and took another sip from his class (Izaya, not being much of a drinker, didn't know what he had). When he turned to face the information broker again, he was smirking and quite obviously already a bit tipsy. "You have interesting eyes."

Izaya raised an eyebrow, an amused smirk curling the corners of his lips upwards. He gave no response but just watched as he leaned even closer, using his elbow to support himself on the bar.

"Red is an unusual color…" he murmured, the alcohol lacing his breath as he got closer and Izaya was half tempted to move away but then what would be the point of talking to him?

Meanwhile at the table, Shinra had returned with a classy bottle of red wine, considering the beer wasn't enough, the underground doctor had found no reluctance at ordering something more. He started to fill everyone's glasses, and it was then that Shizuo's eyes drifted through the bar again. He brought the glass of wine up to his mouth to drink, scowling as he watched the disgusting scene right in front of him, and wondering what the hell was going on. Kadota gave a quick glance to the counter and mumbled out something barely loud enough for the others to hear, due perhaps to the effects of alchool.

"Seems like someone is having fun," he said as an eerie smile crept onto his lips.

Shizuo however heard him nonetheless. The others instead turned to follow Kadota's gaze as if attracted to a magnet, and of course to everyone's astonishment they were left utterly confused from the sight before them, except for Shinra, who holding his glass up, chuckled in excitement.

"Oh well, not much of news..." he said as he drank a big gulp of wine from his glass. Celty seemed to get nervous at the doctor's behaviour as she yanked at him repeatedly to shut his mouth, but Shinra seemed more out than in.

Evidently, not much had to be said from the doctor' lips to send everyone on the table in a chatty chorus that sounded like "aah?" and a speech bubble with writing all over 'Izaya is flirting and he is doing it with a man.'

On the other hand Erika, who seemed the only one not surprised about the odd situation, wasted no time teasing Shizuo when she saw him looking toward Izaya's direction with an annoyed expression on his face. As she loomed closer to the blonde and propped her chin on her entwined fingers she whispered onto his ear.

"Be careful big seme, someone just hooked your uke!"

Shizuo sluggishly diverted his gaze to the fujoshi's direction with a quizzical look crossing his features, which meant 'what are you even talking about?' He scrunched his brows together as he questioned the woman.

"Seme? Uke?"

Walker, seeing her friend once again bring up the seme uke topic, intervened interrupting her from doing any worse as he spoke to Shizuo.

"Don't mind her she is just an otaku girl with weird ideas lurking in her brain.

Erika pouted slightly and crossed her arms on her chest muttering something illegible under her breath.

Deciding to drop the matter, Shizuo turned again towards Izaya and the man who had approached him, and when he did, he regretted doing so.

Was the guy's hand all over Izaya's ass? A sudden knot hitched in the pit of his stomach.

Just. What. the hell. was. that?